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welcome to a super it's summer edition
and the senate of music the a chat with it
on citizen and the citizen is a chance
we are talking about and nissan has come that's kinda come down today coming out today
but you can talk about it again
on the you know on internet
it's called
terry Smith
and so it's
and as the court is is it really
media watch
and has
of watergate story line through it
with is
on some
the exciting eccentric feel it really
brings a new get to that
it's the music didn't she
this time should definitely future on other areas
still for all Americans
because I think it really did
that's the thing
so yeah
it's the usual state as it has
tell us that in Indiana
%uh his daughter's life growing up
and it's really did a really good daschle and really makes you grow up Phil gramm
so on yes it's safe thank you for all of us the foreign news the kitchen with nick that
and I think strong he backed me show you a comment tell me how much
tell me about the police on the video middle east fit at and for the media
and on
they should suspend that you know
to watch the market is a good thing about it because I
for example of the music the a chance and slow process and movie chats analysts have
strayed into enjoy it
and we talk about
so us the next week hopefully in India it's only fitting that description
many society
I can't let her what it says
well this is that it has thrust itself that is not quite so I thank you


Taylor Swift - Mine (Video Review) (歌詞/lyrics)

2494 タグ追加 保存
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