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What up guys. Today is day 21.
Our day 9 of trip 2.If you guys missed trip 1 which is day 1 to 12, just check those out.
And this is Odigo47 where I'll be traveling all 47 prefectures.
So stay up to date. Becuase I've be vlogging every single of them out.
Today we are going to get some Kitakata ramen.
And Katakana is in Fukushima.
And it's famous for Ramen.
So we are gonna get Kitakata... All you can eat.
All you can eat ramen.
Our competition is going on.
I think I can beat Chris because Chris...
I think you can as well.
And then after that we are going to Tsuruga castle, which is a very famous castle.
And we are gonna stay over there.. around that area for the night.
So should be fun day, exciting day.
I think I'm gonna be pretty... I'm gonna be going for the bathroom often tomorrow.
Don't wanna know.
See you guys in the vlog.
What up. So we made it to the ramen place.
All you can eat ramen.
for 1470 yen so about so about 15 bucks.
Good price.
And it's basically the price you pay for maybe only one ramen..No it's double the price of a ramen
It's like a double price of one ramen but still it's all you can eat.
And we are gonna have like 6 different, No, 5.. 5 different types of ramen that we can choose from.
Do they have more food?
I think so.
And yeah it's really cool. I'm gonna show you guys who can win the challenge.
Less talking or eating. That's what I say.
Let's go.
So the first ramen of the day. This is a chashu men.
It's just a soy based ramen. Soy sauce.
I put in the meat myself. This is pork
and 2 eggs.
And it doesn't look as good as a ramen normally does becuase I've done it myself
For I'm not very decorative I'm not really artistic.
but still looks good.
What did you get?
I got Kimchi ramen
Kimchi ramen?
-Oh, no, not kimchi. I mean this is... -Tan tan men
So, No.1, No.1
And Chris is filming so he can't eat any.
Actually it's really good.
Considering it's all you can eat ramen. I was bit skeptical.
For like 1000 yen you can eat as much ramen as you want.
I was skeptical of the quality.
but it's actually good.
-It's like a normal good, normal level ramen. -Really good.
All right I got No.1 Most popular one
it's this one Kitakata futsu shoyu ramen.
So yeah this is osusume. Recommendation.
What did you put in there?
I got chasyu, some eggs and... it's got bean sprouts, right?
Yeah, bean sprouts
And I put some ninniku sauce. Garlic... Little bit garlic in here.
So should be tasty.
That's solid.
And actually Kitakata ramen is famous for having thick curly noodles, ramen noodles.
That's kind like the reason why this ramen is supposed to be different from the most ramen.
Maybe little bit more for you guys.
So curly like this and thicker than usual.
That's Kitakata ramen.
1st bowl finished.
One down. Lots more to go.
1st bowl finished.
When you think all you can eat, you think low quality.
But actually the ramen we had is pretty good.
Like normal level ramen. It's not exceptional ramen
But it's interestingly good! Normal Ramen!
It's quite cool to try the varieties
And to make it up yourself, put in as much pork as you want
You're looking forward to your second bowl?
I'm so excited!
Second one done!
Bowl 2 finished!
This is number 3
I don't like fish cakes
So the first one was soy based soup, the second one was spicy soup
and this one is Pork flavored soup
It looks pretty good, let's dive in!
This is Chris Okano's one
Uh..He's not with us today coz he is filming
Pork soup
Same as me, but you've put garlic in?
He's put a lot of garlic in as you can see
There's an alarm in my head saying: "don't eat anymore, you're gonna die of Ramen overdose"
My head feels oily
The Ramen overdose alarm
is going off in my head: "dont eat anymore"
Wait you're gonna stop where she stops
I'm gonna stop after this one
I can't do this man, this is...
Even after one I already feel pretty stuffed
2 bowls is ridiculous, 3 bowls is insanity
I think I'll have 5 at least
Go on then
You want 5 more?
See you guys later!!
No no no up until 5
2 more!
Definitely 2 more
Go on, go!
I'm done!
I'm on my fourth bowl and I got mild miso
If you guys didn't know
I just talked to the lady, the lady said "on average, males can eat about 5 bowls"
"and females usually around 3 or 4"
She said that actually the max
Was like around 30
Soooo, they're kind of weak
I'm normal!
I'm just thinking about my health
My health
My health is pretty good actually
So I finished on 3 bowls as did Kim
Any more than that and I think I'd be dead
and I don't wanna die of Ramen Poisoning
But he's at his 4th bowl and he's claiming he's gonna get up to 5 bowls
To be fair, no, I thought of it, you look like...
Like a what
You look like a broken penguin
What does that even mean?
That's the face of a broken penguin
I'm on bowl 5 and this time I got Shrimp Soy Sauce Base
He's just had his 5th one
about to embark on his 6th bowl
How do you feel?
I feel pretty good actually!
It's actually a lot better than the Wanko Soba
The Wanko Soba!!
This is number 6
I went around, I got all 5 already
so I'm going back, this one is same as number 2
It's the number one popular one with the soy sauce based soup
Kitakata soy base soup
So I just finished 6 bowls and I am done!
What up? We are now at Tsugura Castle
In Fukushima!!
And it's one of the last strongholds
for the Samurais who were loyal to the Shogunate
it has quite the ancient history
There's Kim Dao
being a little high school girl
Hey Kim Dao!
Hey Kim Dao!
I don't speak Japanese
She don't speak-a Japanese
Just finished Tsuruga Castle!
and now we are heading back to the hotel
and going to do some editing on the videos
We're in an Izakaya right now, oh my gosh!!
We're in Aizu Wakamatsu
Yeaaah, there's nothing here besides 4 izakayas, yeaah!
Oh my Nama!
Kanpai kanpai kanpai kanpaaaaiiiii
Let's enjoy the nice taste of cucumbers
Kim, words of wisdom?
Cucumber is good for you!
Eat cucumber!
Hey guys that was Day 21
or Day 9 of Trip 2
So today was kinda relaxing, I'm a little bit...on the chill side
And tomorrow we are going to Ouchijuku
Which is like a traditional town so that should be awesome
we're still in Fukushima
And once again this is Odigo47, we planned this little journey
This itinerary that we had today
With the Odigo Itinerary
So basically Odigo is a website that allows you to make your own intinerary it has a lot of options on it
Really easy to use so you know, check that out
The links are in the About Section down below
And yeah I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow
Enjoying yourself?
Oooh but don't fall


ラーメン食べ放題|二十一日目 福島(All You Can Eat Ramen |Day 21 - Fukushima)

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