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An alliteration is a stylistic or a literary technique. It's basically when successive
words begin with the same sound or the same letter. So consider this sentence, she walked
through the thick, thorny grass. Notice that through, the, thick and thorny all start with
TH. So remember the definition of an alliteration, are words that begin with the same sound or
the same letter. In this case, they start with the same letter and they start off with
the same sound so that's why this sentence is an example of an alliteration. Now I said
this was a literary technique, and literary techniques generally are there for a reason.
In this case its to show the difficulty of getting to the grass, because saying four
words that start with a TH in a row is somewhat difficult, its kind of a tongue twister. Through
the thick thorny grass, through the thick thorny grass. I couldn't say that ten times
fast because its difficult and that's the point of the author here, they're trying to
help the reader understand the difficulty of walking through this grass by making it
difficult to say. And so this technique is used in the opposite way around in poetry.
Many times letters or sounds that sound good three or four times in a row, are used to
give the poetry a musical sound, so that it sounds pleasant to the ear. Take a look at
another example. Right here it says, glassy globes of glitter. Here the author is trying
to describe someone's beautiful eyes so they used the phrase, glassy
globes of glitter. So this is alliteration because these three words all start with GL.
Now, of course you may be thinking, okay, it says successive words but right there,
of it in between those. Well, it's okay for one word in there not to start with the same
sounds, That's alright but glassy globes of glitter are the words were focusing on here.
Now, the two letters it starts out with are GL and GL is difficult to say in a row. It's
kind of like the effect up here. But in this case were not talking about something that's
difficult. Were talking about something that's beautiful, so pretty eyes. And so the author
shouldn't have used these words because it makes it sound like the eyes aren't very pretty.
Because up here the purpose was to make it hard for the reader to say because they were
talking about how terrible the grass is, but if you're talking about how beautiful something
is, then the words describing it should also sound beautiful. So, the writer could still
use an alliteration, but they should pick letters or sounds that sound better when they
are repeated.



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