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We've all accepted that social media has completely changed the way we interact.
Hey there.
Come here alone often?
Excuse me, can't you see I'm in the middle of a conversation?
[Ugh, so rude]
[Annoyed emoji]
The other day, I randomly thought of this friend who I hadn't seen in a long time.
So I went to her Facebook page, to see what she's been up to,
when I saw..
(gasp) She unfriended me..
(sad music)
I reacted pretty well.
Kate unfriended me!
What did I ever do to her?I don't deserve this!
Are you sure? Maybe it was an accident.
Oh, it was NOT an accident.
I refreshed, then I added her as a friend, and she didn't accept my request!
Oh..I'm so sorry babe..
She will pay for this.
I felt so stupid by how offended I was.
Cause it's like, what does it matter that she unfriended me online, right?
This was someone I considered my friend.
It felt like a deliberate slight.
Even though I know it probably went like..
In my mind, I saw it as..
You thought we were friends.
You're dead to me.
(evil laughter)
And I kept wishing that we would BUMP into each other in real life, you know?
As if that was gonna be my revenge.
And not just awkward as hell.
Oh! Hannah, hey.
Hey, how are you?
You unfriended me.
We're not friends anymore, are we?
Well, I just--
No, it's fine. It's cool.
It's real cool.
(dramatic tone)
When you're unfriended,
Yes. Ooh, it hurts.
You go through the 5 stages of grief.
No no, she didn't--it was a mistake.
How dare SHE..unfriend ME?!
Please God, just friend me again, everything will be okay..
I can't believe she unfriended me..
That's fine.
But it's okay.
Unfriending and unfollowing is now as much a part of life as just breaking up or drifting apart.
And when I think of all the times I've unfriended someone, it was never personal.
You know, it's cause I updated too much, or their updates weren't relevant to my life anymore.
So it's all good.
I'm Anna Akana.
Stay HERE.
You're not going anywhere, I have something to show you.
I wanna say thank you to Best Fiends for sponsoring today's video.
Best Fiends is a free puzzle adventure battle game,
where you collect and upgrade characters to defeat slugs!
I'm currently on level 20, try to beat me and tweet your scores at me.
Although fair warning, this game is super highly addictive.
There will be a free gift on July 10th,
so be sure to play on that day to collect your gift.
There's also a new quest for fan favorite character Gene,
who opens at level 100.
And if you beat it, you can win gold and diamonds.
New levels are out now.
Download the game for free from the link below.
I'm animated Akana.
Stay awesome Gowtham!



Facebookで友達解除された!When you're unfriended (w/Hannah Witton)

101963 タグ追加 保存
陳偉正 2017 年 12 月 7 日 に公開    Kana kawai 翻訳    Erina Kawagishi チェック
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