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OK, so imagine one pound of your own fatty flesh.
So if you burn that amount of flesh, and that sounds kind of, you know, weird, but if you
were to convert that into energy, you would get about 3500 Calories, which is quite a
lot of energy.
That is me talking with Dr. Carson Chow, an M.I.T. trained physicist and mathematician
and he is explaining to me why we should care how much energy fat has.
In order for you to live and function, you need to burn energy to, like, keep your heart
beating, all your organ going and also to move around.
But energy doesn’t come for free. So if you aren't consuming enough calories you are
going to burn that energy with your own fat. So a lot of diet books like to teach this
rule, but the problem is its wrong. Here is why.
Let's say I eat 500 calories less a day. So after 1 week it would be 3,500 calories, and
I would lose a pound, right? Because I'd have to burn it.
Yeah, and if I stayed on this diet for a year I’d burn through 52 pounds.
It'd be great! If you keep taking this thing, well, after 2 years I'd lose 104, and after
10 years I'd lose 500 pounds, you know? So obviously, at some point this rule is going
to break down. It will actually break down before you get to a year.
So to understand the real math behind losing weight, Dr. Chow wanted me to imagine a leaky
You have some water in the bucket and that's the amount of body fat or tissue in your body.
And the leak represents the rate at which you are burning energy.
In reality what you are doing is adding water at the top, that's like eating food. And when
you are in steady state the amount of water you add at the top exactly balances the amount
of water you lose at the bottom.
If you are pouring in more water than it is leaking then you are going to gain weight.
Now if you think about the physics of a leaky bucket, the more water you pour into the bucket
the faster it's gonna leak.
So the leak rate scales with how big you are. And this is a well-known fact, that the larger
you are, the more energy you burn.
You're going to burn more energy because it takes more energy just to move a larger mass.
You have more tissue and just to keep that tissue going it takes more energy.
Congratulations. You have a new steady state. But lets say you don't want to stay this large
person that you've become. Well, the opposite is true, as well. You can pour in a lot less
water than you are leaking. But...
As you start to lose weight you start to get smaller and you burn less energy and you start
to metabolically adapt to your new diet.
And so you are never going to lose weight at one constant rate. It is always going to
curve from one steady state down to another. Which means...
When you go on a diet, the 3500 calorie rule is the wrong rule.
There is a new rule. Wait for it...
The new rule is, for every ten calories you eat less, you lose a pound. But it will take
you about 3 years or more to see that the full affect of your diet, which is still pretty
good. All you have to do is eat a hundred calories less, you lose ten pounds. That's
like a can of Coke. So you should expect the diet to be extremely slow.
Right, but nobody wants a slow diet. We all want to lose 20 pounds for this summer. What's
wrong with just focusing on losing weight rapidly?
The problem is once you are at this new weight they have to be vigilant for the rest
of their life. Because losing weight is slow, gaining weight is also slow.
But it slowly creeps up, and then two or three years later, bang, it hits them, and they're
back up to where they were.
So the mathematically approved rule for weight loss: for every 10 calories I don't eat a
day I'll eventually lose one full pound. Which means changing your steady state is a marathon
and not a sprint.
Hey guys, this is Todd. Thanks so much for watching! Uhh If you want to have life-changing
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Also, through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, we ask you, "What would you advise people
who are trying to take the slow path to losing weight?" And here's what some of you said.
If you have any additional thoughts or comments, make sure you leave them in the comments section
below. And make sure you join us next week when we're gonna talk about the differences
between white bread and sugar. Or, are there actually any differences? We'll find out.
See you next week!



【ダイエット】数学的に分析 痩せるには?(How To Lose Weight: The Real Math Behind Weight Loss [Epipheo.TV])

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食べる量を減らしているのに、どうしても痩せられない?夏が近づいてきた二カ月前から、beach bodyという目標を達成するため、ありとあらゆる方法を試したけれど、失敗ばかりしてしまいますか?物理学者と数学学者から教えてもらおう!ダイエットの裏にどんな科学の原因があるのか。

organ は「器官」という意味です。ここに生物体を構成するものを紹介したいと思います。
cell 細胞
tissue 組織
organ 器官
organ system 器官系
organism 有機体

You should maintain a healthy diet and a regular sleep schedule to keep your organs functioning well.

consume はいくつかの意味があります。その中で、
He consumed 300 more calories each day to gain weight.

また、consume は「費やす」という意味もあります。
She consumes most of her time listening to music.

ビジネス用語では、「消費する」という意味のconsumeer をつけると、「消費者」を指すconsumer になります。 それに対して、produce「生産する」という意味ですから、producerは「生産者」という意味です。
Most of our consumers like our new product.

面白いのは、生物学におけるproducerとconsumerも「生産者」と「消費者」のことを指しますが、先程の意味とは違います。生物学でのproducer (生產者)は独立栄養生物のことを指します。例えば、草です。一方、独立栄養生物が合成した栄養分を摂取しているのはconsumer (消費者) です。例えば、うさぎです。
In ecosystems, consumers rely on the energy producers create in order to survive.

3break down1:07
break は「壊れる」という意味です。 break down は「(機械、機器)壊れる、故障する」という意味ですが、「(人が)精神的に衰弱」という意味もあります。
A car broke down in the middle of the highway, which caused a chaos for nearly 2 hours.

He had a mental break down because he was under a lot of pressure lately.

4adapt to2:23
adapt to は「慣れる」という意味です。
She has difficulties adating to new environments.

The writer will adapt her novel to a movie.

marathonは「マラソン」の意味で、長距離走のことを指します。それに対して、sprint (動画にも出ていた)は短距離走のことを指します。
There are different strategies for marathons and sprints. Therefore, a professional marathon runner is not necessarily a good sprint runner.


文/ Tina Hsu
翻訳/Zoe Huang




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