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-My tastes are very singular.
You wouldn't understand.
-So many love stories are formed from fairy tales and, you know,
that sort of idealistic version of what love is
and why two people should be together.
And I think there's aspects of that,
and I think we're always fighting
for that in the film, that these two people that
are sort of, you know, I guess like star-crossed lovers,
and people that on paper probably shouldn't be together.
But they just like need each other.
-I would like to know more about you.
-There's really not much to know about me.
-That's what's so powerful, I think,
about this film is that like these people have,
they're both making quite big compromises to,
you know, in having to change a lot, and open up a side of them
that they aren't necessarily comfortable with,
or have never even explored to enable to be with each other.
That's also a big part of it.
It's not like two people who know they want to be together,
but like really have to make wild sort of changes
in who they are to have that happen.
-Listen to me.
I don't do romance.
-He's only let in a tiny bit into his life.
And you know he wouldn't expose too much about himself,
but I mean with Anna, like it unlocks this whole side to him
and he breaks so many of his own rules.
And, you know, I think that's quite telling about how
it is he feels about her, like how taken he is by her,
you know, that he lets her in so like far into his world.
And you know, like sort of taking her up
in the helicopter and all that is stuff that he's never
done before for anyone else.
And she essentially sort of unlocks him,
you know, with just the way she is,
and she has an effect on him that no one
else has had before.
-You're here because I'm incapable of leaving you alone.
-Then don't.
-We made this sort of enigma that is Christian Grey.
He's obviously a very powerful man, and he's achieved so much.
But nobody really knows a great deal
about him and about his personality.
And if he's photographed, he's always photographed alone,
so nobody knows about his personal life,
apart from the fact that he's been grossly successful.
So Anastasia is, due to a friend's illness,
ends up being asked to interview him for the university paper.
And that's the sort of first meeting,
which was such a key scene for us to film.
And we actually gave it two days to film it,
so that we could really give it the attention it deserved.
And she gets to meet this guy that everyone
wants to know about really, and ends up being quite taken
by him, as he is with her.
And then one chooses a mad sort of back and forth love story.
-Look at me.
-I am.
-The Red Room I did want to spend a bit of time,
and so I had been there, sort of left alone
in there a couple of times before we shot there.
It's obviously really important that Dakota hadn't seen the Red
Room until we shot the first scene where like,
I mean actually that is why we did it,
like the first time, the first scene where
I said I want to show you my playroom, and we open the door,
and I turn on the lights.
That was legitimately the first time that Dakota saw the room.
I think that's really important.
No, but I had spent a bit of time in there, trying to get,
you know-- I didn't want to be in there going, oh where
did I-- where did I keep that?
I wanted to be pretty down with where
everything was, and the sort of layout of the room.
So I spent quite a bit of time there.


Jamie Dornan on Fifty Shades of Grey | Interview (2015)

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