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Hello, what's up? It's me, Douglas! Today l'm going to talk about something that's been
highly requested... How did I learn English? Was it too expensive? I want to learn English
too but I don't have any money! Please help! Calm down! As all of you know I'm Brazilian.
The thing is In Brazil, people don't speak English… at all. It’s really sad, I know...
I've cried rivers. I still remember my first contact with English,
though. I was 7 years old and I had just rented the ice age movie on DVD. I still love you
Sid! That was the last time I saw a movie in Portuguese and with friends over too. From
that day on I would only watch movies in English and nobody would really want to watch movies
with me anymore. It gets better. At age 10 I was dying to go to an English school, I
wouldn't stop asking my parents about it. And so they did it. But then 6 months later
the whole class dropped the course and I had to drop it too. Really? So, I went to another
school. Woah, you went to 2 different schools and that is why you know English so well,
right? No! Absolutely not! You can do it simply by watching movies, Tv shows, listening to
music, reading books, playing video games, watching Youtube videos... Anything! The list
goes on and on! English is everywhere! Like, literally, everywhere.
You can start with small changes, like change the language of your smartphone, computer,
social media, even Youtube… Change the language of all of those to English. It's going to
be harsh at first but you're going to improve so much and so fast, it's ridiculous! But
I've got to say that out of all of these the one that helped me the most was Youtube, definitely!
Think about it: You have someone sitting on a chair talking directly to you using an everyday
vocabulary. It doesn't get much better than that. Unless you travel abroad, which I never
had the opportunity to. But there are a ton of Youtubers out there who can help you learn
English the fun way! In fact, I made a list, and I'm going to start with... Myself. I'm
not bragging or anything but I always upload transcripts to my videos. It's pretty simple.
But if you're a beginner, that really helps. The cool thing about Youtube though is the
variety of content and how you can chose between millions of options. Literally, millions!
But among my favorite Youtubers there is:
And so many more! But I think what I like the most about that list is the different
kinds of American accents that you get. Connor Franta is from Wisconsin, Jennxpenn, Pennsylvania,
Grav3yardgirl, Texas, PsychoSoprano and Rachel Ballinger, California... And Miranda Sings…
well… unicorn island. So you can get a good scope of the different American accents there
are. But out of all of those, I've got to say that Grav3yardgirl is the easiest one
to understand. And the reason why is that she's from Texas so she's got that really
thick, slow southern accent… And also, she's got a lot of international subscribers and
for that reason she really stresses the way she talks so it’s really easy to understand
her. And also, another very great way to learn English is to meet people from other countries.
And the Internet has made that so freaking easy! You can go on Facebook and join some
international groups of your favorite artists and hobbies, you can search for international
WhatsApp groups on Tumblr. There's a lot of those there! You can even go on Omegle, I’ve
got to warn you about that one, though. You could end up seeing things that can't be unseen...
there are so many possibilities. But yeah, I guess that was it for today. I really hope
those tips are helpful to you and that you get to be speaking English in no time.
If you liked this video, don't forget to give it a big thumbs up, subscribe, share, leave
a comment, all of that awesome stuff. Also, follow me on my social media that's in the
description of this video because that would be amazing! Thank you so much for watching
and I'll see y'all next week, bye!


How I Learned English + Tips

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