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The Voice Kids - Every Friday in SAT.1 (german television channel) and on YouTube!
(Zoe's Voice) "It has always been a dream of mine to be HERE!"
(Mark) "Oh no!"
(Lena) "You made it!!"
(Johannes) "Are you okay?"
"Come here, sit down" "Sit with us!"
(Lena) "I immediately started to cry with you... I just can't stand to see that."
(Mark) "This was INCREDIBLY good!"
(Zoe) "... Thank you"
(Mark) "Totally great!"
(Lena) "What's your name and how old are you?"
(Zoe): "My name is Zoe and I'm eleven years old."
(Mark) "Eleven!" (Lena) "Oh my god..."
(Mark) "Jessie J. may be one of the best singers of the world and honestly - I couldn't feel any difference ..."
"... this was really... this was masterclass!"
(Johannes) "What was particularly amazing was that every couple of tacts you added to your performance and became even better.
"... you began and I was like 'wow that was good!' but then - I turned around last because you kept on getting better and better
"... I didn't think it was even possible but... awesome!"
"... you definitely belong into The Battles!"
(Zoe) "Thank you"
(Mark) "Well I think nobody will have to teach you how to sing but...
"... but I can teach you a lot of things about the music business, you know?"
(Johannes) "Wow, that's really exciting!"
(Lena) "Wow, I think I might fall asleep right now..."
(Mark) "My first advice for you is... Stay away from those two."
(Johannes) "And that's the point where you see that he has absolutely no clue of this business!"
(Lena) "Sweetie - Come with me, we will have an awesome 'girls time' and a whole lot of fun and I can teach you anything you like and I... I just want you!"
(Johannes) "Well - I'm the oldest here and if you want to win - come with me!"
"... and if you would go with the new 'uncle'..."
(Mark) "Say Johannes, how often have you won?"
(Johannes) "No, no, traditionally, the team of the oldest coach wins."
(Mark) "No, traditionally, THIS particular chair is winning!"
"... and WHO is sitting on it??"
(Zoe's mom) "She's living her dream... she is living her dream!"
(Mark) "Well Zoe, I think now you really have to decide on your own."
(Zoe) "Wow, that's hard..."
(Lena) "Please, Zoe..."
(Mark) "You take the time you need."
(Mark) "Or let's all close our eyes, we count down from three and then you tell who you decided for."
(all) "Three... two...one..."
(Zoe) "Mark!"
(Mark) "Zoe I have a gift for you! Everyone in Team Mark gets a snapback!"
"... The 'Team Mark' Snapback for Zoe!"
(Speaker) "Already the first talent for new coach Mark Forster!"
(Mark) "GROUP HUG!!"
(Thore) "Wow Mark, you really caught a gem with her!"
(Mark) "Really! Zoe did this awesomely perfect. I am so glad to have her in my team."
(Thore) "Why did you go with Mark?"
(Zoe) "Because he is cool."
(All) "Battles - Here I come!!"
(Lena) "This really sucks."
(Johannes) "Evil little Forster..."
(Mark) "Before the show started I was afraid no one would want to join my team because the other two have already been in a couple of episodes of this show and I am the new one."
"... I pictures myself standing there with no team members... but this obviously seems to be no problem!"
(Lena) "You really should stop ...!"
(Johannes) "You are new! And you are cheeky!"
(Lena) "Pull yourself together!"
(Lena) "Hello! Am I right here in the 'The Voice Kids'-YouTube channel? "
"... take a look here:"
"... you can see a whole lot of other videos."
"... and down here we have the subscribe-button. Click on it to subscribe to this channel."
"...did you already subscribe? NO? Well then hurry up!"
"... click! ... CLICK!! CLICK!"


Jessie J.: Masterpiece (Zoë) | The Voice Kids 2015 | Blind Auditions | SAT.1 (歌詞/lyrics)

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