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- Get her out of there. - Go! Delta, move! Now!
- She's not here. She's gone. - Goddamn it!
- They are not on the tram. - He's one guy!
[ Nicky On Radio ] Jason, please don't hurt me. [ Bourne ] What were my words?
I said leave me alone, leave me out of it.
[ Nicky ] I did. I swear. Jason, I told them that I believed you.
I'm gonna ask you some some simple questions.
You're gonna answer me honestly, or I swear to God I'm gonna kill you.
- Delta, give me something. - They're on it! They're on it!
Who's Pamela Landy?
- [ Nicky On Radio ] She's a task force chief. - Is she running Treadstone?
No, she's the deputy director. Why is she trying to kill me?
[ Nicky ] Last week an agency field officer tried to make a buy off of one ofher ops.
He was trying to sell out a mole or something and you got to him before we did.
- I killed him? - You left a print.
There were partial prints that trace back to Treadstone. They know it was you.
- That is insane. - Why are you doing this? Why come back now?
Landy will find-- Stop. Stop.
Last week I was 4,000 miles away in India, watching Marie die.
They came for me, and they killed her instead.
This ends now.
- [ Radio: Static ] - Find her.
- [ Gasps ] - What do you people want with me? Why are you trying to frame me?
- Please! I'm only here because of Paris. Abbott dragged us-- - Abbott? Who's Abbott?
Conklin's boss. He-He shut down Treadstone.
Is he here in Berlin? Yes.
Did he run Treadstone? [ Sobbing ]
Did he run Treadstone? Yes. Conklin reported to him.
[ Continues Sobbing ] Please. Please, I swear--
What was Landy buying? What kind of files? Conklin-- Stuff on Conklin.
It was something to do with a Russian politician.
Neski. Wh-What? What are you talking about?
[ Conklin ] Training is over-- Training is over-- Training is over--
When-- When was I here in Berlin?
What are you talking about? For Treadstone. I did a job here.
When? No, you never worked in Berlin before.
My first job. In Berlin. You know my file.
- You've never worked Berlin before. - My first job!
No, your first assignment was Geneva. You fucking people!
[ Screaming ] I swear! I swear! I know I was here, Nicky!
- [ Sobbing Intensifies ] It's not in your file! - I know I was here!
No, I swear-- Oh, please.!


The Bourne Supremacy (5/9) Movie CLIP - Interrogating Nicky (2004) HD

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