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  • - So this--you were roasted for your birthday on Comedy Central.

  • - I was. What a birthday present, right?

  • - Yeah. So you actually--

  • you said something really, really sweet at the end.

  • Kevin Hart said you should have a minute to talk,

  • and you-- do you remember what you said?

  • 'Cause I read what you said, and it was really sweet.

  • - I was just talking about

  • just it being a new chapter for me

  • and basically saying that I'm sorry for the stuff

  • that I've done.

  • And it's not like--

  • I'm not searching for people's approval,

  • but I just want people to know that that's not me,

  • and I was doing stuff that wasn't me.

  • And a lot of times, we pretend so that we can fit in

  • and then we end up looking like a [bleep] bag.

  • And that was kind of me.

  • - Well, and also what you said was,

  • you were 12 years old when you got extremely famous.

  • And for a 12-year-old, and to get the--

  • - I really just didn't-- I didn't know how to handle it.

  • And it went to my head,

  • and I had to let people pull me down

  • for me to see the truth

  • and see how much of a jerk I was being.

  • And now I just want people to know that, like,

  • this is me.

  • I'm just a genuine person who has fun,

  • and I wasn't trying to--

  • I just wasn't trying to be a jerk.

  • - Right, you just were young,

  • and you had a whole bunch of success

  • and a whole bunch of money,

  • and it's very-- it's hard for someone to--

  • - There was no way of preparing me for it, you know?

  • - No, nobody could.

  • So--and that's why I love you,

  • because I know that you're actually a really good guy,

  • and you're trying very hard to put all that behind you.

  • - Yeah.

- So this--you were roasted for your birthday on Comedy Central.


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