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I usually kind of stir around before I fully wake up,
and when Mikki sees me stir, he actually just wanders over,
because sometimes he gets cold and wants to jump under the covers for an extra long snooze
and plus it’s dark and comfy and cozy under there,
so him and I cuddle for a little while before my alarm goes off,
and when it goes off, it does take me a little while to notice that it’s going off
and trying to wake up is the hardest part of the day, honestly guys
and I usually just try to wake up straight away instead of snooze,
because that tends to make me feel awful
and I’m trying to stop myself from going on social media first thing in the morning
because I feel like it really clutters my mind,
and is not a great way for me to start my day,
although sometimes I can’t help it but check some of your comments
I then get up straight away and brush my teeth to wake up
sometimes I brush after I eat, it really depends
and then I rinse my mouth with mouthwash and then apply some lip moisturizing
because I find brushing my teeth really dries it out
then is time to head straight for food,
now I got this awesome healthy breakfast recipe,
It’s full of veggies, it’s fully vegetarian and very very filling and healthy
and it just takes less than 10 minutes,
all you need is vegetable stock, avocado, I got this spinach and rocket mix, which is amazing
mushrooms, and tomato so all you need to do is chop up the mooshrooms
pop them in a microwaveable glass bowl
and then dice the tomatoes into little cubes
and then pop them in the bowl as well,
of course you gotta wash these first before you chop them up,
then after your bowl is filled, just simple sprinkle with your favorite seasoning or herbs
you can use salt and pepper as well to taste if you’d like,
I’ve got this Trader Joe’s spice mix which I love to put in literally everything,
and pour in some stock into the bowl,
so you can use the moisture and steam from the stock
to cook all your mushrooms and veggies
because we are trying to lower AGE’s, plus dry vegetables don’t taste that nice
cover really well so that the steam can cook all the veggies inside
and then pop it in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes
depending on how cook you like your veggies
remember the mushrooms fully shrink once they are cook and produce a lot of water
put less stock because you are going to end up with a lot of liquid,
this smells so amazing guys once it’s cook, like seriously my mouth waters
and all you need to do is finish off with the sprinkling of spinach and rocket,
as well as some avocados for a bit of fullness, I just love avocado guys
you can actually eat this with toast as well
and dipping the bread in the soup is amazing, it tastes so good
but I tend to get full just on this, so I’m not having toast this morning
trust me it’s deceivingly filling
then I take my food and go and head to this little corner
next to my window under the table, I simple love sitting on the floors,
and this little space makes feel like a kid again,
you know like when you hide under tables, in the cubby houses and stuff
I then sit in this corner and enjoy the beautiful morning view,
it’s amazing from up here
and I watch a TED video, so starting my day with something really inspiring
educational or eye opening has really changed the way my day unfolds
and it lets me get going with an open mind and open heart and attitude of gratitude
Oh my god! guys that is so cheesy but true
but seriously it’s much better than filling your mind with social media clutter,
or upsetting or depressing news and you get to learn something really cool everyday
so I highly recommend this to you guys
or you can watch some other motivational video that you guys love as well
usually I fit about 1 or 2 videos in before I finish my food
and then I put my dishes into the sink.
Make my bed, apparently making your bed in the morning is a really good practice
and it’s really relaxing so I’ve been trying to this as much as possible
and plus Mikki loves it when I make the bed.
So I’ve been using my morning skincare routine to relax
and I usually start off with this cooling toner, it’s summer here
and cooling the skin feels so good and refreshing
I actually skipped cleansing and just wiped down with the toner
and it gets rid of all the excess oils and there is no need to over cleanse your skin
and then apply this amazing SK-II essence,
it’s called the RNA power, SK-II essence absorbs so well
and it makes my skin really bouncy, I really love this stuff
and I think I included it in my favorite ones a few months ago,
I use this is as an opportunity to give myself a quick face massage
as well as massage my neck draining all the bloating and and toxins
that’s collected while I sleep, that really happens to me while I sleep, I don’t know why
and then after I do this I make sure I apply sunscreen,
this is so important guys, I’m using this ‘It’s Skin Sunscreen’ that I love
because it’s in a beautiful… and light formula
especially in summer even though your foundation or your BB Cream has sunscreen,
you should take some extra measures and plus the sun in Australia is so super strong
I then move on to everyday make up, starting off with my favorite BB Cream right now
it’s super light and it feels good,
I did a whole detail video on this everyday makeup look
so if you are interested check that out
so we are going to power through this super quickly
then I move on to my eyebrows because my hair is a lot lighter these days
and I use this heavy rotation eyebrow mascara that is amazing at covering the dark eyebrows
and then I use this shade from my Tony Moly Eyebrow Kit as a contour
and then I apply this on my lids to contour my nose
as well as the sides of my face for a slimmer face
and that is pretty much all I do in terms of color
and I’ve also been using a super natural brow pencil liner as well these days
just super lightly on my eyes and then finishing up by curling my lashes to really open them up
and then doing quick curls of mascara in the top and bottom lashes
and yeah, that’s pretty much it, it’s super light for everyday
I am in pigtails this whole time
I actually sleep with my hairs in a twist in this pigtails
to create this wavy and beachy look when I take it out in the morning
it’s great because there is no heat
and you don’t damage your hair and it just has this super relaxed look that I really love
and depending on the day I either wear a gloss on top,
or if I’m going out somewhere special I might put on a bolder lip color,
remember to check out my everyday makeup tutorial.
Next a change into a super comfy summer outfit
these are my fav Denim Running Shorts by Sass Bide
I had these for 10 years because they have an elastic waist
and all I need to do is just tuck in a loose white t-shirt
and I’m ready to go, it looks amazing
and then I usually try on my Nike Air Max Thea. Comfort is key,
and that’s it, I’m out, I hope you guys enjoyed this video
don’t forget to subscribe and check out my other videos as well on my channel
I love you guys so so so much,
and I’ll see you guys super soon,


私の毎朝の日課♥ (Morning Routine 2016 ♥ Wengie)

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