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- Every day, I get letters from fans who live all over the world.
I wanted to read one to you from a young lady.
She lives in Birmingham, England.
"Hello, Ellen. My name is Shavon.
"My mum and I are massive fans of your show.
We love your energy
and the joy you bring to us every day.
We especially love when you dance.
Even my little sister is up on her feet busting a move.
One of my mum's biggest wishes
is to have some form of contact with you.
Is there any way you can make that happen for her?
Her birthday is April 18th.
My mum does so much for me.
There are never enough words to express
how much I appreciate and love her.
I hope I hear from you soon,
and give Portia our love.
Sincerely, Shavon."
So Shavon and Bernice are waiting to Skype with a producer,
and I thought it'd be more fun if they talked to me.
So I would like to say hello to them.
Hello, hello.
both: Hello. - Shavon, Bernice.
Shavon, hi. - Yes?
- Hi. - Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God!
[both squeal]
- Oh, my God! - Hi.
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! - Hi.
- [laughing]
- Hi, Shavon, Bernice.
- Ellen! - Thank you for staying up late.
- 'Ello. - Yes!
- Hello. - Jolly hello.
- [squeals]
- What time is it there? It's late, right?
- Yes. - Yes.
It's quarter to 11:00 in the nighttime.
- In the night? - Yeah.
- In the night. - Nighttime.
- [in British accent] In the nighttime.
I have such a bad accent. I'm so sorry.
Shavon, you and your mom are very close.
Tell me what's so special about your mum.
- I love her so much.
She just exudes such beauty.
She takes care of me all the time.
It's Ellen! - Ellen!
- We were just watching you! - You were?
And now you're watching me again.
both: Yes!
- Bernice-- - Oh, my God!
- So you're a single mom,
and you also adopted two little girls.
That's a lot to take on, isn't it?
- Yes, it is. - Yeah.
- It is, but it's a joy.
It's a joy. - Ellen.
Oh, my God.
- When they came, they were like--
both: Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God.
- Listen, I know it can be a struggle sometimes.
You have an amazing attitude.
So our show doesn't air in the UK,
but I know that you both watch--
You watch clips online all the time, right?
- Yes, we do. both: All the time.
- [speaking indistinctly]
We're gonna see you now? - No.
- [laughs]
- Yes, we've-- - Oh, my God!
- It's Ellen! - We're tricky.
- Oh, my God.
- So I know in a couple weeks--
It's early, I know.
I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.
It's early, but happy birthday, Bernice.
And you're gonna need a couple of gifts,
so I got you some things.
We actually flew our staff member
out to England to deliver them, so...
Ryan. - Oh, my God.
- Those are all of my--
CDs of all of the seasons of my show
so you can watch every show that we've done.
All 12 seasons.
- Oh, my God!
- So you're my biggest fans in the UK.
You need some swag, so here's some stuff from the Ellen Shop also.
[both squealing]
- All right.
- [squeals]
- And one-- one last thing.
I don't know if you're up for it,
but here are two plane tickets to LA
and VIP passes to our audience, so...
If you feel like it.
[cheers and applause]


Ellen Surprises Her Biggest UK Fans

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