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The stars are twinkling in the endless universe.
Stop right there, Princess Ray!
Oh, no! Princess Ray is being chased by space pirates!
Oh, what should I do?
Why is she going through this dangerous way!
I've got her!
Uh-oh? What should I do?
I'll be complemented once I get back.
I can't hold it anymore! I'll need to dodge to that planet!
And this is
The planet we are living on, earth.
Wow. That's very pretty.
There are many different planets other than earth in the universe.
Ms. Teach! Then are there cars like us living on other planets, too?
Well...? I don't know about that.
There must be Planet Clover among all those planets.
I wonder how Princess Ray is doing.
Ah, I'm off school for today now.
Let's go back to the garage.
Did you see that? I just saw a shooting star go by!
No way. How can you see a shooting star at this hour?
He's right.
But I'm sure I saw that... That's weird.
Guys, I'm gonna go take a look where it fell.
You lost Princess Ray just when you almost had her?
I'm sorry, Dad.
It's because I got hurt right here...
Wooly! You can't be my heir like that!
What are you waiting for? Go catch Princess Ray right away!
Yes, sir!
Captain! I've found Princess Ray!
There she is!
She thinks we can't recognize her with that disguise?
Oh, no. Bully must have mistaken Hana for Princess Ray.
Princess Ray. I'll make sure to catch you this time.
I think it fell around here... Huh?
Isn't that?
Princess Ray's spaceship?
It's really you, Tayo!
Princess Ray?
How are... What are you doing here?
I was being chased by space pirates and ended up here. And this happens to be the planet you live on...
I see... It's a good thing that I ran into you, though.
Let's go to my garage for now. / Alright.
I'm back.
Heart. Hana.
You are all here.
Oh? Where is Tayo?
Well he said that he saw a shooting star, and went out to look where it fell.
It's not even night yet and he saw a falling star? Hmm...
Catch this, Speed!
No problem. Oh?
What are you doing, Speed? Oh. Huh?
What is that?
I don't see the princess around here.
No. She must run off already.
Soldiers! Go and search for Princess Ray!
Yes, sir!
It's... really big. Huh?
Tayo the little bus
What... What is it?
Let’s get out of here. Run!
What's going on?
Is the princess hiding here?
Go away!
Somebody say where Princess Ray is!
Or everyone will pay for their silence!
How can you bully my friends! In the name of justice,
I will not forgive you!
Hey it's super star, Reo!
If you don't stop right now, you will be paying the price!
You are the one who will be paying for what you do.
What the? It's real laser beam!
Isn't it hot?
Where do you think you are going?
How dare you come at us. You will regret this.
Forgive me just this once.
Tell me where she is, and I'll let you go.
You mean... Hana?
So you know?
Spit out where she is!
She... should be at the garage...
Why is the street so jammed?
Breaking news.
Today, a massive spaceship, seemingly from outer space, has appeared at the riverside.
Isn't that?
Bully's castle?
As you can see, the violent gang from the spaceship are turning the road into chaos.
Princess Ray! Hiding doesn't help!
What should I do? Bully's gang must have followed me.
Oh, no! I'll need to let my friends know!
Tayo's so late.
Is he still looking for that shooting star?
Those are...
Guys... Aren't they...
Bully's soldiers!
No way! What are they doing here?
I've finally got you, princess Ray!
Princess Ray?
Are they...
Guys! I think the aliens have mistaken Hana for Princess Ray!
Bring the princess to me now!
Yes, captain!
Wha.. What?
Hana! Run away!
Princess Ray is running away!
Stop right there!
You can't run anymore!
I don't think so!
You didn't know about that?
Stop right there!
Catch me if you can!
I've got you!
Bring the princess already, huh?
She's gone!
Not there!
What's going on?
Look over there!
It's that way! Get them!
That was close, Hana.
I wonder if Rogi is okay, though.
He will be fine. You'd better hide quickly.
No way!
Are you fooling with us!
You can't get away anymore.
It's so noisy!
They won't get inside here...
What's going on? Where did such bad guys appear from...
Good. I've finally got you.
Let's go, soldiers.
Let me go!
What... What's that?
What's wrong? Did something happen?
Our Hana... has been taken by Bully...
I'm sorry... it's all because of me.
Don't say that, princess.
We have to go and save Hana.
But... those aliens are too strong...
