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  • If you're given a billion dollars, If you're the king of the world,

    もしあなたが何十億ものお金を手にいれて 世界の王者になったとしたら

  • would you be doing what you are doing tomorrow?


  • Hey guys. That is Japanese for I am the king of the slob.

    「私はなまけものの王だ」という意味の 日本語です

  • I posted something on Facebook the other day to my facebook page and also on my personal timeline.


  • It got 50 likes from people I knew.


  • And the topic was definition of success.


  • So I wanted to make a video shortly today

    だから今日はそれについて短いビデオを 作りたいと思います

  • talking about my definition of success.


  • I haven't made a lot of videos recently about my life.


  • Probably not the last year.


  • It is something that I think is important for me to talk to the other people about.

    これを話すことは すごく大事だと思うんだ

  • So my definition of success is


  • something I picked up on YouTube or somewhere. I can't remember but it's always stuck with me.

    たしかYouTubeかどこかで見たんだけど。 僕の心にずっとあるんだ

  • Definition of success for me as well is the person who is doing what it is they are chosen to do deliberately

    僕の「成功の定義」は 自分がやるべきことをやっている人

  • Couple of years ago, I used to think that success was all about your status in society

    2年前僕は成功というのは社会での 地位によると思っていた

  • while you sit next to the other people where you have whether it's money, a job, your material possessions.

    他人と比較したときに お金、仕事、たくさん物をもってるかとか

  • And currently I am 26.


  • I dropped out of university 3 times.


  • The 1st time was when I think was 19.


  • I've never worked a full time job. I only work 25 hours a week.

    僕はフルタイムで働いたことがない。 週に25時間しか働かない

  • I don't have many material possessions.


  • I have enough money but I don't have excess of money

    お金は暮らしていけるだけ十分にあるけど 大金はもっているわけでもない

  • I have a cavernous angioma which is a weak blood vessel in my head


  • which limits me from doing a lot of physical things that I enjoy doing.

    そのせいでたくさんの 運動をすることはできない

  • And although I don't have a lot of things in society eyes which consider me a great success.

    社会から見て僕は成功していると 言えることはほとんどない。

  • At 26 years of age, I can safely say that I'm the happiest that I've ever been in my entire life.

    26歳の今、 僕は一番幸せだ

  • And most valuable commodity that I have to myself is my time

    僕が持っているもので 一番価値があるのは「時間」だ。

  • And it wasn't always like this. So 4 years ago, I was, I dropped out of university for the 2nd time.

    僕がずっとこんな考え方だったわけじゃない 4年前に大学を辞めた、2回目だ。

  • I didn't know what I wanted to do.


  • But I felt I had a great pressure on myself to know what I wanted to do in life.

    でも人生で何をしたいかわからないといけないという すごいプレッシャーを感じた

  • I remember one point I was on Google searching for

    覚えてる瞬間がある Google検索で

  • I think I even typed in respectable jobs that didn't need degrees

    「学歴が関係なくて就ける立派な仕事」 って打ってたんだ

  • So i put it in Google.


  • I was only working casually at a job that I really enjoyed but i didn't have any, I suppose, a carrier perspective.

    僕はカジュアルに働いていて すごく楽しかったんだけど

  • I was a fitness instructor.


  • And everybody always sort of asked me, you know, You can't do that forever. you can't do that when you are 60 or 70.

    周りの人はみんな「その仕事は永遠にはできないよ。 60歳や70歳になったときはどうするの。」と言った。

  • "What's your plan? What're you studying at university?"

    「あなたのプランは? 大学で何を勉強してるの?」とか

  • And I suppose, when I dropped out of university, everybody started asking me,

    僕が大学を辞めたときに みんな聞いてきたんだ

  • what I was gonna do for carrier, what I was gonna do for future.

    「仕事はどうするの? 将来はどうするの?」って

  • And I didn't have any answer for that.


  • And I felt I needed one.


  • And so they were only the trigger but it was actually me that put a lot of pressure on myself to know what I wanted to do

    それはきっかけにすぎない。 自分にプレッシャーを与えていたのは 自分自身だったんだ

  • or to have this expectation that I have to be successful externally and the way other people saw me.


  • And it caused a lot of stress for me and caused a lot of anxiety as well


  • I remember having anxiety attacks over.


  • And it wasn't very fun time in my life.


