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  • What would you like to do today?

  • Why don't we go to the mountains?

  • It would be cold. It's snowing up there.

  • Could we go to the beach?

  • We could. But it might be windy there.

  • It would be warmer than the mountains.

  • It would. But if its too windy, we couldn't lay out in the sun.

  • It would be a wasted trip.

  • The mountains are closer. We would be there in 45 minutes.

  • That's true, but we would have to change buses.

  • If we went to the beach, we could take the express train directly there and it would only take an hour.

  • But we might not get a seat. We'd have to stand the whole hour.

  • We could sit on the floor.

  • That doesn't sound very comfortable.

  • We could hang out at the end of the train and smoke.

  • Smoking isn't allowed on the train.

  • Hey! If we went downtown instead, we could try that new buffet.

  • That would be great. I've been wanting to go there.

  • Let's do that instead then. I'll get ready.

  • If we hurry, we can catch the bus downtown.

  • Otherwise, we'll have to walk.

What would you like to do today?


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13 - 口說英語的秘訣 可能性 I - 山か浜辺か (13 - 口說英語的秘訣 Possibilities I - The Mountains or the Beach)

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