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Official Selection Cannes Opening Film Festival
I am expecting a call from Ginger Rogers
She's unhappy with her representation, so, who knows
Phil, it's Rose
Your sister
My son, he's coming to Hollywood
The man meets with Fred Astaire and Gary Cooper.
I'm impressed,
Written and Produced by Woody Allen
Come in! Sit.
Christ, man it's all about ego, this whole town runs on ego,
Yeah, I'm Bobby
Bonnie, come in here, can you?
Bonnie, this is my nephew Bobby
The two time Academy Award Winner.
Wow, congratulations!
Thank you. If you have never heard of me, I'm a writer.
Welcome to Hollywood. *laugh*
Hey pal, you bored already?
I'm kinda half bored, half fascinated.
My brother Ben owns a nightclub, he has asked me to help run it
When will you know?
Well, we have to see when the owner's willing to sell.
We're trying to persuade him.
We ask politely, people listen.
Are there more beautiful girls in Hollywood or New York?
Why, is that how you will decide where you will live?
You're very beautiful.
I'm seeing someone.
I know quite that love kills more people each year than tuberculosis
Doesn't he want to try me?
Listen, I am so lonely, I would have been happy to talk, but I am now even too tired for that
You like jazz music?
I do in the morning.
Anytime in the morning.
Love is not rational, you fall in love.
You lose control
Is that good or bad?
No answer is also an answer!
Socrat once said: "The unexamined life is not worth living",
But the examined one is no bargain
Uh hum, yes?
Cafe Society, written and produced by Woody Allen
Life is a comedy, written by a sadistic comedy writer
May 11th


Café Society Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart Movie HD

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