  • I remember I got so stressed and so anxious that I was feeling depressed for a long period time.


  • Probably between 2 and 4 years


  • And I was so determined not to take pharmaceutical drugs as a cure for this.


  • I knew it was something that wasn't natural, I suppose.


  • I shouldn't have been feeling that way.


  • I was more focused on wanting to fix the problem than rather than bandate the symptons.

    とにかく自分の症状をなおしたくて ケアすることができてなった

  • So I started getting into meditations probably 5 years, 6 years ago now.


  • And it was one of the best things I've ever done. It allowed me to reflect.


  • Meditation, how I explained to people is being able to watch your own thoughts and reflect what you are thinking.

    薬を飲みだしたおかげで 自分自身と向き合えるようになったんだ

  • And for me I really needed that because


  • I needed to hear that what I wanted internally wasn't what I though I wanted externally.

    自分が本当にしたいことは 社会的に見たときにしたいことと違うかった。

  • So even though everyone around me were saying "what do you wanna do in the future? What's the job you wanna do?"

    みんなが「将来何をするの? したい仕事はなに?」って聞いてきた。

  • Internally, I realized that what I was doing was what I wanted to do.

    自分が今してることがしたいことなんだって 気づいたんだ。

  • So this job that I had, I still do.


  • I've been working at the same gym and another gym.


  • I have been in a fitness industry for about 6 years.


  • I only work casually.


  • And that's all I wanna work.


  • And it's interesting because it changed my perspective on what success was.


  • Nothing about my life style changed.


  • I had the same job. I had the same hobby.


  • I was doing everything the same. The only thing that changed was my perspective.

    全く変わってんない。 変わったのは自分の考え方だ

  • Here I was working 25 hours a week for this job.


  • I really enjoyed it. I really loved it.


  • But I was so worried about thinking what the future was gonna bring.


  • and how it looked to the other people.


  • I was embarrassed originally to say, you know, people would ask me,


  • I wasn't even part time I was casual.


  • And people would ask me, "what do you do?"


  • You know, you always get asked that question.


  • And I was so embarrassed to answer that I was only casual.


  • I would say to people. I would say,


  • "I am between part time and full time."

    「パートタイムと フルタイムの中間みたいな感じ」って

  • because it sounded more respectable.


  • Or that I was self employed or something. cuz I was invoicing for fitness classes and things like that.

    それか自分でビジネスしてるとか フィットネスクラスをやってるとか

  • and then my perspective changed and I started embracing the fact that I was doing exactly what I wanted to do

    でも考え方が変わって 自分がしたいことが出来ている 事実を嬉しく思うようになった。

  • To the outside world, maybe it didn't look so great


  • but I looked at my job and I realised, I'd always said that about my work


  • if I got paid a billion dollars, I would still show up to work the next day

    たとえ何十億のお金を手に入れたとしても 次の日には普通に仕事に行くだろう

  • and a lot of people can't say that about what they do


  • and something interesting happened after that realization that I was happy doing what I wanted to do

    考え方が変わってから おもしろいことが起きたんだ

  • what I'd chosen to do

    人が「仕事はなに?将来の目標は?」 って僕に聞いてきたときに

  • When people ask me: what do you do? What are you going to do? What's your future plan ?

    僕は「僕は週に25時間しか働いてない。 でも十分な給料は払われている」って答えるようになった。

  • And I would answer to them: "I'm casual, I only work 25 hours a week, I earn enough money to get by"

    「自分にとって一番大事なのは 自分自身の時間だ」ってね。

  • "And my biggest commodity is time that I spend for myself"


  • "in doing things that I like to do"


  • And actually two things happened

    僕の考え方が変わったときに 自分の人生がすごく好きになれた。

  • When my perspective changed I realise that I was loving the life that I already had

    自分の人生について、 人生においてしたいことについて 情熱を持って人に話せるようになった

  • and interesting enough, when I spoke about it with such passion and telling people that I was doing exactly what I wanted to do


  • that I loved the life I was living

    僕の生き方がうらやましいと 思う人が多くいることに気づいたんだ。

  • I realised that there were a lot of people out there that were envious of that


  • that even though I didn't have a fancy car


  • or the latest iPhone

    でも僕には自由な時間がたくさんあって 自分のしたいことを選ぶことができるんだ

  • I had an unbelievable amount of time, I could choose myself what I wanted to do


