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Hello, I'm Andrew Marston, and welcome to Tour Japan, the show where I tell you about a place in Japan and then we go there.
Today, we're headed to the Tokyo Imperial Palace.
This is where the Emperor of Japan and his family currently reside, and the site of former Edo Castle, which is why you'll see turrets and castle-like structures all over the place.
Because it used to be a castle.
Now, to answer the most common question about visiting the Imperial Palace, most likely you won't be able to see the Emperor.
I'm sorry.
He only makes public appearances on his birthday and New Year's Day.
So, if your bucket list includes high-fiving the Emperor of Japan, you're going to have to schedule a trip on one of those two days.
And even then, it'll probably be an air high-five.
The Imperial Palace is located only about five-minutes walk from Tokyo Station.
The extensive grounds are completely free to visit, and include worthwhile attractions like...
The famous Nijubashi Bridge.
The statue of the legendary samurai Nanko.
There's the Japanese-style Ninomaru Garden.
And in the north, there's Kitanomaru Park.
If you're interested in seeing the Imperial Palace up close or walking on the Nijubashi Bridge itself, then you'll need to a reserve a spot online on one of the free private tours, which I'll link to in the description below.
For its history, its prestigious residents, its easy access, this is one of the most popular tourist spots in all of Japan.
So, let's head there and see what it's like for ourselves.
I hope you feel a little more informed about the Tokyo Imperial Palace and what it's like to visit.
If you've been to the Imperial Palace, definitely leave your advice or recommendations in the comments for those who might be planning a trip there as well as where in Japan you'd like to see another episode of Tour Japan filmed.
Thanks for watching.
I'm Andrew Marston.
See you next time.
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皇居を散策してみよう!(Ultimate Tokyo Imperial Palace Guide: Private Tours, locations, everything)

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