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  • - Critics agree the must see film of the year

  • is The Revenant.

  • The LA Times called it "Stunning."

  • A.O. Scott says, "Leonardo DiCaprio delivers

  • "an Oscar worthy performance

  • "and if he doesn't win he will probably

  • "lose his fucking mind".

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is "hard to watch",

  • "going too far"

  • and "will clearly do just anything at this point".

  • Fucking insane.” “We're all worried.” “Just give it to him, already.”

  • 90% of this movie is DiCaprio crawling through the snow.

  • A film shoot described as, "a living hell" by Academy Award nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Entertainment Weekly says,

  • "If we don't give him an Oscar,

  • "his next film is going to be a snuff film or something.

  • "I think he's, he's gonna hurt himself."

  • "He stood in freezing Canadian water for endless hours.

  • "He stripped naked and crawled into a dead horse.

  • "The least we can do is give him a

  • little fucking yellow statue,"

  • says one concerned member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

  • Academy award winners Martin Scorsese,

  • Quentin Tarantino, and Christopher Nolan all said,

  • "We're sorry we couldn't get him an Oscar.

  • "We really tried."

  • And now he's eating live fish.

  • Oh, gross.

  • A man behind you in the theater said,

  • "For the love of God, how many times can we make this man drool all over himself?"

  • He's like, "Blehblehbleh."

  • See the film that made Leonardo DiCaprio's mother say,

  • "Make the madness end.

  • "Save my baby boy.

  • "A Golden Globe is not enough."

  • Maybe if he wins, he'll make a comedy.

  • That would be fun.

  • Like something where he's got like weird facial hair

  • that's directed by the Farrelly brothers or Ben Stiller.

  • - Hi, it's Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor.

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  • McCreery house, even though your mom warned you not to,

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- Critics agree the must see film of the year


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