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  • I am very excited because Kate McKinnon is on the show today.

  • >> [APPLAUSE].

  • >> I love her so much, she impersonates me on Saturday Night Live.

  • She's beautiful, she's charming, she's smart, she's hilarious,

  • she's me is what she is.

  • She really is hilarious.

  • But it's weird to have somebody do impressions of you because when you hear

  • it you're like well, that's such an exaggeration.

  • It's funny, but it doesn't sound like me at all.

  • And then, the next day your friends call you up and they're like did you see Kate

  • on SNL, she sounded exactly like you >> [LAUGH]

  • >> But she does exaggerate,

  • she always says I'm Ellen, I'm Ellen.

  • I don't know what that is, I'm Ellen like cuz I don't even say I'm Ellen.

  • >> [NOISE]

  • >> [APPLAUSE]

  • >> That feels nice, I'm Ellen.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> So that's how you say it, I'm Ellen.

  • >> I'm Ellen. >> I'm Ellen.

  • >> No, I'm Ellen and I got this blondie, step aside.

  • >> [LAUGH].

  • >> You're gonna do the monologue?

  • >> What, that's right, cuz I'm Ellen, so scoot.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> Hi, everyone.

  • Happy Wednesday.

  • I got to tell you about something that happened last night up at the house.

  • Portia and I got a puppy and- >> [LAUGH]

  • >> We named it Kid

  • to make it sound like we have a kid.

  • Funny enough, Kid is also a baby goat and I love baby goats, I love them.

  • I love baby goats.

  • True story, I once went on a ski vacation with a baby goat.

  • >> Okay. Well, that's-

  • >> [LAUGH]

  • >> That's not a true story.

  • >> Okay.

  • So anyway, I'm up at the house and all of a sudden one of the kitty, kitty,

  • kitty cats.

  • >> Why do you say kitty, kitty, kitty?

  • I don't say kitty, kitty cats.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> Yes you do you little kitty cat.

  • >> [LAUGH] >> I put together a reel of a few

  • of the times you said it.

  • Do we have that clip?

  • Now let me tell y'all about my kitty, kitty, kitty cats.

  • After having spent the weekend with my kitty, kitty, kitty cats.

  • Well enough about my kitty, kitty, kitty cats.

  • Kitty, kitty, kitty cats.

  • See? >> That was you.

  • >> No you did it.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> All right.

  • >> Yep.

  • Okay. >> You're catching on quick.

  • >> It doesn't count.

  • >> Anyway, one of the kitty, kitty, kitty cats jumps on the bed, right on the head.

  • And then Kid, that's the puppy, not the goat, though I do love baby goats.

  • Jumps right on the bed, right on Portia's head and suddenly the rest of the cats

  • jump up on the bed and the rest of the dogs, and one of Portia's horses.

  • And there's animals everywhere and I can't find the remote.

  • And I'm laying there thinking I'm Ellen.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> All right.

  • >> [APPLAUSE] >> I'm Ellen.

  • >> It did not happen.

  • None of that happened.

  • >> Well it did, I'm Ellen.

  • >> Okay, if you're Ellen, do you know what happens next?

  • >> Yeah, course I do.

  • I'm Ellen, and we dance.

  • >> All right.

  • >> [APPLAUSE]

  • [MUSIC]

I am very excited because Kate McKinnon is on the show today.


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