Right. They shoot laser beams, and have a giant robot as well.
We can't do anything Even if we go right now.
Don't worry!
I can help you with that!
Alright. There you go.
This’s... just junk.
What are we supposed to do with these?
Just wait and see.
Rupri Rubidi Rupri Du
It's great!
We sure can defeat Bully with these!
Guys. The power of the magic doesn't last very long. The equipment may disarm itself if it takes too long.
Don't worry. We'll save her and be right back.
You shouldn't be seen by Bully, so stay hiding right here.
Great! Little buses to the Rescue!
The little buses are stronger than ever! But will they be able to save Hana?
ully came to earth to capture Princess Ray, but instead, he mistakenly took Hana.
Will the little buses, who have gained new power with Princess Ray's magic, be able to save Hana?
Little buses to the Rescue!
You can't get away this time!
Why are you doing this to me?
Princess Ray, are you going to keep pretending you don't know me?
I am Hana and not the princess that you are talking about! Hana!
You think I would fall for that? Wooly!
Ye... Yes?
You need to make sure she never gets out.
Do you mean me?
Yes, don't let me down this time. This is your last chance!
Yes, Dad.
Let's go.
Captain, now that we've captured the princess, are we leaving soon?
No-Not quite yet.
I still have a friend that I need to see.
Don't even think about escaping, Princess Ray.
I am not the princess. Let me out already.
Come to think of it, you do look a little different from the princess...
But dad will get mad at me if I let you go.
Oh no. Are you hurt?
It looks painful. Come here. I'll get you fixed.
Forget it! You are trying to trick me? Ouch!
Don't worry. I can fix it in a minute and it won't hurt at all.
Oh, really?
Guys, we are here.
Hana must be in there somewhere.
We have to save her quickly!
Wait, Rogi. There are too many enemies.
It's best if we plan it out first!
Alright. There you go.
Wow, it doesn't hurt at all now!
That's good.
By the way, why didn't you get yourself fixed it first time you were hurt?
Nobody cares about anybody else around here...
That was the first time that somebody showed me kindness. Thank you.
You're very welcome. By the way my name's Hana.
Hana? So you really aren't Princess Ray.
I'm Wooly. And the space pirate Bully you saw earlier is my father.
Yes. Everyone tells me to become a space pirate like my father, but...
I don't want to be a space pirate that bullies others...
Then you can tell your father.
No! He will get very angry!
You don't know how scary he can be... Huh?
What's that sound?
Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
Let Hana go right now!
Do you have any idea where you are?
There are more than expected!
It's too late now!
Think we'd let you go?
Stop right there!
Lani! Now!
Good job, Lani!
You will pay for this!
Guess I gotta go now.
It worked, guys!
Lani, are you alright?
Yes, Thank you.
Guys, is that the robot that you were talking about?
Yes, it is...
We'd better run!
It's gonna catch us!
It's not gonna work. Tayo, take the robot!
Catch me if you can!
I'm in trouble!
It worked!
It fell in the trap that Rogi dug!
How was it?
You were awesome, Rogi!
Now let's go and save Hana.
I've got you.
I've been waiting for you, Tayo.
I finally caught the little buses that kept interfering with my plans.
It was a trap...
Prepare yourselves. I will pay back all that you've done.
Wooly! Let me go! I have to help my friends!
I'm sorry... But I can't...
Wooly, you said you don't want to bully others.
I don't, but...I can't let my father down again...
Wooly... Please...
What should I do?
I do want to help her... But dad said that it was my last chance...
What are we supposed to do now?
Don't worry. I'll break these bars.
Huh? These don't break!
You think those toys can break them?
Soldiers! Bring the little buses!
Yes, sir!
Who opened the cage?
I opened it!
Princess Ray?
How did you get out of there?
I'll explain later. Okay?
Anyway, be careful, guys.
Don't worry, Hana!
Leave it to us from here on.
Be prepared, Bully!
What's going on?
I think the power of clover sticker has worn out
Oh, no!
Now you have no weapons. You can't beat us like that!
Soldiers! Bring me Princess Ray and the little buses now!
Yes, sir!
Don't harass them anymore!
Citu? And Pat?
Who are those guys?
Let's go!
What just happened?
Aren't those?
Clover stickers!
Look over there!
Princess Ray?
They must have gotten special powers with the clover stickers!
No way! Come out! King Giants! Attack!
