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Our next guest has dedicated her entire life to studying the field of science and
recently, she made the decision to change her career path and
dedicate her time to teaching everyone about the human anatomy.
Please welcome back our four year old expert, Brielle, and her mom, Carry.
You're four years old now, it was your birthday last time I saw you.
>> Yes, it was.
>> What did you get?
I've got a game called Scrabble.
>> Scrabble.
Are you good at Scrabble?
>> I'm still sounding out my words.
>> Yes. [LAUGH] That's a wonderful gift
to get Scrabble like that.
And Valentine's Day, what'd you do for Valentine's Day?
>> Took my Valentine's Day pictures and also went to Build A Bear.
>> Went to Build a Bear.
>> Build a Bear.
Did you build a bear?
>> I put a sound and a smell in my bear.
>> She put a sound and smell in her bear.
>> What kind of sound?
>> A bark.
>> A bark, so that it would bark like a dog?
>> Yeah.
>> That's cute, it's a barking doggy bear.
Now you're learning about, you know everything about the periodic table, but
now you've decided to learn about the human body.
I'm gonna bring Mr. Bones out and we're gonna go over here and
I'm gonna ask you some questions because this is relatively new, right, Carey?
>> Yes.
>> How long has Brielle been interested?
>> This is Mr. Bones right here.
>> Yes, that is Mr. Bones.
I'm gonna give you a pointer.
>> Thank you. >> And I'm gonna ask you.
>> Thank you. >> There you go.
>> She already knows it.
>> This is my pointer.
>> I'm gonna ask you to show me where the clavicle is, and
tell me about the clavicle.
>> This helps me reach it.
>> Okay.
>> Because it's bigger than me.
>> Yes, it is bigger than you.
Tell me about the clavicle.
>> And it's further than my arm.
It's the most common fractured bone in the whole human body.
>> Most commonly fractured bone in the human body.
>> Wow, okay.
Where is the skull and tell me about the skull.
>> That's the skull.
>> Yep, that's the skull.
>> That's the frontal and the parietal and the temporal and the occipital.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> And the patella.
>> It's right there.
>> Tell me about the patella.
>> Babies are born without kneecaps.
Isn't that crazy?
>> [LAUGH] It is crazy that babies are born without kneecaps.
When do they start getting kneecaps?
>> They don't show up until they're two to six years old.
Babies are born with kneecaps but they don't show up very well
on x-ray because they are not which means hard bone.
>> [LAUGH] >> Okie dokie and then-
>> [LAUGH]
>> Sometimes I go home and
feel good about myself and sometimes I don't.
>> [LAUGH] >> Scapula, show me that.
>> It's behind Mr. Bones.
>> And tell me about the scapula.
>> It's a Latin word that means blade.
>> It's a Latin word that means blade.
Yeah. >> Yeah.
Instead of, yeah.
>> Instead of shoulder scapula, you can say shoulder blade.
>> Yes, yes.
And the sternum.
Show me the sternum.
>> It's right here.
This helps me touch the sternum.
It protects several vital organs and the heart.
>> All right.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> You are so impressive.
I think that this is amazing.
I don't know what you're gonna be learning next time you're here.


【エレンの部屋】ブリエラ先生がエレンに人体についてレクチャー(Brielle Teaches Ellen About the Human Body)

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