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- [Voiceover] Do you guys want to hear a really pointless
story about the day we invented the internet?
Okay, here we go.
- And if you were really about that,
then you wouldn't just be saying it on Twitter.
- Get 'em Iron Man!
This is my favorite part.
- Send.
- Paul! - Paul!
- [Voiceover] The internet!
I knew I forgot to do something.
Sorry guys!
I went to pay it, but there was this dog there
who looked like he needed some water,
so I went to get him so water,
and I couldn't just leave him there.
So, there we are hanging out and having fun.
We decided to share an ice cream cone.
Like they did in Beethoven the first,
I wanted to see if it was gross or not.
It is.
- So you forgot?
- Forgot what?
- Woah, woah, woah.
- Yeah, yeah, sorry I forgot to pay the bill.
- Yeah, oh, but I did pay it
just now.
Hey, it'll be back on tomorrow.
(upbeat music)
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to the cafe where I can finish
this Twitter battle and then not be bothered.
- And, I'm going to the library to finish watching
the Aveng...
to finish working,
where I'll be finishing my work.
Moe, would you like to come with me?
It'll be free you won't have to pay for anything.
- No the public library is for drug dealers and prostitutes.
- What is wrong with you?
That is not true. - [Moe] It's true.
- You're so pretentious, I can't take him.
- She'll see.
- Sorry guys, we can have so much fun without the internet.
- Oh no, petitioners.
- Hi there, do you have a moment for world peace?
- No, I don't.
- Steel safety, do you have a moment?
- I don't have a moment, I'm so sorry.
Oh look at that I have a phone call, hi.
- We know you're not on the phone.
- Savage.
(soft piano music)
- Hey, barista Robbin, how are you doing?
- Hey, Moe.
Listen my boss is here and she said that
you can't be here unless you buy something.
And, I see a lack of something.
- Oh, okay.
Well, how much is a coffee?
- $4.50
- What, is it part gold?
I'm sorry.
- A muffin is only a $1.75.
- Hey okay,
Yeah, yeah. I'll take a muffin.
- [Robin] Okay, cool.
- I'm not paying for no goddamn muffin.
- Watch it, tuts!
- Who calls people tuts?
- This isn't college, kid.
This is a public library.
- Oh my god.
The public library can't be that bad.
What does Moe know, Moe know.
It's fine, I can do this.
- If you want anything more than the usual toe sucking,
it's going to be double price.
- You better get my 17 pounds of Larry cocaine, bro.
I'm walking to the library right now to handle this
from a computer I can't be traced to.
Right after you, honey.
- Oh no, that's okay you have fun at the library.
I'm going to go home.
- Aw, you going home, you just got here though.
- No, that's alright enjoy your ...
- Come to the library.
Come on, come to the library!
- [Voiceover] No!
- Hey, remember me?
Are you ready to pay for that muffin?
- Yeah, of course.
Damn, I left my wallet in the car.
- You don't have a car.
- Well, then I really need to go find it then.
Just give me one second. - [Robin] Okay.
- Please get out!
- Yo!
- Hey.
- You've been doing this all day bro bro?
- Not all day.
- Hey, bird.
- Okay, let me show you how to do this.
You're not following through bro.
- [Voiceover] Two hours, 12 bags and dozens of
indesicifulble rolls later.
A new type of family game was born,
which is how I imagine the invention
of Monopoly probably went.
- Hi, boys!
- Hey!
- What's up my love?
- How was the library?
- Oh the library was wonderful and completely normal.
- You saw a drug dealer, didn't you?
- I did, he was scary.
I ran.
- That's good, it's okay.
- What is this game?
- Well, it doesn't have a name yet,
but Moe is up 12 points.
He keeps hitting the furthest bag,
which is worth the most points.
- Can I play?
- [Voiceover] Yeah, here. - Okay.
- [Voiceover] Wait, get you light real quick, got to follow, go.
(upbeat music)
- You know what would make this fun, Beer.
- Aw, look at that.
- Philly, where the sixers at?
- Philly, that's what I'm talking about baby.
That's what I'm talking about baby.
- I'm really good at this game
and I feel like we are acknowledging that.
- [Voiceover] All connections to the outside world
had been lost lost,
but we made some new connections that night.
- Yo man, I'm happy to be here with you guys.
- Aw, I'm happy to be here - [Moe] Oh man.
with you too. - [Moe] I'll drink to that.
- Hey, Can we call this game the internet?
- The internet.
- And we can play it whenever Paul forgets to pay the
- Internet.
- [Voiceover] That was the day we invented the internet.
I mean a place for mindless activity
and good times with friends.
(upbeat music)
♫ I know my time 'comin. ♫
- You're so special.
(beaming music)
- It's here, it's here.
- It's here.
- It's here.
- Get it.
- Get it.
- There.
- There.
- I think they got it.
- Yeah, you get it.
- It's here.


When The WiFi Won’t Connect • Broke

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