What is that over there?
You! Let him go!
It's too early to relax! There are still many of them!
What are you doing? Get them all already!
Everyone, hold on! Hana's missing!
Hana! Over here! Get on board quickly!
Where do you think you are going!
Wo... Wooly!! Why are you...?
Stop all this now!
Wooly... What are you doing?
I just want to be friends with everyone. Stop fighting. Please?
Oh please, Dad...
Wooly! Are you okay?
King Giant. Go get Wooly.
That's it for today. Let's go back now!
Princess Ray, we are going back for today, but I haven't given up yet.
Let's go!
Thank you very much.
Thank you, too..
Yay!! We did it! Yoo-hoo!
I'm sorry about all the trouble I caused everyone...
Hahaha. Don't worry about it.
We just protected our own city, you know?
Thank you so much. I will invite you to Planet Clover next time!
We will visit you for sure!
Alright then. Good bye!
Good bye, Princess Ray!
Princess Ray...
Tayo, you are not supposed to sleep in the classroom.
Huh? I'm in school? What?
Tayo's naughty.
I'm sorry, Ms. Teach.
Tayo, what were you dreaming about that would make you talk in your sleep like that?
That was all just a dream?
Alright. We'll get back to class now.
The little buses and friends helped each other and did a great job of defending earth.
But Tayo can't believe that it was all a dream.
Thank you so much, everyone.
It’s Tayo and Rogi’s day off so they go to the riverside to play.
Hey Rogi! Catch this!
Rogi! You did it on purpose.
No. I didn't expect you to miss such an easy pass.
What? Rogi!
So you wanna do this?
No match for me!
How about this!
Oh, no!
It fell in there because of you!
It's because you dodged it!
Come on, Let's grab it first.
Gosh! Do it quickly!
Hold still! It's shaking!
Just a little further should do it.
Isn't something a little weird?
We are floating away!
Don't move! We'll fall.
O... Okay. Huh?
Isn't that Bongbong?
Tayo, what are you doing there?
Good to see you!
Help us!
That looks fun! Let me on, too!
We are not playing with it!
We're in trouble! Bongbong.
Anyway, go and bring Rookie and Pat quickly!
No, we need you to call Air now!
No! Rookie has to come!
So who am I supposed to bring?
Bring anybody!
Oh, Okay!
Bring anybody... Bring anybody...
Who is Anybody?
Wow! It's a panda!
A cute balloon!
It's so fun
Bong bong!
Here you are!
Let's go. We were supposed to go to the repair shop today, you know?
Shall we go now?
Oh, no. Bongbong seems to have forgotten Tayo and Rogi's request.
Look what Rogi got ourselves into!
It wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Tayo...
My stomach feels weird...I feel like I’m going to pass gas...
What are you doing? Can you not move?
What? All of a sudden...
What are you gonna do! You pushed us even further!
Things happen.
It's okay. Bongbong will bring someone soon. You'll see.
Carry, Why are we here?
For your check-up to see if you are sick in any parts, and to grow stronger.
You are all here
I hate shots!
Gu... Guys...
This is nothing to be scared of.
I still don't want to.
Why isn't Bongbong back yet?
We can actually try calling Hana Instead of just waiting like this.
Okay. Do it now.
Don't cry, guys...
I don't want to.
What should I do?
She's not picking up.
Really? Try again!
It's a bird.
You're very cute. Are you here alone?
You must be lonely. It'd be good if your friends are here...
Oh, no!
Go away! I said, go away!
Now it's tilting this way.
We are going to fall like this!
Rogi! Sing a song, quickly!
What song in this situation?
Anything, quickly!
Up into the blue blue blue sky~
Fly into the sky so high~
The blue blue sky~
The birds are surprised by Rogi's noisy singing and fly away.
That's enough! Rogi, they are all gone!
What a relief.
But why did they all fly away?
See? It doesn't hurt when you actually try, right?
How long are we supposed to be waiting for?
You have to be checked in order, so let's just wait a little more.
But It's boring.
Right. We could ask Tayo to play with us if he was here...
Tayo? Oh! That's right!
Okay, Bongbong. It's your turn now.
No. Bongbong has to go somewhere!
To go? Where?
I have to bring anybody. Anybody!
Bongbong! You shouldn't whine like this because you don't want to be checked up.
No. I was told they I had to come.
