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Halloween is one of my favorite times of year because I get to send my producer,
Andy, through a haunted house and he never disappoints.
>> [LAUGH] >> This year I sent him to, [LAUGH] and
his assistant, to Universal Studio's Horror Nights Exorcist Maze.
>> Hi there, Andy from the Ellen Show.
Her village idiot.
My assistant Jacqueline.
Once again, here to humiliate ourselves.
Here we go.
>> [NOISE] >> Look for the feet.
Sometimes you can tell from the feet.
>> [NOISE]
>> Just know it's coming.
And then it's not scary.
Know it's coming, here it comes, come on.
>> [SOUND] >> Okay scary, now we're good,
we're going, okay.
You go first.
I'm an executive producer.
Okay, I see it, hello.
>> It's just a curtain, it's just a curtain.
>> It's not scary dark.
>> [SOUND] >> Not scary dark.
Light is very good, we see- >> Aah!
>> Aah!
What the [BLEEP] is that?
Look at the feet, you can always stay off.
Go, it's just easier >> Aah!
>> Aah!
>> I got it.
You can tell me- [SOUND] Stop!
With the spraying in the mouth.
How are you?
Great work this year.
>> Stop it!
>> We can always know that if it's a solid wall, nothing is happening.
Solid wall, nothing happening.
Solid, solid!
[SOUND] It's just a person who works here.
[BLEEP] >> Go.
>> You go first,
can you be a man? >> I am a man!
[NOISE] I see you!
I saw it! I saw you before you were even lit up!
>> [LAUGH] >> Got it, got it.
It's sort of fun.
[SOUND] It's not fun. >> This isn't fun, this isn't fun!
>> Do you like it? >> [SOUND]
>> One time, you get one time and
we're done!
Wow. No, no, no!
[NOISE] >> I know!
You're in the box!
Are you okay?
>> Yeah. >> I got you.
>> [NOISE]
>> My god!
What the [BLEEP] >> [LAUGH]
>> And done, okay.
To me, I don't
enjoy it.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
>> I'm sweating.
>> Good stuff, Ellen.
Hope you had your fun.
Thank you.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you Andy and
Jacqueline and Universal Studios Hollywood.


Andy and Jacqueline's Haunted House Visit

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