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You work at the glasshouse laundry?
I was born there.
Part-time washer at seven,
full-time from when I was 12.
What would the vote mean to you?
Votes for women. The power is in your hands.
No one cares, love.
Some of us do, so shut your bleeding cake-hole!
All my life I've been respectful
Done what men told me.
You're a wife. My wife. That's what you're meant to be.
Well, I can't have that anymore.
Never underestimate the power we women have
to define our own destinies.
We have been left with no alternative.
Defy this government!
Votes for women!
We shall cut into the heart of communications.
My job is to enforce the law.
The law means nothing to me. I've had no say in making the law.
We have reached a state of anarchy we can no longer ignore.
Punish those responsible whatever way you can.
- We will stop you. - What are you gonna do?
Lock us all up?
We're in every home, we're half the human race.
You can't stop us all.
We do not want to be lawbreakers.
We want to be lawmakers!
The only way is forward.
I'm worth no more, no less than you.
We will win.
Never surrender.
Never give up the fight.


Suffragette | Official Trailer

1087 タグ追加 保存
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