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I haven't seen you in a while
>> I know I haven't seen you in a while, you look fantastic.
>> Thank you, so do you!
>> Thanks for being here, it's been a while.
>> I had to come, had to bring you messages from my family.
>> I know. >> My brother Drew and Brandy, and
my mother and my father think you're brilliant.
>> Well.
[CROSSTALK] And my emails this morning were it's about time.
>> Really?
>> [LAUGH] Yeah.
>> Well it's not like we haven't asked you so but-
>> No, no they thought
it's about time you got around to going to see her cuz they think you're so clever.
>> Exactly, where you living now?
>> I live here now.
>> You live here?
>> Yeah. >> All right, let's talk about the movie,
is Colin Firth in it?
>> Yeah, he's back.
>> He is?
And then Patrick Dempsey I heard is in it?
>> Yes, lovely Patrick.
>> Wow. >> [APPLAUSE]
>> It's fun, right?
>> So will there be any fight scenes in this movie?
>> I can't give it up.
>> No. >> I can't tell.
>> All right, so you have a baby.
>> She's having a baby.
>> Mm-hm.
>> Yeah, she's having a baby.
>> Cuz it's called Bridget Jones' Baby, right?
>> [CROSSTALK] makes sense then, right?
>> So that's, so I'm guessing.
>> Yeah. [LAUGH] >> Yeah.
Unless it's just called that for no reason.
>> Which would be weird.
[LAUGH] >> Yeah, I know, but
there are weird titles.


Renée Zellweger's Ellen Debut

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