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Lorelai: Did we order Chinese, Greek, and Italian food last night?
Rory: And hot dogs.
Lorelai: Ugh. Last night's a blur.
Rory: And what did we end up watching?
Lorelai: Uh, was it "Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear" or... "Co-Ed Call Girl?"
Rory: No, I'd remember if we'd rocked a Spelling.
Lorelai: Hey, they should make a Lifetime movie out of that Poor Tori Spelling falling at Benihana.
Lorelai: "Teppanyaki: Grill of Death."
Lorelai: We have limited time; should we skip the town tour?
Rory: We can't skip the town tour.
Lorelai: Well, we'll keep it short.
There's a debate going on whether or not to take the phone booth out.
Rory: Well, where would Superman change when he comes to save our town from Ben Affleck?
Lorelai: I made the same excellent point.
Luke: I'm not making tater tots.
Lorelai: Why not?
Rory: We need sustenance!
Luke: You're eating tacos!
Lorelai: They're organic.
Luke: Ah, and I saw you grab those mini doughnuts; put them down right now.
Lorelai: [GASP] Mom?
Emily: Oh, yes. Isn't it wonderful?
Rory: It's...
Lorelai: It's...
Rory: ...the whole wall!
Rory: This is my time, to be...rootless.
Emily: And you're okay with this vagabond existence she's leading?
Lorelai: She's Jack Kerouac. She's "On the Road"-ing it. Pass the peyote.
Emily: And after you pass the peyote, what bathroom will you use to throw up in?
Kirk: [CRUNCH] Mmm. Delicious.
Emily: Explain to me again who that person is?
Lorelai: Oh, that I could.
Lorelai: I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, where I was going,
but lately, I don't know. Things seem hazier.
Lorelai: We're happy, Luke and I are. Happy.
Emily: I don't know how to do this.
I was married for fifty years. Half of me is gone.
Emily: I'm de-cluttering my life. If it brings you joy, you keep it, and if it doesn't, out it goes.
Emily: No joy.
Lorelai: He's taking the dining room chairs.
Emily: They don't bring me joy.
Rory: I'm feeling very lost these days.
I have no job; I have no credit. I have no underwear!
Jess: What?
Rory: "I could have been a contender."
Jess: You're still a contender.
Taylor: Wow, are we excited about this?
All: Wow, are we excited about this?
Taylor: No, uh people, the repeating part is over.
Michel: I live for moments like this.
Lorelai and Sooki: [SCREAM]
Sooki: Wow, that was pornographic.
Lorelai: Haven't done that for a while.
Rory: Felt good.
Lorelai: [LAUGHS]


GILMORE GIRLS Season 8 - TRAILER (Netflix, 2016)

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