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♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
(in ad: quirky singing)
(speaking Japanese)
- (in ad: screechy singing) - Oh, sexy.
(groans) She is just staring into my soul.
(in ad: one long note)
(in ad) Hai!
(in ad: jovial laughter)
- (in ad) Hai! - Oh.
- (in ad: jovial laughter) - (giggles)
What, is that funny? Why was that guy laughing?
(speaking Japanese)
Words cannot express what we just experienced there.
(imitates screeching song)
(cracking up)
(Finebros) That one was pretty short, but did it make you want to eat
- whatever that treat was? - No, I wanted to run away from that.
(speaking Japanese)
Before they did this split in the air, no,
but then once they did that and someone laughed, yes.
(in ad: speaking Japanese)
(silent laughter)
(in ad: singing cheerfully)
I have no clue what they're selling me right now.
Soy sauce? What is this?
(in ad: singing cheerfully)
(parroting what is said in video)
(Finebros) Why advertise it with a dancing, singing family?
I don't know and they were frightening.
When you try the soy sauce, it is a celebration within your mouth.
You open it up and rainbows shoot out.
(speaking Japanese)
(in ad: speaking Japanese)
(in ad: screaming)
- (in ad: woman begins to sing) - (laughter)
(in ad: man screams)
- (in ad: woman begins to sing) - (laughter)
(in ad: couple argues)
(both scream)
- (in ad: woman begins to sing) - Woooow!
- (in ad: man screams) - Oh my god.
This guy's gonna get so fit out of all of these fails.
(in ad: battle cry)
- (in ad: woman begins singing) - Nope!
You think I was gonna fall, bitch? Nope!
(speaking Japanese)
I genuinely loved that one.
That was my favorite one by far.
(Finebros) So that's a fitness machine to work out your abs.
What did you think of their approach on their marketing?
Well, it's definitely funny.
That was great. I'm impressed.
I think it's fun. I think the little...(hums ditty)
It's a great little catch phrase there. It's stuck in my head.
I have no clue what they're saying.
(in ad: fearful screaming)
Oh my god! (laughs) What am I looking at?
(through laughter) What?
(speaking Japanese)
Is that a hair?
Oh, I see what's happening now.
(in ad: speaking Japanese)
Were they on his hair?
Oh, yeah, fresh and clean.
The Japanese, man. They're so clever.
(Finebros) Why the choice to have humans holding onto the hair?
They didn't want to leave.
I'm guessing that was the dirt in the hair, right?
Maybe these are bad people in his life.
Just like you get rid of the bad people in your life,
get rid of the dirt out of your hair.
(speaking Japanese)
(Finebros) That makes so much more sense now.
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
(Finebros) Is there anything that you find weird about American culture?
(speaking Japanese)
(Finebros) What are your thoughts about how we might consider
something to be weird, but it may be completely normal somewhere else?
That's a good point. I think it's just unconventional for us.
If you turn on the TV, and that's what you watch, none of them are weird!
I feel like it's pretty standard, right?
You look at the way us Americans behave--
like Groundhogs Day.
That's weird.
If you're from anywhere else in the world
and, all of a sudden, you tune into television
and here's a bunch of people in Pennsylvania
holding up a groundhog, saying, "Oh, my gosh, the oracle has spoken
and now we're gonna have another month of winter!"
That is pretty weird.
(Finebros) So we have a clip from different commercials
that we showed in the past to YouTube stars
and we're gonna have you react to their reactions.
(laughing) Okay.
(in ad: fanfare)
(in video) I've seen this one.
Ooh, I love this one!
(in video) Oh god.
(speaking Japanese)
(Hannah) What is reality? Stop it, Japan!
(in video) What the...?
That is utterly terrifying.
(in video) Don't trust that dog.
(Finebros) So, finally, if you were gonna choose to be
in one of these commercials that we showed you,
which one would you want to be cast in?
(speaking Japanese)
The ab machine was pretty cool.
(speaking Japanese)
- Mama mia! - (Finebros laughs)
I want to be the person face-down in the orange
so I can split my legs and then go-- (chuckles loudly).
I wanna hang off of a hair follicle so very badly.
I would really, really, really love to be surrounded by
so many Japanese girls at once.
I feel like I would look really good in the French maid outfit,
flipping pancakes.
If I was casted as the dude at the end, he looks like a pimp.
Just have me there, just sitting the table like,
"Good job."
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (end music) ♪


日本のCMを見た海外YouTuberのリアクション 番外篇 (YOUTUBERS REACT EXTRAS - Japanese Commercials #2 (EXTRAS #62)

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