Don't worry, Bongbong. Come here. Nice boy.
I really was...
When is Bongbong coming back?
Maybe we are too far away. I can't even make calls now...
That's not good... Huh?
Is that... Speed and Shine?
Let's call them! Speed! Shine!
Aren't they Tayo and Rogi?
Wow, they are riding a boat!
That looks fun. Hey, let us on, too!
They are looking at us!
Shine! Save us!
What is he saying?
He wants something saved?
What do you need?
I don't think they can hear us.
Huh? What's going on?
They turned around.
Quickly! We need to face that side.
Rogi... I have a stomach ache again...
What? No.. Not now! Hold itin Tayo!
I can't hold it anymore...
Uh-oh... They are gone..
That was fast.
Gee. They are keeping the fun to themselves.
I know. Shame on them.
The check up on the baby cars seems to be all done.
Good work. It must have been hard with the kids whining.
No. I'm glad it all finished well.
Thank you. We'll get going.
Now I can get some rest.
Hi, Hana!
Guys, did you have fun?
Where are Tayo and Rogi?
They are not back yet?
We weren't with them.
Really? It's getting dark...Should I call them?
Oh? Tayo called me earlier. What happened?
The number is located where the call cannot be completed.
The call cannot be completed? That's weird.
How far have we floated away...
I don't know...And the waves are getting stronger, too...
We are going to hit it!
Oh, no!
Tayo! Fart! Fart now!
Why can't I fart?
Gee! You just fart so well when I tell you not to!
I really can't.
Can't help it now!
That was close...
Rogi! You were great!
Tayo! Rogi!
We've looked around the whole town, but they are nowhere to be found.
I know.
Guys... Where are you?
Oh? That's Pat and Heart.
Hey, what's going on?
Tayo and Rogi are missing. And we can't even call them.
Have you seen Tayo and Rogi?
I don't know... I didn't see them...
Hmm... Tayo and Rogi? That's right!!
I'm scared...
It's so dark...
I'm glad that you are here. It would have been much scarier if I was all alone...
You know what... I'm sorry about earlier...
No... I was bad...I'm sorry...Really I am.
Tayo! Let's hang on a little longer.
Yeah! Somebody's going to come and save us! Huh?
No... It's splitting!
What should we do..
Somebody help us!
What happened? Do you know how worried I was?
Are you alright?
Yeah..We are fine...
You could’ve been in big trouble
Good thing Bongbong finally told us...
I'm sorry. I needed to come earlier...
You must have been very scared.
Yes. But it wasn't too bad because we had each other.
He's right. It would have been really bad if I was alone.
I'll never argue with you again, Rogi!
Of course not. We are best friends!
Alright, guys. We should go back now? It's late.
Tayo and Rogi could’ve been in very big trouble. But luckily they had each other there.
Everyone~ There will be a sports day at school next week.
Wow, really?
You will be divided into Team Blue and Team White and compete against each other.
What are we going to be competing in?
As you can see here
You'll be playing tire passing, an obstacle race, tug-of-war, balloon bursting, and a relay race.
It's all the games I like.
It sounds hard.
Now we’re going to do a draw for the two teams divisions.
Tayo, who do you want to be in a team with?
Hmm... Probably athletic Speed or Shine.
I want strong Toto
We'll start now.
Who'll be in my team?
Please.. someone who's good and strong..
Yay! Speed and Shine are in my team!
Huh? What is that?
Alright, now we have Team Blue and Team White.
My team is at disadvantage!
It looks like my team is going to win without even trying.
I can't let that happen. We'll make special training.
We have to work hard to we can beatTeam Blue on sports day!
But I'm not very confident with sports.
And Team Blue has all the good athletes.
That is why we have to work even harder!
We'll be fine if we practice every day!
O... Okay...
Let's start it. Catch this!
What are you doing? You are supposed to toss it back this way.
Now I'll throw it to Lani.
You can't play the game if you dodge it.
But...It was too scary..
Oh, my... They are even worse than I thought they'd be.
We are going to the riverside now. Do you want to come?
I can't. We are just practicing for the sports day.
I saw you guys being so lousy earlier.
We are going to win anyway, so take it easy.
We'll leave now then.
Just wait and watch! I'll give Team Blue a lesson!
From then on, members of Team White practiced very hard every day for sports day.
How can you let go of the rope!