  • and that was about three and a half years ago


  • and so what I chose to do with that, I started learning a language


  • So instead of worrying about keeping up with the Joneses in terms of material things, wealth, job status


  • I decided to focus on just things that I wanted to do

    だから僕は日本語を勉強した 日本でホームステイを3ヶ月したんだ

  • and that led me to language learning, I was learning Japanese, that rollercoasterd into doing a homestay for 3 months


  • Then I lived over there for a year teaching English


  • I've been back in Australia now


  • I've been working over here for a year


  • Same job, same work


  • Absolutely love it, 25 hours a week


  • it's the limit that I've put on myself


  • And my next adventure is that now I've become completely nomadic


  • I decided that I didn't wanna live in a house anymore


  • I wanted to spend more time in nature, more time at the coast


  • And even though in society's idles I probably would not be considered successful on paper

    でも26歳の今が 人生で一番幸せだ。

  • It's like I said, I'm 26 and I'm the happiest I've ever been


  • I wake up in this van each morning


  • I spend probably 2 and a half hours to myself


  • I meditate, I exercise


  • I do weights and I do yoga every morning


  • I wake up close to the beach


  • I have more time for my family and friends

    今一番健康で、 すごく体調がいい。

  • I'm in the best health, the best shape I've ever been in

    何時間も毎日海の近くで ヨガをしているんだ

  • And I literally spend hours a day just laying on a yoga mat by the water


  • And so I guess the reason I'm making this video

    こんなビデオを4年前の僕なら 見たかっただろうなと思って

  • is just because four years ago, this is the type of video that I wish I had seen

    僕が昔いた状況と同じ状況にいる人に ぜひ見てほしいんだ

  • And I'm hoping that there's someone out there who is in the same situation as I was

    自分のしていることは好きでも 他人の目を気にして不安に感じている人たち

  • who is internally happy with what they're doing but feels like they're not measuring up to what they think other people want them to do


  • In the end, everybody's just worried about themselves I think


  • But since that time over the past 4 years


  • I haven't made videos about it yet but it's always been an intrinsic drive for me to spend time with people

    人が本当になにをしたいか 気づかせる手伝いをしたいんだ

  • and helping them figure out what it is they want


  • And how they can fit into their own definition of success


  • And so if there's anyone else who thinks that they're in this same situation where they love what they're doing


  • but they don't feel like they're measuring up


  • I really encourage you to take so time out for yourself


  • Ask yourself:


  • What it is that you really want


  • and if that's happiness


  • over money, power, success


  • material posessions


  • Then allow yourself


  • to be responsible for that


  • because at the end of the day


  • one thing that I've realised is we only get one shot at this life

    もう戻れないし、やり直すことはできない。 お金を取り戻すことだってできない。

  • We don't come back, we don't redo, we don't take our money with us

    僕は80歳の老人がこんなことを言っているのを 聞いたことがない

  • And I never hear of anyone at 80's year of age waking up and saying:

    「あ〜僕はやりたいことを やるリスクを犯さなくてよかったよ 社会の目に当てはまる生き方が出来てよかった」って

  • Jeez, I'm glad I didn't take the risk to do what I wanted to do, I'm so glad that I measured up compared to everybody else


  • In the short years that I've been talking to people

    やりたいことをやっている人と 話してきたけど

  • who have gone and done their own thing

    旅行をしたり、 好きなことをしている人と。

  • travel, spending time focusing on what they wanted to do


  • Even if they're not materially wealthy


  • They never have regret


  • They're always glad that they did it

    だからもし今見ている人で 世間的に自分が成功していないと思ってる人がいたら

  • So I guess if anyone's out there and they're not feeling successful


  • in other people's eyes I challenge you to


  • take this definition of success

    成功の定義は やりたいことをできてるかどうかだ。

  • The definition of success is that you are someone who is doing what they're doing specifically because


  • they decided to


  • what they wanna do


  • And the way I sell it to other people

    「もしあなたが何十億ものお金を手にいれて 世界の王者になったとしたら

  • in personal conversations is "if you were given a billion dollars, you were the king of the world...


  • ...would you be doing what you're doing tomorrow?"


  • Thanks for watching guys!


  • Hopefully this helps someone

If you're given a billion dollars, If you're the king of the world,

もしあなたが何十億ものお金を手にいれて 世界の王者になったとしたら

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