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  • Hi, lovely people of Food Tube.

  • It is Christmas time, yes.

  • We gonna make fantastic chocolate truffles.

  • The world love chocolate truffles at the best time.

  • Where you receive gift and then you give a little gift.

  • So would be nice when you make it, You give it to presents, to a friend, a

  • boyfriend, girlfriend, to the children.

  • And then all the family can enjoy together. So, here

  • I have two hundred and fifty grams of dark

  • chocolate. First of all you chop the chocolate

  • just roughly chop

  • this is what I actually i'm looking for. Straight in,

  • now in my lovely

  • copper pen. You add 125ml of

  • double cream. 25 grams

  • of butter. Try to use unsalted butter.

  • Now you put your butter and cream to simmer.

  • Use wooden spoon, or spatula it

  • takes about a minute to come out to simmer. Come on, come on. And then it goes

  • then you remove it. Look at that, still simmering nice.

  • Your pour all in. Make sure all

  • goes in.

  • OK and then you need one teaspoon

  • of the cocoa powder. Then you start to stir it.

  • And if you look inside now you can see

  • what in French they call it ganache, It very important what

  • chocolate you use. At least after 70 percent of

  • pure chocolate which will give it that

  • fantastic flavour. Now, we're going to put it inside the fridge

  • to set for at least two hours. Yeah, lets put them inside the fridge.

  • Two hours go by look at that.

  • Lovely and firm. To see how firm it is

  • don't try this at home you turn around and you go

  • hallelujah, hallelujah!

  • Right, first of all. Little parmesina.

  • Their sponge finger biscuits you can find in any Italian deli. You have to

  • crush it, just crash it a little bit

  • on this one you need to put little bits

  • of a cinnamon. You can see. Little

  • pinch of the back pepper

  • Then with a spoon, you grab it

  • you roll it. The one that you wanted.

  • Put it on a table. Now it is very important

  • in the palm of your hands you use some cocoa powder.

  • It will help to shape it up. Then you mix

  • all together gently, you roll inside

  • look at this. Take it, it's beautiful.

  • Chocolate truffle.

  • Next one is crunchy nuts.

  • Dead easy to do it. In the palm of your hands you crush it.

  • See, so you gather it all together.

  • And also you finish them off. And again

  • roll it out. Mold inside your hands,

  • Okay, roll it out.

  • From this side, look, it's beautiful.

  • Oh, my, my my.

  • Last not least, is

  • cocoa powder. Chocolate truffles

  • here it is, banded powder.

  • Look at the splash. This is

  • it's really as simple as that.

  • Here it is, just a little bit of

  • cocoa powder on top. Right, it's done.

  • This is my chocolate truffle. Don't forget you can give it a twist of the

  • chocolate truffles.

  • Please do comment the way you want to do it so we can actually commented back

  • and that is enjoy all together. All throughout the years and don't forget to

  • subscribe.

  • It is free for now, with a chocolate truffle.

  • For lots more lovely recipe,

  • go to my own YouTube channel click the link now.

  • Subscribe to it. It's free. Love you.

  • Bye!

Hi, lovely people of Food Tube.


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