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There's a point where it breaks
There's a point where it bends
and a point we just can't take
There's a line that will cross and there's no return
There's a time and a place no bridges left to burn
We can't just wait with lives at stake
Until they think we're ready
Our enemies are gathering
the storm is growing deadly!
Now it's time to say goodbye
to the things we loved
and the innocence of youth!
How the time seemed to fly
from our carefree lives
and the solitude and peace we always knew!
- Penny, I-I don't understand
- Most girls are born, but I was made.
I'm the world's first synthetic person capable of generating an aura.
I'm not real.
- Of course you are.
You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts
makes you any less real than me?
- I don't, um...
You're taking this extraordinarily well.
- You're not like those things we saw back there.
You've got a heart
and a soul, I can feel it.
- Oh! Oh Ruby!
You're the best friend anyone could have!
- (muffled) I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!
- Oh, he's very sweet. My father's the one that built me!
I'm sure you would just love him!
- Wow, he built you all by himself?
- Well almost, he had some help from Mr. Ironwood.
- The general?
Wait, is that why the soldiers were after you?
- They like to protect me too!
- Pfft. They don't think you can protect yourself?
- They're not sure if I'm ready yet.
One day, it will be my job to save the world.
But I still have a lot left to learn.
That's why my father let me come to the Vital festival.
I want to see what it's like in the rest of the world, and test myself in the tournament.
- Penny, what are you talking about?
Save the world from what? We're in a time of peace.
- That's not what Mr. Ironwood said.
- Check down here!
- You have to hide!
- Gah, Penny! What are you doing? You don't have to go with them I can help you!
- It's okay Ruby, they're not bad people. I just don't want you to get in trouble.
Just promise me you won't tell anyone about my secret.
- I promise.
- There she is!
- Salutations, officers!
- Why were you running? And what happened to the other girl?
- What girl? I've been by myself all day.
- You shouldn't cause such a scene.
- Are you okay?
- Just a scratch.
- Penny, your father isn't going to be happy about this.
Please, just come with us.
- Yes, sir!
[rat squeaks]
[speeding motorcycle in the distance]
- C'mon, my friend's right in here.
- Cool.
And where exactly is... here?
[club music]
- Hurry, close the door she's coming!
- What are you two idiots doing!?
- [talking over each other]
- Guess who's back!
[gun click]
[club music cutting out]
- Yeah, so could you define friend for me?
- Stop, stop! Nobody shoot.
Blondie! You're here.
- You still owe me a drink.
- Whoa, what a woman.
- (Both) Hmph. Whatever.
- This is it.
- You sure?
- Y'know, I'm just gonna take your word for it.
- New recruits keep to the right.
- I don't get it. If you believe what you're doing is right, why hide who you are?
- The masks are a symbol.
Humanity wanted to make monsters out of us, so we chose to don the faces of monsters.
- Grimm masks. That's kinda dark.
- So was the guy who started it.
- Always sunshine and rainbows with you.
- Thank you all for coming.
For those of you who are joining us for the first time tonight, allow me to introduce a very special comerade of ours.
I can assure you, he is the key to obtaining what we have fought for for so long.
- Thank you, thank you! Please, hold your applause.
- What's a human doing here?
- I'm glad you asked, dearie.
Now I'll be the first to admit, humans are the WORST.
Case in point.
So I understand why you would love to see us all locked away, or
better yet: killed!
- So, is he going somewhere with this or...
- ...would like to mention the fact that you and I ALL have a common enemy.
The ones in control, the people pulling the strings
the dirty rotten humans that run our kingdoms.
Government. Military. Even the schools
they're all to blame for your lot in life.
And they're all pests that need to be dealt with.
Fortunately, I'm the best exterminator around.
No offense to any rodents in the room.
[audience cheering]
- Uh, that's a big robot.
- How did he get that?
- As some of you may have heard, this right here-
is Atlas' newest line of defense against all the scary things in the world.
And thanks to my employer,
we've managed to snag a few before they, uh, hit the shelves.
Now, many of your brothers have already moved down to our new operation in the south east.
If you'd rather stay within the city, that's fine.
But if you're truly ready to fight for what you believe in,
This is the arsenal I can provide you.
Any questions?
- We should get out of here.
- Will all new recruits please come forward.
- Welp!
- I don't know!
- How can you not know?
- I haven't talked to him. I haven't even seen him since the night you first came in here.
He paid upfront, I lent him my men,
and none of them ever came back.
- So where did they go?
- What kind of stupid question is that? They never came back!
Who is this guy?
- Don't worry about him, worry about me if I don't find what I want!
- I already told you everything! Torchwick hired my boys and I guess he wasn't happy with them!
Which is something I can relate to!
- C'mon, Neptune.
- We get everything we need?
- Well, we got everything we can. Hopefully the rest of the team is having better luck.
- What're we gonna do?
- I'm thinking.
- He sees us.
- He can't see in the dark.
- Don't let them get away! Urgh!
- Sun! The window!
- Stop 'em!
[machine powering up]
- So you wouldn't happen to have, oh I don't know, some form of backup?
- On it!
Everyone! If you can hear me we need back-
[Sun yelling]
- [Sun] They got a robot, and it's big, really big!
- Oh, I am not missing this!
- [Sun] The Torchwick guy's in it! But not like, it didn't eat him-
he's like, controlling it or something!
- Where are you guys?
[Sun yelling]
- I think that was them-
- Yeah, I got it.
- We've gotta slow it down.
- Got it!
-Hold on!
-Uh-oh. Woah!
- Neptune, hang on!
- Blake! I'm in position!
- Freezerburn!
- Checkmate!
- Ladybug!
- Yang!
- Don't worry!
With each hit she gets stronger, and she uses that energy to fight back!
That's what makes her special.
[rock music]
- Bumblebee!
We have to slow it down!
- And how do you propose we do that?
- Ice Flower!
- Just got this thing cleaned!
- Ladies. Ice Cream.
- Hey!
- Always a pleasure.
Neo, if you would.
[music ends]
- So I guess he got a new henchmen.
- Yeah, I guess she really made our plans...
fall apart?
- No. Just, no.
- What? But you do it!
- There's a time and a place for jokes.
- Was this not it?
- No, it just wasn't very good.
- Well, at least I'm trying.
- Wait, where are Sun and Neptune?
- They're probably fine, right?
- Probably.


RWBY 第2部第4話 (RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 4: Painting the Town...)

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