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What up??
I just woke up and there's my bed
And this is day 4
of Odigo47 where I will be vlogging every single day that I'm out travelling, all 47 prefectures of Japan
So that means I'll be travelling through literally every part of Japn
And today we're going to Hakodate, we're still in Hokkaido
If you guys haven't checked the previous vlog, Day 3, go check that out
And yeah! We're gonna go to Hakodate today from Higashi Muroran
which is very close to Noboribetsu
We'll take the 11 Express down south to the most Southern part of Hokkaido
And we're just gonna tour around Hakodate and check out all the food and local hotspots there so
Stay tuned and I'll see you guys in the vlog, baby!
What up? So we just made it in Omachi near Hakodate
the southernest part of Hokkaido
We just took a tram, look at that! We're in the middle of the road
How awesome is that?
Right so that is the outside of our guest-house
It's called Perry House
The guys is really nice, the owner
We're on the tram right now
And we are heading to a Monkey Onsen place
Monkey Onsen!!
Alright so we made it to the station
Yunozawa Onsen
Ah, Yunokawa Onsen
And this is where the monkeys are supposed to be in the onsen
I'm looking forward to that so let's go check'em out!!
What up? So we have finally made it to the Shokubutsukan
The museum for plants, but they also have monkey onsen
and that's gonna be really interesting to see I'm gonna show you guys what it looks like!
So we are inside right now
Look at all these plants around me
Oh look at that! So beautiful!
So that was really cool!
This is Hakodate baby!!
And now we are off to a mountain
for a beautiful view like Romeo & Juliet's
Yo! we are in this crowded space, look at this
Just for a mountain view
and so many tour groups are here
That's insane!
We've finally made it on the tram!
There's the tram!
All the people waiting for the tram
Waiting for the traaaam
So as you guys can see right now
it's a nice view out there
That tram ride had a beautiful view
And now I think we are able to go outside I think
Oh that's a beautiful view too!
So we're waiting in line and there's so many people
Yo listen up! Here's a story about a Russian princess and a Japanese man
Yo that's actually really cool!
Hakodate, work it!
Rushing girl!
There she is!
There she is!
She's kinda blurry
Coz I think I'm focused
But yeah she's running
We're all running! There's Jun running with a camera!!
So while we were running we over-ran the airbnb by one street
I blame it on Rachel
Come on...Chris...navigator!
Yes this is our Airbnb now
It's like a share house
There's laundry, sink over here
Laundry, coin laundry
Coin dryer, toilet
Yeah so, here's the entrance
You go upstairs and you will see
our rooms!
so, go upstairs!
So there's Rachel and Jun
They have a bunk bed
They got their stuff, Rachel has top bunk
Jun has bottom bunk
Here's my room, it's a single
Kinda small, so I got a futon over here!
Yeah, so that is...
what a share house looks like with Airbnb
That's where we're going for dinner, there
Benten baby!
Let's hairimashou it!
We are at a sushi place right now
And we got the whole place to ourselves!
He likes my vlogging face
He's always laughing at me!
"Do you understand English?"
This guy's so funny
So if you come to a sushi place
You gotta get the Natto, man!
Look at this, look at that
Natto right there, oh this looks better on this side
I think he put also
How do you say in Japanese the green thing?
It's aojiso inside the natto
I don't know how to say in English, but I'm gonna look it up for you guys, wait a sec!!
So good!
So after researching it, aojiso....it's just basil!
But it's good basil!
But I guess this is Japanese style Basil
If you come to Hakodate and you want good sushi
Come to Bentenzushi baby!
It's near Omachi Station
He gave me a business card right here!
I'm gonna put it here, so take a look, take a quick snapshot, screenshot, whatever you want
Coz this card is mine!
It's going in my pocket
So we are about to head out, I think this has been the best part of the day, I feel energized and happy now!
He's laughing at me again
It's finally...after we finished eating, this is the end of the vlog
That was so good!
Sooo delicious!
Yeah this was day 4
of Odigo 47 prefectures, Odigo47
where I go to every 47 prefectures and vlog everyday
And please check out Day 3 if you haven't checked out Day 3 and please like, share, comment and subscribe
and see you guys next time! Peaaaace!
Okay so we are going down
this hill
And I'm holding on to a rope
Hope I don't fall, because..
It's ice everywhere
Literaly !!
I'm good I'm good I'm good
Yeaaaah, this is worth it, look at that view!
They call me Iceman today


【Yummy Japan】日本で必ず行くべき寿司スポット!|四日目 北海道 (Japan's Best Spot for SUSHI! |Day 4 - Hokkaido)

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