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gloom like that now we see a lot of FAM
a lot of class just like them assurances
stuff from %uh jealous Ahmedabad but 10
bad with me but I'll free
this is it's one other dolls one other toys it's like name or whenever they
being funny silly air with that so they do the fuck me silly hyped up to right
now I like the information that was
does the monkey really cool because they have a black version out now
go my big black booty know my big but my big black I did like ass
hey a fuck my big black guy fuck my big black ass that's right
exactly billion but my babe like I wanna fuck my babe our fuck
the Herbig its big black ass I wanna fuck that danger again
now agree I was there was enough CSOs there was a lucky to be infomercial
about it
and I showed it to her death season he could see them newsmagazine
and then play with it how to clean it yet
if you want to when you want to you sheet also you to squirt water down one
and it will shoot any other just remember
debris is going to come out to the other end
and in the pussy virgin well in the pussy side tunnels I'll side of the you
it's red but in assets now that way you know if you're in the ass err in the bus
you gotta know which he ran me it's not going to tell you go
no exactly I
and other things yeah
I'm really tempted to play with my and my lecture fight I
now again now it is not put it on a higher voltage
whenever I wanna hear you whiny when you when you shot your button to death and
it turns black in falls off I'm gonna put in a box if you do it no go ahead
and do it doesn't shut the button and shocks in turn I
whatever you think it does if you shock here by Nana turns black and falls after
we we we need to put it in a jar something
profile vernon jordan black and father have no new girl a good to me anymore
but put it in like a
my hand now enough for malahide light like amber from Jurassic Park you know I
make you wear around your neck
city can remember what you did when you get yourself it'd be like Katie chaining
week alone it the Justice League ACE known
have anything with some ways around it I did this to myself
now like a greater ratio right on while yeah would be
oh my god headway do you infomercials
this used to be my button I used to play with electronics Brad
I HK I no longer have a nuisance a shit in my vagina
the yeah thirteen-a King Kullen Regina we have abundant officially magenta
now it's officially just enough slots another fuckin hold nothing
no point yeah smiles also have while there's bears in every
let's go get off you we yet you you would definitely be
reenergized in your search for the G spot he will be all
you know all the time well whatever weaken to I guess
do that maybe just invite some friends over for good invite some friends over
for for you yeah I'll find out what I'm thinking about you what do you care your
buttons around your neck
you shocked at of shock damone
did something nonce terrible you did it
I know sorry did it mentality maybe you should lay off the electrical equipment
to the
Jenna Talia it might be a good idea me
we need to do about it and owning I don't like really I I feel bad
when when I'm talkin you any any you like can't Walker aide
or citrate what happened while I was really rough myself really hard
today I heard I wish I had my leg around the bar stool sitting on the garbage can
trying to battle it out on the water should be seen as lead to an iPhone I
bruised my pelvic bone
nobis you make me feel bad when when
you China's showing him in person I'm scan a bag in a way which I like to have
an unwritten rule
retailing you shut me down because you have injured your snatch
diddling you you have a dental injury and now I can play with my toy because
you broke it
you broke my toy section of the other morning why nobody had first thing
and it was a lotta may have holyfield United god you don't want any
ignited I tried I thought I did and now I know you didn't you
yeah in your mind you didn't know if I was more worth of a lot when I would've
but he stroked my hair yeah are you did
and as they are you yeah because you couldn't control your legs in your like
about the whole than half hour like all this is gonna be like me.
done then new Gary leagues and you're having like a connection and so they
knew you
gently touch mamet all this as I had a good I
it was like a two goldberger I know I let a larger
I think I burp to cum bubbles they are you know you my I was too busy laughing
at you know you're not alone
and it was even oliver because afterwards you roll over and there is
still some dripping down my leg
I I don't know how to get from your mouth your leg but
it was it was still coming out here car cuz I had already did a double gulp
now well together all next time more practice
yeah yes that's right anyway let's try not to
join are doing a triple in Dr for the fuckin high I board
you know like do we have to go like completely by me nature snatch do it you
i'd bed
don't expect me not to be disappointed when I wanna play with it make an
glitches sometimes I get horny and then things are going well and then all the
such as some happen you know like I said I'm not gonna stamina Stanway
but do what you will but Caleb I but we need only
don't expect me don't expect me to be happy about a top but then I love but
then when I say it come on let's do it
and the right now ago could you just heard a model that was then this is now
you know all the Dell deal with what happens later you know
I I've already have a painted picture other source naturally don't feel like
they can suddenly HS just comin
I don't wanna I really don't wanna injured my wife anymore and I might
wanna play with tomorrow maybe I can play with tomorrow
maybe if I'm nice to you today good labor tomorrow
and if I'm not nice to it today I'm probably not going to be able to play
construe see now I'm trying to take care my toy
even light or he doesn't want to take every self
sometimes you gotta go yet know it with linseed oil sometimes I do take care you
my film
do take care won't die yep AM I must say to also my
my magic but my body wind
does help you to tutor your back
the reason it didn't mike is a donen don't hurt yourself
dealing at all I'm saying that that's a normal thing
stop the injury like electrocution dialer
you know Jerry maybe not electrocuted maybe try
not putting two with readings in it whatever you do and yeah
cuz I'm sure I'm not getting the full story most the time and that's okay
I don't have to know the whole story losing
I'm okay with that that fine you'll never know
I just either and I don't wanna see you hurt yourself and may not be able to
