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Hey! Oh my god!
I didn't even see you there!
I didn't see you either!
Hi! How are you?
I'm good, how are you?
So nice to see you!
Oh my god, is that your ex?
Is that his new girl?
Wow, she's really pretty.
Huh ha.
Are you jealous?
No, why would I be jealous?
He's not my man anymore,
like we broke up a long time ago
Not a little bit?
Not even a little bit jealous, c'mon!
I am so much better than her.
So I'm recently seeing this guy.
What do you think?
Isn't he so cute?
Yeah! Is this the best photo?
That's the best one!
Uh.. Yeah! He's so cute!
Oh, I'm so glad you said that!
Oh my gosh Linda, I have the biggest secret to tell you
but you cannot tell anyone!
Will you promise me?
Pinky promise!
Okay, lock it.
Okay, so last night.....
Oh my gosh Winnie!
You do not wanna know what happened.
What happened?
You can't tell anybody okay?
Jessica! Oh my gosh, Jessica is crazy!
Are you guys like texting at all?
Still talking?
No, I told you guys, like, I'm over him.
We're not talking, and I like hate him.
Yeah, he's gone! Let's start a new life.
Oh, who's that? Is that James?
No, not James.
That's not James.
That's uh...
Why would I lie, guys?
That's my mom, c'mon.
My mom's named James too!
What do you think of my outfits?
Yeah! It's... it's... uh
It's really unique.
It's really interesting! It's really interesting!
Yeah, it makes sense why it was on sale!
What do you think?
It smells good already!
It's like a little bit of pineapple and some chocolate...
Uh! Wow...
A little burnt but it's so good.
It's good right?
You need to try it! You should actually finish it.
Happy birthday, Linda!
We saw it and we were like
we thought of you immediately.
Uh oh! Umm.....
Well, what is it?
It's a loofah ornament.
Do... you don't like it?
No! I love it!
I love it.
Yes!! She loves it!
Happy birthday!
Oh shit!
Hey, Linda! We're outside the restaurant.
Where are you?
Yeah yeah, I'm in the car right now!
I'm on my way.
Okay, well, see you soon.
Okay, bye!
Linda where are you?
We're sitting down now.
Yeah yeah, I'm just like in traffic right now.
Be there in 5 minutes.
Okay, bye.
Oh my god, where is she?
What is taking her so long?
It's been like thirty minutes!
Oh my goodness, girl!
So hungry. What is taking her so long?
I'm so sorry I'm late guys.
Where were you?
I am so sorry I am late.
I just got lost and then like my mom called me out of nowhere
and she was just like "Do this"
I'm done now, yeah!
What should we eat?
That's the best one, actually.
Just, let it be.
I can't, I don't really know how she really looks like.
let me take a closer look
Was that how it sounds? It makes sense!
Jessica is crazy! Hahaha
Do you like it? Hahaha
Sorry.. hahaha
Even a little bit jealous?
Come on I'm so much better
than her.
It's good right? You need to try it. You should actually finish it.



女子が絶対一度はついたことのある嘘(Things Every Girl Has Lied About)

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Coco Hsu 2017 年 12 月 6 日 に公開    Kana kawai 翻訳    Naoki Jeffery Pan Sakakibara チェック
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