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  • Amy - I think my main challenge over the three years will be the organisation of running

  • a complete clinical trial and completing this within the three years. I think, even to date,

  • I appreciate that time management is key. There are so many people to coordinate with that working

  • flexibly has been a new challenge, something I've learnt over the past few months.

  • Lis - I think yeah, I agree, time is the biggest challenge for me really, but wider than just

  • the study itself, I think, because I do some taught courses in the School and I also do

  • a little bit of paid work and I've got two children. Balancing all of that whilst doing

  • the full time PhD is quite a challenge! The courses are all distance learning, so at least

  • that's really flexible and I can log on and do my work when the children have gone to

  • bed or in the middle of a sleepless night, so that's really good. I do think balancing

  • all that is the biggest issue for me. Rachel - I think my main challenge, certainly

  • in the first few weeks, but probably in the first few months of starting my PhD was just the

  • feeling that you were in over your heard a little bit and that maybe you weren't clever

  • enough to be doing this because there's all these people around you who talk in this language

  • and you don't really get it. I know speaking to some of my friends and you guys all nodding

  • as well, it's something that we all go through; we all have days where we go, 'oh my gosh,

  • what am I doing?' You have to remember that what you're doing is completely unique, it's

  • new, that's what makes it exciting and a few months in you're totally immersed in it for

  • that time, everyone around you are is all involved too and now it's like second nature

  • to me, I'm speaking the lingo! I know what I'm doing at last. Darel - Similarly, mine

  • is probably taking the good with the bad, so on days where my experiments don't go right

  • and I don't get the results I want, not to be completely demoralised and to just go in

  • the next day and start again, to just plough on with it and to not get disheartened or

  • really upset about it or that sort of thing.

Amy - I think my main challenge over the three years will be the organisation of running


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