Like this... Carefully... Huh?
You have to be careful not to hit the obstacle!
Excuse me. Can I pop this balloon?
You don't have to ask that, you know?
Tayo. Let's take a break.
No! We won't beat Team Blue like this.
But... do you really think we can win if we tried?
Yeah... I'm not very confident.
What? Are you giving up already? You never know until you try!
But they are all so good at it...
She's right...
So you don't mean to win at all?
It's not like that...
Forget it! Don't even bother!
Ta... Tayo!
The next day comes
Tayo, how's your training going?
Don't even mention it...
I don't think any of them want to win... We are so done...
Yeah. It should be better for you to give up early. Ouch!
What the! Huh?
I'm sorry. Are you okay?
What are you guys doing here?
We’ve been practicing from early in the morning.
You told us that we never know until we tried.
We know that we are bad, but we can at least try.
Alright! Let's do our best!
Huh? Tayo.
Hmm... They are working hard
Maybe I need to try practicing with my team.
Do you want to go practice for the sports day?
That’s true. We need to work it out at least once.
Well... Why do we need to practice when we know we're gonna win?
Right. By the way, isn't this music awesome?
Let's just dance together.
Is this really going to be okay?
After many days of not practicing, the sports day finally arrives.
Everyone. Don't hurt yourselves and do your best!
Good luck!
I'm really nervous...
Don't worry. We'll be just fine if we do like how we practiced.
We will now start the sports day!
Did you see that?
The first game goes to team Blue.
And the second game also goes to Team Blue.
Team Blue's very good, aren't they?
Yes. They already won two games in a row.
It looks like you are no match for my team!
You practiced so hard, but it seems like you just wasted your time.
Such show-offs...
I'm sorry, Tayo.
If only we were a little better..
No. You were doing better than when we practiced.
That's right! Let's do even better in the next game!
- Alright! - We'll try hard, too!
We'll start the third game now, the team tug-of-war!
Team Blue may win the tug-of-war, too.
Yes. Strong Toto is on the team.
I can't hold it...
Hang on, guys!
Team White wins!
We beat Team Blue...
It's all thanks to you, Iracha!
No way...
Toto! We lost. You ruined it!
I'm sorry... But he was too funny...
It's balloon bursting next, right?
Yeah. We won't lose again for sure.
Oh, my!
I've got one!
Got ya!
Now there is only Rubbi left at the moment!
Team White is going to lose again.
What should I do..
Oh, no... We are gonna lose again.
What should we do... Oh!
Rubbi! Think of those balloons as garbage!
What? Garbage?
I have to clean all the garbage..
What the!
Cleaning completed!
Team White wins!!
That was great, Rubbi!
You were awesome!
How can this happen...
We are in trouble. Now we are tied.
Now, we will start the last game of the day, the relay!
Guys, let's show them what we can do!
We really can't lose this time!
Don't worry!
Racing is our specialty.
- This will decide the winner of today. - Yes.
Ready, Go!
I'm going first!
Shine surely is faster!
Gani, keep it up!
Here, take this!
Huh? Where are you passing to?
What are they doing?
They never practiced passing the tire!
Rubbi! Here!
Thank you!
Wow! Team White is ahead!
It's exciting!
- Take it, Iracha! - Okay!
Wow! Toto! Go!
Rogi and Lani are next.
Oh... Who am I supposed to cheer for?
Stop right there!
- Tayo! - Speed!
Let's go!
This is the last loop!
I can't lose!
You wish!
Great! Speed!
Tayo! Go for it!
I can't finish it like this, For the sake of my friends!
You can never catch me Huh? Uh-oh?
- Good! - Speed missed the tire!
- No!! - We are really gonna lose!
Just a little more!
No way!
Speed caught up!
He's unbelievably fast!
I am the fastest car in the world, Speed!
I'm not going to lose!
Go! Tayo!
This game goes to Team White!
We won!
You were great, Tayo.
I could do it because of all of you.
We lost...
We should have practiced more.
Guys, don't feel too upset.
Sports day is not about winning or losing.
It’s more about enjoying the time with everyone.
Hana... Citu...
How about you guys go and congratulate Team White, okay?
So the final winner of today is..
Team White!
So sports day is finally over. And everyone has become closer friends because of it.


[Tayo S3] Full Episodes S3 E23-26 (7/7)

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