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(chipper music)
- No, it's just a lot of cocaine.
- So when Katie gets here, I'll start the intervention.
- You're going to lead it?
Not a professional ? That's a little ghetto.
- Ghetto?
- Oh, I can't say, "ghetto," any more?
Everything is so P.C. these days.
It's annoying how uptight you are.
- I know it's easy to think that we're being uptight
but language evolves and it's fine to adapt to that.
You know, we know you're not a bad person
so just apologize and move on.
Stop being such a girl.
- Woah. - [Blonde Woman] Hang on,
- No, no, no, I mean like he's being a little bitch. Like a girl.
- Okay, that's not cool.
- Like the way bitches are girls.
Oh, okay, fine.
Now this is effecting me, I think I'm with Grant.
Things are getting a little out of hand in the P.C. department
and where do you draw the line ?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- We're not being too P.C., you guys are just being dicks.
Take responsibility for the hurtful things you're saying.
I mean, you're obviously using girl as an insult
and that's retarded.
- Woah! - [All] Woah! - Hey.
- Wow, it's like no one can say anything any more.
You guys are just trying to find stuff
that's not even there.
You're searching for ghosts, man.
It's like no one can say anything without offending someone else these days.
- Look, culture is just constantly shifting
and it's our job as socially responsible human beings to adapt to that.
Honestly, I kind of thought that you Orientals would understand.
- Hey.
- [All] Woah.
- What?
I mean, okay, well, maybe P.C. culture
is getting a little bit too sensitive.
Everybody's always policing each other's language.
What happened to my first amendment rights?
- It's not P.C. culture's fault, Siobhan.
It's just gay to call someone Oriental.
- Oh !
- What ?
- I meant gay as in lame, not gay as in the people.
Man up, pussies.
- It's hurtful to use gay like that.
- And it's ableist to say, " lame."
- Yeah, and man up is kind of sexist.
- Also, don't use the p word.
It's gross.
- Oh my God !
I'm so sick of this P.C. social justice warrior atmosphere,
to live in a world where every word is a landmine
is not the kind of world I want to live in.
- It's not the world's fault, okay.
You're being a dick for clinging to hurtful phrases.
You can still use them if you want,
just know that everyone's going to think you're an asshole.
Don't blame the world for being politically correct.
- You know, actually, politically correct is not really politically correct any more.
(everyone groaning)
It's a micro-aggression.
- That's crazy.
- Crazy ?!
That has not been okay for awhile now.
- Then I guess I won't say anything at all.
I guess you're always right and I'm always wrong.
- Oh, come on, just admit for one goddamn second
that we're all the assholes here.
- [Everyone] I'm not an asshole.
(yelling, fighting)
- This is why I do this.
- Hi, I'm Cynthia from College Humor.
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Star wipe.
Diamond wipe.
Venetian wipe.


Everything is Too PC These Days

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