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[Ruby]: Hey mom.
Sorry I haven't come by in a while.
Things have been...
Well, things have been pretty busy.
Oh! Dad's here too.
He's, you know...
He's still teaching at Signal, but he told me he's going to be going out on some mission soon.
I think he misses adventuring with you.
I miss you too.
Haven't gotten kicked out of Beacon yet!
So that's cool.
I think being on a team with Yang helps.
I keep her in line.
That was a joke.
She's actually a really great fighter, you can tell she's learned a lot from Dad.
Well so are Weiss and Blake. Oh! They're my teammates.
Together, we form Team RWBY.
And yes, before you ask, that does cause a lot of confusion...
Anyways, uh, I made a bunch of new friends,
and I met some...
...let's just say, odd teachers.
Oh! We've also stopped some bad guys too!
I guess it's like they say: Like mother, like daughter.
I still wonder why Ozpin let me into the school early.
But uh, I guess he'll tell me one day. You know how he is.
It's funny, the more I get to know him, the more he starts sounding like uncle Qrow.
[Zwei barks]
Oh! Look's like Dad's back. I gotta go!
He's dropping me off at Beacon for the tournament match before he goes on his next mission!
Wish me luck!
It was good to talk.
[Port]: Hoho! It seems we have another astonishing bout ahead of us!
Wouldn't you agree, Professor?
[Oobleck]: Doctor.
And yes, Peter, I think it's safe to say:
this match may be one of the closest we've seen in the four-and-four round of the tournament!
[Port]: For those of you just now joining us,
Welcome to the Vytal Festival Tournament!
Broadcasting live from the Amity Colosseum!
If this is your first time watching, allow us to break down the rules.
[Oobleck]: The tournament is divided into three distinctive rounds:
Teams, Doubles, and Singles.
Age and school year are irrelevant.
In this tournament, the only attribute being tested... is skill.
[Port]: Correct!
The winners of this battle will elect two of their members to represent them in the Doubles round.
Followed by the winners of that round choosing one member to advance once again!
The remaining combatants will then fight their way through the final bracket
in the hope of achieving victory for their kingdom!
[Oobleck]: And yes, Peter, these certainly are some spectacular spectacles on which to spectate on,
and I don't think anyone tuning in around the world is going to disagree with me on that!
[Port]: Ahh, and why would they?
Now, let's get back to the match between Team RWBY of Beacon,
and Team ABRN (Auburn) of Haven.
♪ [rock music plays] ♪
[audience 'ooo's]
[Ruby]: Got your back!
[Bolin]: Who's got yours?
[Ruby]: My BFF!
[Weiss]: No.
[Ruby]: Yes!
♪ You were the one ♪
♪ Who held me down and told me ♪
♪ I was heading nowhere ♪
♪ You said know your place ♪
♪ Accept your fate and show good face ♪
♪ And be thankful that you're there ♪
♪ That was so long ago ♪
♪ When you owned me ♪
♪ I believed it was true ♪
♪ Bend me, shape me ♪
[Ruby]: Whaaat? ♪ Bend me, shape me ♪
♪ Bend me, shape me ♪
♪ Build me, break me ♪
♪ Why was I your fool? ♪
♪ And now I'm so much stronger ♪
♪ I'm not yours any longer ♪
♪ I've got a message here for you ♪
[Port]: Ooooh, double whammy!
Reese Chloris is eleminated by ring-out AND Aura level!
[Oobleck]: OHH she really should've worn a helmet.
♪ Hey, wait, turn and show your face ♪
♪ I've got a lot to say and you're not ♪
♪ going anywhere ♪
♪ You lose, the time you ruled me's through ♪
♪ I'm in control, I own my soul ♪
♪ And I'll never go back there ♪
♪ Wasted years that I spent ♪
♪ Never knowing ♪
♪ I was kept, I was used ♪
[Arslan sighs] ♪ Never-ending ♪
♪ Never-ending ♪
♪ Condescending ♪
♪ Now I just refuse ♪
♪ I don't care what it costs me ♪
♪ I know I almost lost me ♪
♪ Won't spend another day confused ♪
[Weiss]: Yang! ♪ Time for you to learn ♪
♪ Time for you to learn ♪
♪ It's my turn ♪
[Weiss]: Now! ♪ It's my turn ♪
♪ It's my turn ♪
♪ I won't be held down any longer ♪
♪ I've waited all my life and finally it's here ♪
♪ It all begins ♪
♪ A chance to win ♪
♪ A dream that's been a lifetime ♪
♪ An endless vast uphill climb ♪
♪ The day I've waited for is drawing near ♪
[Audience cheers] ♪ The day I've waited for is drawing near ♪
[Yang] Yes! ♪ The day I've waited for is drawing near ♪
♪ The day I've waited for is drawing near ♪
[Port]: And that's the match! ♪ The day I've waited for is drawing near ♪
[Port]: Team RWBY is victorious!
[Weiss]: We did it?
[Audience cheering]
--is anyone else starving?
[Blake]: I may have worked up an appetite.
[LOUD stomach growling]
[Weiss]: Gee, if only there were somewhere on campus to get food around here.
Oh, wait.
[Ruby]: It's okay, Weiss. I forget about the fairgrounds too.
[Weiss]: I was being facetious.
[Ruby]: Wh-- Well, if you were hungry, why didn't you say so!?
[Yang]: C'mon! I know just the place.
[Phone ringing and vibrating]
[Emerald]: Hey! Might be hard to eat without this!
[Ruby]: Huh? [whimpering] No, no no no
[Emerald]: Ha ha ha, good to see you, Ruby.
[Ruby]: Oh, thanks Emerald!
Guess I dropped it. Guh, girl pockets are the worst!