play with you
home really mostly yeah
while if anyone has an injury story from their master Beijing please give us a
call nine harder line at like for it to you I know
0401 you can remain anonymous this and and for some people have done since some
some funny stuff wasn't funny them at the time but
now yeah I think it's more common with you the most people but I'm sure people
do have
story mamie concern has maybe they heard a story
there had there was this there's a certain ad on Craigslist that Amber sent
and she said her mom had sent it to her
this person was effected their tenant
is a hand air every six months and they left behind like 10 dole knows
and the guy didn't know what to do with the dildo so made a dildo mobile
I halts all throughout the pictures this is fucking hysterical as kids play that
no no no no no no no beware no but he kept it in the calming Karaj area
and the like the landlord says he's gotta get ready for it
because he can't leave it there he's dead is too big to put in any room in
his place so he's got to get rid of it
it's got these big like dole other pink it's got some weird but
graduated things on there it's pretty cool
now now it here it is pack
now that the the the entire thing or just
biggest cock on it no no he's filling the entire thing and it doesn't specify
a brazen he doesn't say masking brace I get shipped a column
between your own clean are you pay more for
if it was unclean probably someone would
and me somebody still try to get a for a bargain price
can I use my Craigslist coupon may have great news keep
I got a coupon here the last guy wrote it to me
he said it was good not good
her atomic American family had punched me I have their I gave a yelp review
I didn't get stabbed isn't you have very nice or
alive actually did get something from him
I actually did buy a couch and you
and there's no P honor anything
Cohen my goodness
so some other things that have been going on there's a student that became
a dominatrix after a car crash now somebody said find a little bull shitter
a little yeah well I did I don't think that
why's that like Byron 101 when I get more into details a little seaway
and and I mean she got awarded now this is over in England
she had awarded 8 100
thousand dollars in compensation for that
aka your face is doing I went well yesterday
well that I'm kill you well she's an aspiring filmmaker and she became a
and this is one her personality change following a car accident
and then choose where this money in compensation i won
you know a for she was like this really smart academic student
and down she became lethargic and would make inappropriate sexual comments in
that says that you know on
aged like an usual course in employment didn't happen because
share the lack to corrective thinking stemming from moderate traumatic brain
so before the crash the up she charge was Canadian
before the crash the Canadian as you described as a goth girl
with artistic presentation who dreamed about becoming a filmmaker and an
monk G and she becomes a dominatrix quote-unquote
00 award me money well now where will the injuries though I mean
like what did she say it's it so tortures being a dominatrix man wanna
pay me all the time to do something that now I'm apparently I NGO he
like think knowing she she lays you actually have a calling now it's kinda
like fuckin spider may get bit by the fuck inspired right beside you have
to have fuckin fem dom superpowers and you get that may have money on super
rabbi can I can shove a dildo right up an ass
in like two seconds well I the people who have accents all a sudden there can
play piano down but I am she she gifted them down do we know
well I don't know who's Canadian and other means
shows protein and that would be that that the French Canadians there's a
whole since graduation
area and British Columbia area that don't really enjoy the French
nearly as much
Justin yeah I don't know very much about Cana yet the French
the French part and the not French book Toronto being the
print by catcher say now try depardieu in your body
are eight so the thing is though is there
them as being a dominatrix gave reporter in sight
in judgment and now she finds it this is the brain injury that has led to her
post acted like ability to cope in normal way
as a dominatrix miss a phony %ah axes a dominating partner in sado-masochistic
sex games but was found
by a psychiatrist to have no alarm system or safety measures
in place in which would suggest the poor insight and judgment
so she has she can't tell now what's to fire
I know thats while I can identify learn
but that she told the trial that she doesn't plan on working as a dominatrix
for long but
needs to do it to pay for food in rent sushi suing issue so in like BMW that
dad state of Canada a country of Canada who she sellin
I I don't know Mark I think she's suing the person that hit her
ok I browner now meaning they have a nice small team break Chico ran into a
tree on our own hit a moose
or in Elk
maybe she's jerking off a Mountie because I'm in eating a donut
covered maple syrup at something like a maple syrups Pilani
II or whatever they call the interstate up there well having her
be rammed share but would
yup so I'm
yeah okay so if you give me the money then
I won't have to be dominatrix anymore by I became a dominatrix because the car
but that I mean in there a okay that that doesn't
and they did not have it like really adds up it's more like I'm a god pig
a kid I'm pretty intelligent I'm an art student
I want to make films I'm poor yeah well
now not yeah now I'm not its own
found after I got hit by a bus I really just want to what some ass
now this is what it is now in American money she was eventually awarded a
little over 1.5
million dollars which covers future capacity loss
future care pain and suffering and special damages
was at like okay that again to give a free health care anyway
why yeah I met for saying is I like from the government is like a disability got
that was that was at the lawsuit de Rossi II are now but that
1.5 million dollars are you freaking
July loonies Twitter called lemme know I know that's why I did know that
Alka I did you didn't understand the French not French thing but the loonie
got I'd well my parents used to have a fishing camp up in canada and i've been
there like twice
but after the fire is not there anymore liar 76
could have been shut up
but yeah but now so I've only beaten
a child as a yes or no no aka dipshit
until a mild strain and day and you would who were to 11 years and was
trying to figure it out


Kinky Katie's World #63-2 FemDom Super Powers

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