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Stop dont stop
they're still on us
these guys are taking it personal
you were only supposed to create a diversion Roman
That was complete destruction, what you want from me what you want from me
I'm Roman Pearce man it's what I do
phase two
phase two what's phase two?
bombs away
holy shh...
you know what i like about you don't
need a genuine outlaw but your family
hell of a job brother we get back to the
base beers on me is about to go up
against see anything they can't handle, did you ever think you'd betray your
family the way you did today
Dominic Toretto just turned on us
well well well look at that I don't know
why he's doing this
that wasn't done she's the very
definition of high-tech terrorism and
now she's working with your guy i think
found my team
this should be interesting
wanna play
this is impossible which is why you're
gonna need a little help I will beat you
like a Cherokee drop we are about to go
all night
it took longer than I expected
if you're going to catch down you guys
are gonna work together, surprise them
feel of you have been waiting for this
we got a tank this role I don't know the
old dom is in there
I don't give a damn i'm taking you down
so right out let's play
not me i don't know maybe because you're
an orange Lamborghini Jackie Chan which
the box gasps go live
we are about to go
sit we're gonna need a bigger truck
you're gonna turn your back on family


FAST AND FURIOUS 8 - Official TRAILER (The Fate of the Furious, 2017)

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Oscar Hsin-Yin Chen 2017 年 1 月 21 日 に公開
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