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  • So I just finished a job and it's like 9 o'clock.

  • But yesterday I told my favourite restaurant to wait for me

  • So hopefully he did.

  • Oh and why I'm making this video is because I'm moving tomorrow from this area

  • and I wanted my last meal to be of my favourite restaurant

  • Owner: Hello!

  • [A]: Hello! Is there any left? Owner: Yes!

  • Owner: You'll have to wait a bit though. [A]: Sure, no problem!

  • Owner: Your flight is at night?

  • [A]: No, I'm just moving for now.

  • Owner: Oh! So you're leaving tomorrow morning? [A]: Yes!

  • [A]: I'll have 'yuk beng' (steamed minced pork w/ salty egg yolk) and one rice! *it's my go-to combo every time*

  • Owner: To take away? [A]: Yes.

  • Owner: Let's take a picture!

  • [A]: I'm making a video! Because I wanted to document my last meal in Tai Hang with you guys.

  • Owner: Oh really?

  • [A]: I'm not ready for this to be my last meal in Tai Hang!

  • [A]: What did you say earlier? That you would miss me?

  • Owner: Yeah, you'll be missed!

  • [A]: If/when I come back, I'll definitely come eat here again!

  • Owner: You better remember to come back!

  • Owner: Thank you so much! Bye bye!

  • He treated me to my last meal!

  • Like this is going to sound so stupid but I feel like.. super touched!

  • Aww.. Hong Kong...No no no. Mun Sing, I'm gonna miss you so much!

  • Fuck!

  • Damn it!

  • So this is me and my last meal here in Tai Hang.

  • My last 'mun sing' meal in awhile....

  • And look at the apartment! It's just an absolute mess and I'm watching Netflix.

  • Because there is no one here. Not even a cat, not even another human.

  • As long as I have my 'yuk beng' and rice I'm happy!

  • Are there any good 'yuk beng's in England?

  • Sigh

  • I'm moving!

  • World's best security guard!

  • WBSG: Don't say that!

  • [A]: It's true though. I won't miss the flat but I will definitely miss you.

  • WBSG: *sigh* All the tenants that have recently moved were all really nice people

  • WBSG: You're so nice, the others that have left were also so nice.

  • [A]: So I'm gonna film our goodbye.

  • [A]: World's best security guard right here!

  • [A]: I'm gonna hug you.

  • So this is not my usual room because I'll be living in a hotel for the next 20 days until I fly to England.

  • If you're wondering why spend money on a hotel room and not continue living in my apartment

  • Because living in my apartment is/was more expensive than living in a hotel room.

  • So decided to live where there is ... room service!

  • Yesss!

  • And I was checking the in room dining menu

  • I am never leaving this hotel room.

  • I know what this is!

  • CK: Students who leave school use this...

  • [A]: A "memory book"! (I honestly don't know what it's called in English...)

  • Oh my gosh! (getting way too exctied over a book) Shall we all write in it?

  • Fuck yeah!

  • You got it soo right! (because it was disney)

  • Oh dear god... this makeup. I did not put this makeup on myself!

  • Having a chicken hot pot dinner as a farewell dinner with my modelone family

  • Everyone: Bye bye! You take care!

  • So randomly, Yeni came over to help me pack and apparently I've been packing wrong all my life.

  • Cos apparently... you're supposed to do it like this. Like little rolls.

  • So I've been packing and she just takes them out and redoes them.

  • Yeni: Wrong! Totally wrong!

  • Before my flight

  • I requested that a few of my BFFS

  • accompany me to

  • pull an all nighter at kareoke

  • [A]: It's so confusing...

  • Jolam: *gibberish*

  • [A]: Oi, sing!

  • Everyone: Peace!

So I just finished a job and it's like 9 o'clock.


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