[Yang]: What's up, Em?
[Emerald]: Just left the stadium after your amazing fight. You guys were awesome!
[Ruby]: Oh stop it [mumbling] shut your little stupid face [flustered babbling]
[Blake]: I heard your team progressed the next round, too.
[Weiss]: You know, I feel like we never see your other teammates.
[Yang]: How'd they do in the fight?
[Neo]: Hmm, hmm.
[Emerald]: Really well.
[Ruby]: That's great! Uh, why don't we all go out and get some victory food together?
[Emerald]: Oh! Gosh, that's so nice of you but,
my teammates are all kind of... introverted.
[Mercury sniffs]
[whispers] Really socially awkward.
[Yang]: Oooh, yeah. I could see that.
[Emerald]: So yeah. Looks like Merc and I will be moving on to the Doubles round. What about you guys?
[Ruby]: Well as the leader of this team, I thought long and hard about this decision.
[Weiss]: We put it to a vote.
[Ruby]: Uhh yes but I decided that we should put it to a vote.
[Blake]: We voted for Weiss and Yang.
[Weiss]: I will happily represent Team RWBY.
[Yang]: Yeah, we're gonna kick some butt!
[Emerald chuckles]
[Emerald]: Well, if Mercury and I see you down the line, don't think we'll go easy on ya.
[Yang]: Wouldn't have it any other way.
[Emerald]: Alright. Well, we're gonna go catch some more fights.
[Ruby]: Have fun!
[Emerald] See ya later!
[Mercury]: So how are the new "friends"?
[Emerald]: I hate them.
[Mercury]: Orders are orders.
[Emerald]: I just-- How can they be so happy all the time!?
[Mercury]: Did you at least get what we want?
[Emerald]: It's the heiress and the bimbo.
[Mercury]: Hmm, alright. At least now we know who we're workin' with.
[Yang]: I'll have a bowl of the regular, please.
[Ruby]: Ooooh. I'll take the same.
[Weiss]: Hmm... Do you have anything with a low salt--
Ah! Umm... okay?
[loud cooking]
[Ruby]: Aww Weiss! What's the occassion?
[Weiss]: Consider it thanks for sending me to the Doubles round.
[Shopkeep]: [clears throat]
[Weiss]: What? How can my card be declined?
I was barely into my monthly allowance.
[Blake]: Nooo...
[Pyrrha]: Maybe I could help?
[Ruby]: Pyrrha!
[Yang]: Aw, you don't have to!
[Pyrrha]: Well, I think you all earned it after that battle.
[Jaune]: Mind if we join you?
[Ren]: Are you sure it's wise to have eaten before a fight?
[Pyrrha]: Of course! It will give us energy.
[Nora]: [echoing burp]
[Jaune]: Ughhh if I barf I'm blaming you.
[Nora]: Oh! Aim it at the enemy!
[Ren]: Nora! That's disgusting. But if you do feel the urge...
[Jaune]: Got it.
[Pyrrha]: Well, we should be off.
[Ruby]: So, you think you guys are ready?
[Nora]: Of course!
We've got a world-renowned fighter on our team, what's basically a ninja, I can bench five of me,
we've trained all year, our weapons are awesome,
Glynda barely yells at us anymore, and uh...
[Ren]: Are you gonna take that?
[Jaune]: She's not wrong...
[Nora]: I'm kidding! He knows I'm kidding.
Don't be so nervous! The worst that could happen is we lose!
Then it's just a few more years of walking around school with everyone knowing we're failures
our friends will slowly abandon us to preserve their social status,
we won't be able to show our faces in class,
no one will sit with us in the cafeteria,
Ren and I have no parents, we have no home left to go to
we'll be officially renamed Team LOSE-iper
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
[Ren]: Sooo yeah. We're feeling pretty good.
[Pyrrha]: Don't fret.
If anything, we should be looking forward to a fight with actual guidelines and not...
...well, murderers.
[Yang]: Yeah, don't sweat it! We've all faced way worse before.
[Blake]: Let's see: Grimm invasions, violent extremists, a destructive sociopath.
[Ruby]: And that's all while we were still in training! Oh, imagine what it'll be like when we graduate!
[Weiss]: Maybe then I'll be able to pay for a meal...
[Port]: [On an intercom] Would Team JNPR please report to the battle grounds immediately.
[Oobleck]: [On an intercom] Yes! Like they were scheduled to several minutes ago!
[Pyrrha]: Well, it looks like this is it.
[Ruby]: Go get 'em!
[audience cheering]
[Mercury]: I wonder who's gonna win.
[Emerald]: Tch. As if we didn't already know.
[Cinder]: Oh, come now. Even if you know how a story ends,
that doesn't make it any less fun to watch.
[Port]: Team JNPR of Beacon
versus Team BRNZ (Bronze) of Shade!
[Ruby]: Wooo!
[Port]: BEGIN!
♪ Maybe red's like roses ♪
♪ Maybe it's the pool of blood ♪
♪ the innocents will lay in ♪
♪ when in the end you fail to save them ♪
♪ Their dying eyes ♪
♪ are wide and white like snow ♪
♪ And now they know the cost of trusting you's obliteration ♪
♪ Mirrors will shatter, ♪
♪ crushed by the weight of the world ♪
♪ The pillars collapse in shame ♪
♪ There'll be no rest ♪
♪ There'll be no love ♪
♪ There'll be no hero in the end who will rise above ♪
♪ And when it ends, ♪
♪ the good will crawl ♪
♪ The shining light will sink in darkness ♪
♪ Victory for hate incarnate ♪
♪ Misery and pain for all ♪
♪ When it falls ♪


RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 1: Round One

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