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I'm James Veitch.
I get a ton of scam emails, but instead of deleting them, I decided to hit reply.
John, I had an idea when I was in the bath this morning.
When you sit down to dinner with your wife, say "look over there," and when she is looking
in the other direction, switch plates with her.
That way, if she's poisoned you, she'll be eating the poison.
Can never know about it.
Don't do the plate switcheroo.
She's crafty.
She might have anticipated the plate switching, and already the plates.
So don't switch the plates!
I've had another bath, and I think we should switch the plates.
I think she would have anticipated our anticipation, and will give you the poison.
Of course, it is quite possible that she might anticipate this though.
Basically, I'm confused.
Contact my lawyer.
the money because I've run up a sizable water
bill and I need to pay it off ASAP.
Please send to the office, the following details.
Yes, I am to be the beneficiary, here are the details you asked for.
If you ask me, there's something not quite right about her.
Dear James Veitch, may his gentle soul rest in peace.
Now send the payment.
What's the deal?
Anyway, gotta run, that bath is not gonna take itself.


Poison | Scamalot

112 タグ追加 保存
Amy.Lin 2017 年 1 月 6 日 に公開
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