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  • Hey guys it's Kim Dao here, welcome back to my channel. So today I have to go Haneda Airport soon

    みんなこんにちは〜 キムダオです!今日は羽田空港に行くの

  • Because I'm going to be picking up a special guest who will be staying in my apartment for about a month.

    私のアパートに1ヶ月滞在する スペシャルゲストを迎えに行くの

  • So that's gonna be very exciting, because it has been a little lonely here lately.

    とっても嬉しい、 最近一人で寂しかったから。

  • So I'm going to be heading out in about 5 minutes to get the train and get to the airport.

    5分あとに出発します 電車で空港まで向かいます。

  • Yes, it's Elaine Mokk, um, she's coming from Canada.

    エレーン・モックです カナダからやってくるの

  • I've been friends with Elaine for quite a while... ah... we talk, like, pretty much every day for about a year

    エレーンとは結構長い間友達で ここ1年くらい毎日話してたわ

  • and yeah, she's really awesome, so can't wait to actually meet her in person for the first time.

    彼女って最高なの だから初めて会うのすごく楽しみ

  • My apartment's still a complete mess, I feel really bad, because I was meant to clean it before she came,

    私のアパートは今散らかってるから ちょっと申し訳ないわね。 彼女が来るまでに片付けようと思ってたんだけど

  • but, I got so caught up in work, I was so busy,


  • I didn't have time, so, ooh, um, I'm really sorry Elaine, but,

    だから時間がなかったの。 エレーンごめんね。

  • when she gets here I will tidy up and put a futon down for her so she'll have somewhere to sleep.

    でも彼女が来たら少し片付けて 彼女が寝る場所を作らないとね。

  • So this is her first time in Japan so I'm gonna be showing her around, gonna be a lot of fun things to do and lots of stuff to film as well.

    彼女は日本に来るの初めてだから 色々案内してあげるの。

  • So I can't wait to start filming a lot of videos with her and


  • can't wait to show her around Japan and just hang out in general.

    彼女に日本を案内してあげること 彼女と遊べるの待ちきれないわ

  • It's been a bit lonely after Sunny left, so, yeah, it's nice to have a companion here.

    サニーが帰っちゃってから寂しかったから 誰かが来てくれるのはすごく嬉しい

  • Anyway, not sure if you guys noticed, but I got new curtains, I'm so happy with them.

    そいえば、気づいたかもだけど 新しいカーテンを買ったの、すごく気に入ってる

  • So my previous curtains, I didn't like them at all, they were pretty ugly.

    前のカーテンは好きじゃなかった。 全然かわいくなかったもん

  • So I ordered these online on Nittori.


  • So I think this whole set was about $60, but it's a pretty good deal and it's got the lace at the front as well, which I really like.

    多分セットで60ドルくらいだったと思う レースもついてるからすごくお得だよね。

  • It's got lace at the back.


  • I love them so much, it makes my room look so much more brighter so when I film it actually looks a lot nicer now.

    お部屋が明るくなったから 撮影するときも光がいい感じなの

  • I need to clean up my room so bad... What socks should wear? I'll wear these socks.

    マジで部屋片付けないと。 どの靴下履こう。これでいいか。

  • Now I'm at Haneda Airport and going to pick up Elaine, so I'm at the international arrivals now.

    今羽田空港にいます。 エレーンを迎えるから国際便のほうにいるよ

  • She messaged me earlier saying she was going through immigration which might take a while.

    さっき彼女からメールがあって 入国管理のところにいて少し時間がかかるかもって 言ってたわ。

  • Arrivals.. Her flight was from Toronto so she landed.

    到着口ね。 彼女はトロントからだから、もう到着してるわ。

  • Yay, you made it! Yay!

    イエーイ! ついたね!

  • Yay, you got... wow, that's a big suitcase.


  • Oh my god, you're so tiny in person. You are too! No!

    -キムって本当に小柄なのね -エレーンもじゃん -そんなことないわ

  • Oh my god, your hair's blue. That's so cool. Yay! I picked her up, I found her.

    髪の毛青いのね!かっこいい! 彼女と会えました〜

  • So Elaine do you wanna go explore the bridge over there? It's an amazing bridge.

    エレーン向こうの橋見にいく? すっごく素敵なの

  • This is really pretty. So we're gonna go pickup her pocket WiFi now, which is down here somewhere.

    すっごく素敵。 今からエレーンのポケットwifiを ピックアップしに行きます

  • Alright, so we just got her pocket WiFi and she's gonna set that up now.

    ポケットwifiゲットしました。 今からセットアップします。

  • Haneda airport's really pretty if you come at night time. It's really nice. She's enjoying it, she's enjoying herself.

    羽田空港は夜の時間すっごくきれいなの 彼女すっごく嬉しそう

  • I am so tired. You're so tired. I'm so hyper. Set-up the WiFi and then we're gonna back to my place.

