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Hey what's up everyone, how you guys doing? If you didn't know, I've been living on my
own for almost a year now. I mean I've had roommates of course but ever since college
started, I haven't lived with my parents. Like, I actually haven't even seen them in
over half a year now which is kinda crazy. But honestly, living on my own has been pretty
fucking awesome. I mean of course I still miss my parents you know..
I guess.
Without my parents around, I've been able to do a lot more things that I couldn't before.
My mom and dad aren't here anymore to tell me what I can and can't do. So if I ever want
to want to sit around, watch movies, and do nothing all day, there's no one to tell me
I can't. If I want to come home really late at night, I can because there's no one can
tell me when I have to come home. And if I meet a girl and I want to bring her over,
I can because I don't have to worry about - aw fuck who am I kidding I still can't get
a girl to even come over in the first place.
Living on my own has some challenges though. For example, I've had to learn how to cook,
which I found out I actually enjoy doing. I have a lot of fun making new dishes and
trying out different things. Not gonna lie, I'd have to say you know I'm pretty good.
And by that I mean I haven't burned down my apartment yet so, yeah that's pretty good.
Since I live in LA and uber everywhere, I don't have a car. I have all my groceries delivered
to me which is actually way easier and super convenient for me. Now you're probably thinking,
wow you have them delivered you lazy piece of fucking shit.
woah woah woah, first off,
true. But somehow it's cheaper for me to have it delivered so why not.
Becoming closer to full adulthood has also meant paying bills. Which sucks because that
means less money that I can spend on going out to eat, movies, strip clubs, you know whatever!
This is going to sound lame but I really like to figure out how to
handle my money. Like learning how to budget, and how to invest. I even trade stocks every
week so I can save up for my future. I know that probably sounds really fucking boring but I like it.
I think that overall living with my parents had a ton of advantages but at the
same time, a lot of restrictions. My parents care about me and love me a lot which I am
very thankful for. But like I'm sure all of you know sometimes what they think is best
for you, isn't actually. I think that a lot of parents unintentionally set expectations
for their kids to be a certain way. Living on my own, and having the freedom to do what
I want to do has made me a happier person. Like I said, I haven't seen my parents in
a long time but honestly I'm okay with that. Not that they’re bad people,
my parents are great, it's just, maybe I’m just an asshole who knows.
Ever since I've moved to a bigger city, I've been able to experience different cultures,
travel, and just be independent. I'm always anxious to see what my future might be, but
for now, I'm loving life. I can genuinely say that I've never been this happy. A lot
of that also has to do with your guys' support and I do not thank you guys enough for that.
So from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much.
But that's pretty much all I have to say. If you enjoyed this video, please give me
a thumbs up to let me know, it helps me out somehow, I think. Feel free to subscribe if
you're not already, I post every monday on this channel or my other channel "moretoki"
which you can find in the description. Thanks you guys so much for watching, I'll see you
next, Motoki Monday.


一人暮らしということ(Living Without Parents)

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