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ALICE MONAGHAN: He looks nice.
INNKEEPER: Oh, but he was troubled.
You see, he had two great aunts, Mary and Elizabeth
Washbrook, who, in 1878, took money from some foreign power
to try to kill Queen Victoria with witchcraft.
WITCHES: By the names and signs of evil angels, Puziel,
Guziel, Psdiel, Priziel.
INNKEEPER: And all of his relatives since, one way or
another, had been bad.
So he went off to France to prove
that he could be otherwise.
Even if it only meant to die young for his country.
But he didn't die.
He should have, but--
as he used to tell it-- a women appeared to him there in
the trenches, even as the blood was draining out of him
from a dozen ragged holes.
He drank from that cup.
And, though it should have been impossible, he got well.
And he came home.
And then, for a year or more, he simply wandered from
Plymouth to the Western Highlands,
Blackpool to Southwold.
One end of Britain to the other, and back again.
And he used to say it was as though he was seeing all for
the first time.
And a great weight was lifted off him.
One day, he found this old place and bought it and was
content a long time to draw pints and tell his tales.
GEORGE WASHBROOK: A lady in white with a gold cup.
MAN IN TAVERN: Eh, pull the other one.
INNKEEPER: He grew old.
He outlived a wife, children, all his friends.
And as his years piled on him, he got a
sense that he was waiting.
ALICE MONAGHAN: Waiting for what?
INNKEEPER: For something he felt was coming to him.
ALICE MONAGHAN: What about Hellboy?
He told me to get rid of it.
Throw it in a pond.
INNKEEPER: It was put in your keeping for a reason.
It's for you to decide what's to be done with it.
HELLBOY: I think this suits me better.
NIMUE: Not anymore.
HELLBOY: Guess I don't really care who you are.
But you do know me.
Rasputin tried to set me free the day you were born.
He failed.
But I forgave him.
I held him close and guided his hand, and when he tried
again, he cracked the wall of my prison.
Through that gap I've stretched my long arm back
into the world.
I cast my shadow over all.
No light, no hope.
And finally, Nimue's madness and lust for power drew me out
like a serpent to nest in her black heart.
And now, all that was mine in the beginning
will be mine again.
HELLBOY: Son of a bitch!
NIMUE: Hellboy, whatever you are, whatever you were meant
to be, you've come too late.
The dragon commands!


Hellboy Meets His Match - Dark Horse Comics: Hellboy: The Fury Part 2

315 タグ追加 保存
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