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  • The whole idea of execution is to end someone's life and is not about the method of the killing.

  • Authorities in charge of executing the criminals have the duty to make sure the execution is

  • as quick and painless as possible. Even those who have been executing criminals for a long

  • time aren't always perfect at their job and things can go wrong.

  • Number 5 Joseph Wood was a convicted killer who in

  • 1989 murdered his girlfriend and her father. In 2014, he was executed in

  • the state of Arizona. At the time European countries who would usually manifacture the

  • drugs to execute criminals,

  • had banned the export of drugs used to do such thing. This forced the State of Arizona

  • to try and synthesize their

  • own lethal injection drugs given to prisoners for their executions. Wood was one of the

  • first victims to try the newly synthesized drug. Instead of dying within 7 minutes after

  • the injection, it took Joseph Wood an estimated 2 hours

  • before he was pronounced dead. He suffered through 640 gasp before he could finally shut

  • his eyes.

  • Number 4 After World War Two, many Nazi war criminals

  • were tried at the Nuremburg Trials. Many High Officials were sentenced death, that includes

  • Hermann Goering who gave the orders to bomb millions of innocent people. However, the

  • person in charge of hanging many of the Nazis officials had gotten his calculations wrong.

  • Instead of them dying painlessly, these war criminals would hang 15 minutes at the end

  • of the rope, slowly strangling to death.

  • Number 2 Iraq underwent some tough treatments under

  • the Hussein Regime. Alas when Saddam Hussein was captured and sentenced

  • to death by hanging method, the world was happy to watch.

  • Saddam was not the only person to be executed, his brother Barzan Ibrahim was responsible

  • for murdering 148 shite

  • Muslims and was also sentenced to death. However, his hanging

  • went a little different. The executioner, misjudged the length of the loop, which would

  • go around his neck. Instead

  • of Barzan falling through the small trapdoor. He fell so fast that it caused his neck to

  • break and the rope to rip

  • his head off.

  • Number 2

  • In the mid-1500s, the son of Lady Margaret Pole had refused to accept that the King's

  • marriage to Anne Boleyn was legal. King Henry had sent men to captur him but couldn't get

  • to him as he had escaped to France. Instead, the men went after his mother Lade Margaret

  • Pole. She was sentence to be behead in 1541. As the mother's head laid on the wood with

  • the side of her neck facing upwards. The executioner was inexperienced so he missed her neck several

  • times with his axe. Chipping away her shoulder instead and cutting off part of her head before

  • he could finally slashing her head off.

  • Number 1 The electric chair was invented in 1880 it

  • was an alternate method from hanging and was meant to kill criminals in the a painless

  • manner. In 1997, Predro Medina was a murderer in Florida who received the death penalty

  • by eletrocution. Usually what happens is a wet sponge is placed on top of the head of

  • the criminal and top of it a metallic cap. Medina experienced 2 minutes of slow death

  • as he just would not die. As the executioner pulled the switch on, Medina's head was in

  • flames people could smell burning flesh. The executioner was forced to stop the current,

  • but after 2 minutes Medina died. It was later reported that the sponge that was put on top

  • of his head was not wet enough.

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The whole idea of execution is to end someone's life and is not about the method of the killing.


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