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We're at Disney Sea!!!
and these girls are like screaming coz they are so happy
Welcome to Tokyo Disney Sea!!
This is an extensive look at the one Disney park we don't have in America
Let's take a look around!
Here we are!! Look how cool it is!!
It's so beautiful!!
It says Happy New Year!!
I bet they have so much New Year stuff here
Disney Sea opened September 4th 2001
It's the 4th most visited theme park in the world
and this park is mostly directed toward adults
It also has a major exploration theme to it!
Which makes it pretty cool!
My favorite place for an early brunch is the New-York Deli
They have wide selection of sandwiches to choose from
Super super good!
My sandwich, and soup and coke and french fries
Let's show yours
What sauce is that? That looks good!
The restaurant is located in the American Waterfront
This part represents the North-Eastern seaboard of the United States in the early 20th Century!
There's the Tower of Terror, Broadway Jazz shows and the Toy Story Mania attraction located here
He's not Japanese
Don't forget to visit the SS Columbia
which includes performances and restaurants
My favorite yet quite expensive place to eat and drink is the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge
Not only is the architecture of this lounge amazing
The drink menu is literally 5 pages long of cocktails
I got a Mimosa and this was a 1000 yens
It's so expensive
And Tyler got this, that looks really good!
It's a whisky
I know it's whisky but they made it look so nice
Bread and cheese
Don't forget to check the deck of the ship
There's lots of things that you can see
And it has the most amazing view
Milk chocolate pop-corn
Japan loves their pop-corn
It's New-Year's in Disney
Look, Mickey ear muffs they're so cute!!
These are cute
I like these hats though
Coz they have the little butts
Oh there's more! Oh these are beanies!
So cuuuuute
Oh that's a cute one that's like an old Mickey
I like that one the best!
How do I look?
It looks so cute!
Yeaaaaay he's so cute
After exploring the American Waterfront
We headed over to the Mediterranean Harbor
Themed as an Italian fort city
We're gonna explore the castle
You can explore a huge castle and take part in a really fun scavenger hunt
The architecture is amazing
And there are so many hidden rooms that you can find along the way
Let's explore the castle
Below the castle is Jack Sparrow's ship
Where you'll find him hanging around quite often
You can set off cannons
And have fun just pretending you're a pirate
Don't forget to stop by the Mysterious Island
and the Mermaid Lagoon
The most popular attractions here are the Journey to the Center of the Earth
which is in the volcano
and 20000 Leagues Under The Sea
The Mermaid Lagoon is geared towards younger kids
and replicates the feeling of being under water
it also is Little Mermaid themed
Okay we're going in the Storm R...Storm what?
Storm Rider?
Storm Rider Ride or something like that
It's the only ride that we could get on so
it's like the first ride that we could get on at Disney Sea
There's not so much to do when it's like extremely crowded as it is today
It's probably the worst day to go: before New-Year's
Come on a day after New Years
there's nobody
This is my half-eaten churro
I forgot to vlog it ahah
Churros are very popular at Disney Sea
We headed to the Arabian Coast
for some awesome Curry
This place obviously represents
Check it out!!
Everywhere I went the architecture was just breath-taking
and mind-blowing
If you're allergic to anything you can always ask the staff
they always have somebody there to help you with it
It's so cute!!
You can explore the shops, enjoy the magic carpet ride, and the magic lamp theater
There's also an attraction called Sinbad's Storybook Voyage
This ride is similar to "It's A Small World"
Hehe it's like a sitting area
The Lost River Delta is home to the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
which we couldn't go on because the line was literally 3 hours long
But there are many shows and roller-coasters you can enjoy here
and just exploring and shopping is fun as well
A wild Tyler appeared
We're going on the Aladdin ride
because it's only 25 minutes
We can't find anything that's less than 25 minutes
Right Tyler?
So we're gonna go on this one
But we might head home because it's a little cold and there's not much to do
because everything is 2 hour waits
Never come here before New-Years
Come after!
We're going on the Storybook Village
Or Storybook...yeah Voyage sorry!
I've been on this it's just like "It's A Small World"
It's only 10 minutes
Yeah Tyler is so excited it's his favorite ride
He wanted to go on this so bad
and I was like "urgh Tyler!"
We decided to finish up our shopping and head home
because it was cold and it was very crowded
We wanted to stay for the fireworks but, yeah we were just a little bit tired
Either way it was a lot of fun and I hope you guys can see the fireworks when you go
and go on a less busy day
We're leaving Disney Sea it's too cold and it's too crowded
we're tired we walked a lot
There's something in my eye
So yeah we're leaving disney sea and it was fun
but now we gotta take a little bit of a bus ride home
It's nice to live next to Disney Sea, right Tyler?
And Disney Land
which is like right next door
But it was fuuuuun
Thanks for watching, please subscribe and like this video
And I'll see you guys next time, bye!
Bye Tyler!
Bye Tyler


【Yummy Japan】私と東京ディズニーシーを探検しよう!(Tokyo Disney Sea Explore With Me! 東京ディズニーシー)

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