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- So step, oh (bleep).
- Ow!
- Oh God! (groans)
- I feel like it would just be faster
to wear a hat.
- [Voiceover] As seen on TV hair products?
- It's hair products that are bought at 11 at night
when you're bored and sad.
- I honestly don't think any of this stuff
will work on my hair.
- We both have a lot of hair.
- There aren't a lot of women with natural hair
in the commercials, but I could be surprised.
- You're giving them a lot of credit.
- You know, I'm trying to be fair here.
- This is when I turned off the TV
'cause it was being like, "Are you lacking volume?"
- [Together] Nope.
- I don't need a Bump It, it bumps itself.
- Part hair across the crown of the head.
I'm already lost.
- Like this?
- Yeah.
- Okay, here.
Did you just drop yours? - Yeah.
- Tease from scalp to about three inches high.
Wow. - Wait, what?
(groaning) - Oh God!
- No.
- Place Bump It, insert firmly on scalp.
- It's in, you've bumped!
- I think I did it.
- Fan out hair over Bump It,
fluff, and even.
So basically, the step is, make sure no one can see
your damn Bump It.
- Oh.
- Oh my gosh!
- Oh my God.
It does not look bad.
- I look like a Conehead.
- I'm mad.
- It is hard to do it right, but when you do it's worth it.
- [Voiceover] Hairagami?
(shouting in surprise)
- Oh my God.
- Don't do that!
- This is actually really clever
because I feel like these instructions
would immediately get dropped in the toilet.
- This is not gonna hold hair.
- You just broke yours. - No I didn't, oh I did.
- Sandwich hair at the nape of the neck
- Sandwich me.
- Okay, it's sandwiched.
- Wait, wait, wait. - Maybe yours just isn't broken.
- No, oh... - Okay.
- You know who could probably do this really well,
is Shontelle.
- Bend the other end up and over the--
- [Together] What?
- Arrange hair across Hairagami,
then pull down.
- Oh (bleep).
- Oh my God. - Did I do it?
- Which style are you going for? - I don't know.
- Who even thought of this?
Who was like, "Oh, I love those snap bracelets,
"let's put 'em in my hair."
- Was it a man?
- Glam Twirl.
Create one hundred dazzling hairstyles.
- You can wrap it?
- Oh my God, there are so many instructions!
- I don't even know where to begin.
- You're supposed to thread it through the hole.
You run it through the hole.
You gotta put it in the hole.
- I'm so scared. - Yeah, I'm scared, too.
- That's a terrible sound.
- Should I go up? - (laughing) I don't know.
- Maybe we are supposed to keep it,
this is so hard (laughing).
- I pushed down, I-- (both gasping)
- Oh (bleep).
- Oh my God.
- It's beautiful.
- It got caught, it got caught.
- I cannot believe that this works.
- Yep, not for black people.
- My hair is worse.
- We are adult women, and I still felt
like I was in danger about half the time.
- Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized
by the Bump It.
- I like the idea of products that make it easier
to do your hair.
I just think those were not the products.
- Most of them were two person jobs. - Yeah.
- You definitely need a friend.
- I ripped out so much of my hair.
- Really, what we're saying is that
these "As seen on TV" products
are worthwhile because they can show you
who your real friends are.
- Real friends don't let your hair get caught
in wrap mechanisms.
- Ladylike not approved.
- Yeah, I mean to be fair,
that one strand is really curled.
- 78 strands to go.


Women Try “As Seen on TV” Hair Products • Ladylike

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