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(jazzy country music)
♫ I'm going down to the house of sausage
♫ I got my barbecue shoes on
♫ I'm going to down to the house of sausage
♫ I got my barbecue shoes on
♫ Gonna find me a brat
♫ And a red hot foot long
♫ Gonna smoke me fatty brisket
♫ Got my barbecue shoes on ♫
- [Voiceover] Welcome to BBQPitBoys.com.
Today we're cooking up some brats at the pit
and it's real easy to do.
Now, as with every barbecue recipe, you must insist
on the best quality you can get and here
I have some Johnsonville brats.
You know all about these.
These guys have been around since 1945 for a good reason.
Their brats have the perfect blend of seasonings,
all packed in a natural casing for that bite.
You gotta have that bite for a good bratwurst.
Now, for today's recipe, I'm gonna show you our infamous
smoked double bacon brats.
They're fantastic.
Now this is how you do it.
You want to take one of these and you're going to split.
Take your old hickory knife
and you open it up just like that.
Do the other one just the same.
Now if you've never had these smoked double bacon brats
before, you're gonna have to check them out.
They're good.
Now, we've opened them up and now we're going
to interlace them, put both of them together,
just like that.
You're gonna have twice the brat in one bite
and these are real popular man.
I'm telling, when we're making these up.
Now take some regular sliced bacon, your favorite bacon
and just wrap em.
Just like that.
It may take two, maybe three slices.
Now what will happen is when we place these on the smoker,
the bacon will wrap itself tightly around the brats
and be sure to make a bunch of them.
They'll go fast.
See how easy it is to do?
No toothpicks required.
Now just in case you newbies had to go to the kitchen
and get yourself a peanut butter sandwich
before watching the rest of this video.
Let me show you again.
Take your knife, split that brat right down the middle,
open it up.
Now bratsgiving is coming.
It's August 16th is National Bratwurst Day.
This will go perfect for the big picnic
you're gonna have with family and friends right?
Again, here we interlace it.
Just like that.
And just take some regular cut bacon.
Don't use the thick bacon cause they will cook
in the smoke fairly quickly.
So the regular cut bacon works perfect.
Give it a good wrap.
There you go.
Ready for the smoker.
Now, let me show what we're gonna do with
that breakfast sausage that Johnsonville sent us
and this here's a pretty popular recipe.
We're gonna do a stuffed brat
and you take that breakfast sausage
and you stuff it inside
It's a great combination of flavors.
You definitely go to check this out.
The kids will love em.
Alright, now we're gonna smoke some of these brats
and of course our smoked double bacon brats are going on
and we're running a temperature in our smoker
of about 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
Now if you don't have a smoker like this,
eh you can use your kettle.
Alright, just slow smoke it on your kettle.
Now no brat is complete with a good mustard sauce
and here we're using our honey mustard kraut sauce.
Easy to put together.
We got some sauerkraut, you got some honey, you got the
stone ground mustard.
We have some chopped onions.
Easy enough to do.
Put it together
and here we're also gonna make our IPA chipotle apple
mustard sauce.
This is good.
You just need some chopped apples, stone ground mustard,
I've got some chipotle.
You can add as much or little as you want,
depending upon your heat and here we've got some IPA.
Just little mix it and it is good.
And of course, a good bratwurst does real well
with just simply mustard or a simple chopped pepper
and onion.
Alright, now let's put these brats on the grill
and this is where it gets good.
We're gonna be using a medium heat.
You don't want a real hot fire, right?
You want to be able to control it, allow those juices
to slowly cook the brat inside, yeah.
(jazzy country music)
Now, Johnsonville bratwurst come in a variety of
sausages or brats.
Both fully cooked and fresh.
Definitely got to check them out.
Oh man.
Take a look at that.
Nothing like hanging at the pit with family and friends.
Especially on Bratsgiving.
You never, Carl the great brats giver just might show up.
Now, if you've never cooked a brat before
and there's some of you out there that haven't done it,
you just keep turning, keep a medium heat, give a thumbs up
and use an instant read thermometer to check the internal
temperature of your brats.
160 degrees Fahrenheit is where you want to be.
Now, you can see here, the smoked brats are coming along.
Yeah and also these smoked double bacon brats.
Take a look at that, huh.
We're gonna be eating good tonight, Martha.
Alright, it will take a couple hours for the smoked brats.
Now, you can see these are coming around real good
and they're cooked just the way we like them.
We're gonna pull them off the grill.
Yup, as most of you know, there's never enough brats
so be sure to cook up a ton of them.
(jazzy country music)
Yup, the younguns, they can help you too.
Alright, I say it's time to eat.
Yeah, thumbs up girl.
Now you can dress these brats up the way you want, right.
We've got all kinds of condiments and that's the best way.
Have a little a bit of everything, so everybody can enjoy
and that stone ground mustard sometimes is all you need.
Or add some sauerkraut, maybe some smoked peppers.
Or instead of using original Johnsonville brats,
you could use the cheddar brats, cheddar cheese
with bacon brats or buffalo bleu brats, beer brats.
They got it and it goes without saying,
there's nothing better to do than kick back
with family and friends, eating some bratwurst.
So the next time you're looking for a bratwurst recipe
for you pit, check out Johnsonville.com
and tell em the barbecue pit boys sent you.
(jazzy country music)


Double Bacon Brats recipe

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