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Tonight we are thrilled to present the Visibility
Award to Colton Haynes.
Colton is best known for his roles on MTV's Teen
Wolf and CW's Arrow.
Colton recently took the bold step
of coming out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Since then, Colton has been an outspoken advocate for equality
and has shown what it means to be
a role model for young people.
He has a few more Instagram followers
than I do at five million, and his faithful fans
are ones that follow every move.
So tonight you're in for a very special, special evening
as Colton talks about important matters
and sets an example for LGBT people and their allies.
Take a look.
Scales, like a fish?
No more like a reptile, and your claws
have this liquid that paralyzes people.
And you have a tail.
I have a tail?
Yeah, you do.
Does it do anything?
No, not that I know of.
All right, well tell me this.
On the night of the first full moon, what happened?
Nothing happened.
Do you know what it's like to be the best player on the team,
to be the star, to have every single person
at the game chanting your name?
And then some kid, some kid just comes along
and then everyone starts looking at him instead of you.
Do you know what that feels like?
I don't.
I want to get to know you guys better.
You know to do a blood test, right?
I know just enough to make me dangerous and, well,
me holding a syringe?
Well, that makes me more dangerous.
I need you to test my blood.
For what?
And don't say STDs because that would be crossing a line.
For Mirakuru.
Are you OK?
I mean, besides the whole not sleeping thing.
I'm fine.
Drop the arrow.
Drop it!
Colton Haynes publicly came out as gay to Entertainment Weekly
this past May, an admission he said
has made him happier than ever.
Hey, guys.
It's Colton Haynes and today we're
shooting the cover of Out magazine.
With being on a TV show, you have the opportunity
to talk to people.
You get to, I don't know, kind of be a voice for some people.
Human Rights Campaign that lobbies for LGBT rights
has released a star-studded video
and it pays tribute to the 49 victims of the Pulse Nightclub
The Human Rights Campaign says it
created this to ensure each victim is never forgotten.
It's also raising awareness about anti-LGBTQ hate violence
and gun violence.
I'm proud to support the Human Rights Campaign.
Now more than ever, we need laws to protect all Americans
from hate violence.
As you guys know, I'm not afraid to share my life
and not afraid to share the things that I get to do.
Colton Haynes opens up about coming out and pulling away
from the limelight.
The Teen Wolf star took a break from acting
to focus on his mental health.
When he came back, it was such a different version of Colton.
I'm very, very, very happy for him.
He is living his best life and he is at his most happy.
Love is not black and white.
There's so many different facets to it.
This isn't magic.
If you want something, you go after it and you
keep trying until you get it.
Please help us congratulate Colton Haynes.
Hey, guys.
Thank you guys so much.
I'm already crying, so I apologize.
I have experienced a lot of wow moments in my life,
but I think tonight, it's probably topping all of them.
I just want to thank all of you for letting me feel your love.
I hope you feel all of mine.
It's taken me a long time to get here, so I hope you feel that.
It's a very-- thank you.
It's an extremely humbling experience for me
to receive this award from the Human Rights Campaign
and to know that this is about my visibility.
One way I can express my gratitude
is by telling you guys the truth about me.
So let me share three things you guys might not
know if you don't follow me on social media.
First of all, I grew up in Kansas.
I also spent six years in Hot Springs,
which is where Chad's from.
His family's still there.
Second, I have always been obsessed with clouds,
and at one time I thought I was going
to be a meteorologist instead of being an actor.
And third, I am gay and--
Thank you.
You may have guessed that since I wore a neon green tux
while taking my then-boyfriend to my high school
prom, where I was nominated for prom king.
OK, maybe you did know that.
But earlier this year, I guess my coming out,
it was a bit splashy for many people.
It wasn't very surprising for those
who already knew me the best.
And I've known Chad for 10 years, so he's known.
But that's how entertainment works, and it
seems to make a bigger deal of everyone's personal decisions,
you know?
And every one of you already knows this-- I never
made a decision to be gay.
That came just as naturally as the color of my eyes.
But however, it's up to me to be honest and open with everyone.
And that's why I'm here tonight and that's
why tonight's so special for me.
I'm asked to play so many different roles as an actor--
I'm sorry--
--but tonight I can actually be myself for the first time.
It feels incredible.
I can also tell you that I feel extremely lucky.
Tonight, I'm up here with my friend Chad Griffin
and surrounded by hundreds of new friends and allies.
And I feel lucky just knowing that we
have such a strong, fierce, united community that
believes as I do that equality is our birthright.
It's not a slogan.
Let me also be even more honest with you.
I don't necessarily feel especially deserving
of this recognition.
We all know that there are many other ways, many other people
who have come before me and blazed the trail
as LGBT advocates and role models.
And I'm walking in their shoes and I'm
following in their lead.
Instead, I'll accept this award as a promise.
My promise is simple and real and I'm not making it to you.
I am making it to the next generation of lesbians
and gay men, bisexuals, transgender youth,
and I hope my example will give them the confidence
and hope to be who they are as well--
--and for them to conquer their own fears
and their own hesitations.
I want to give them just a little more courage
to know that they're loved just as they are
and to know that they'll grow up beautiful and strong and proud.
I can't promise them it's going to be easy or painless,
trust me.
I know there's going to be so many dark places for them
and fears holding them back.
Sometimes we listen to the wrong voices,
people telling us that you can't or that you shouldn't.
I mean, we all do.
We have to listen to our own voices and our own hearts
and that's when we become the best people.
Thank you.
I hope that every young person will
know that they're not alone because of all of you guys.
There are many of us exactly like them
who love them unconditionally and who
know that being open and honest makes all the difference.
For more than a generation, the Human Rights Campaign
has championed our equality and the crucial importance
of coming out.
You guys inspire me more than you could even understand.
It's taken me a long time to get to this point
and I thank the HRC for the continued support.
And you give me the strength through your hard work
to live my life openly and honestly now
and to tell you tonight I have never felt healthier
or happier in my entire life, so thank you.
Thank you.
And it's up to me now to pay that forward.
I have many hopes for the future and many ambitions
as an actor and an artist.
And on a personal note, I have to confess that I also
want to raise kids of my own-- eventually, maybe half a dozen,
have a basketball team or something like that.
But I would love to not raise them alone.
Lucky for all of us, with the historic achievement
of marriage equality last year, none of us
need to go through the world alone or without the commitment
of the person we truly love.
As an actor, I know that not every film or television
show has a happy ending, and thanks to each one of you
and to the Human Rights Campaign, many more of us
will have a very happy beginning.
You make the impossible seem a little easier
and you give me the hope that I want to share with the world
So thank you guys so much for the outstanding honor
and for accepting me.
And every day forward, I will work
extremely hard to deserve it.
So thank you guys so much.



コルトン・ヘインズがヒューマン・ライツ・キャンペーンで涙のスピーチ Colton Haynes Receives the HRC Visibility Award

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