    -疲れた〜 -そうだろうね。 -テンション上がっちゃった。 -Wifiセットアップしたら家に戻ります。

  • We're on the bus now going back to my apartment. Gonna buy bento boxes when we get back. Yay.

    バスに乗って帰ります。 帰ったら弁当買います。

  • I asked Elaine to bring me $100 Canadian bill because,

    エレーンにカナダドルで 100ドル持ってきてもらうように頼んだの

  • apparently it smells like maple syrup, and I'm like, "I don't believe that."

    メープルシロップの匂いがするって聞いたから でも私は信じてないの

  • So I brought you every single bill. Oh okay, why are they so pretty? So these are new. This is a Canadian bill.

    -全部のお札持ってきたよ -デザインすっごくかわいいわね。 カナダの新札ね。

  • Here's a Canadian 50. And where does it smell? Do you rub this? Ah, you... I think you rub the clear part.

    -こっちはカナダの50ドル -どうやったら匂えるの?ここをこする? -透明の部分はをこするの。

  • So you rub this... Ohh!! Oh my god! Yeah, it smells like maple syrup.

    -ここをこするの。 -わああ!! -メープルシロップの匂いがするでしょ。

  • Oh, they all smell like maple syrup? Yeah, all of them.

    -全部メープルシロップのにおいがするの? -そうだよ、全部するよ。

  • So we are back in my place, and this is our dinner,

    家に戻ってきました。 今日の晩御飯です。

  • because I mean it's getting late and we can't be bothered cooking

    今日は遅くなったから 何か作るのはめんどくさいしね。

  • so I got some chicken and rice, egg from the convenience store.

    鶏肉、ご飯、卵焼きが入ってる お弁当をコンビニで買ってきました。

  • And Elaine, I think she got the same thing.


  • So yeah, we're gonna eat now! Itadakimasu.

    じゃあ食べます! いただきます

  • Elaine's doing my dishes for me because she walked into my apartment and when she saw this, she was like,

    エレーンがお皿を洗ってくれてます。 彼女部屋に入った途端

  • "What?" And then she just started to do my dishes for me.

    「え?」って言って 皿を洗い出したわ。笑

  • I have such nice people that come over and do everything for me.

    友達はみんな色々してくれるから すっごく助かる。笑

  • Sunny, if you're watching this I'm trying to beat you in wifey status.

    サニー、もし見てたら 良き妻の位置は私がもらったからね!

  • Elaine says that she got me presents and then I was like, "Wow, this looks like, you know."


  • I don't know what this is, "La Senza." But it looks kinda sexy, like.

    "La Senza"...なんだろ? セクシーな感じね

  • Yeah, so I bought her sexy lingerie. Oh did you? Oh, thanks! Thanks! And I also got this Canadian.

    -セクシーな下着を買ったのよ。 -マジで?wwありがとう -それからこれも買ったわ。

  • Oh, Canadian stuff. Yeah. Yay. But I wasn't sure what you like so I didn't buy too much.

    -カナダのものだね! -でもどれが好きか分からなかったから そんなに多くは買わなかった。

  • I've had Smarties before, I've never had these before. If you like coffee then this is your, you'll probably really like this.

    -スマーティーは食べたことあるけど、他のはないわ。 -コーヒーが好きなら絶対気にいるわよ。

  • Oh okay, cool. What's this? Oh, you like sour stuff, right?

    -いいね!これなに? -酸っぱいの好き?

  • Yeah. Okay, you'll love that. Cool. May, Maynards? Yeah, Maynards. I've got no idea what that is.

    -うん! -じゃあ絶対好きだと思う。 -メイメイナード?なんだろ?

  • But that's cool, I'm going to make a video with that later. Okay! Yay.


  • I'm gonna open this? Okay, lets open it.


  • Oh it's heavy.


  • Oh gosh.

    ああ〜マイクだ! ほんとに?すっごく高そうで申し訳ない。

  • Ooh!

    -マイク持ってなかったの -だから買ったのよ。

  • Ohh!!!! Wow!!!!


  • It's a microphone! Yeah! Really? Yeah! I feel so bad, really? This looks expensive.

    うん、話して マイク持ってないのは知ってたわ

  • Oh my god, I don't have a microphone. I know you don't that's why I got you one.

    それから好きな色を聞いたら シルバーがいいって言ってたから。

  • Did you ask me that before when you were talking to me?

    -だから聞いたんだ。 -うん、だから聞いたのよ。笑

  • Yeah, we talked about it, and then I was like, "I know she doesn't have a mic."

    -ほんとうにありがとう -それでこれからあなたのセクシーな声を録音してね。 -私のセクシーな声ね。笑

  • And then I asked you which colour you liked better, and you were like, "Oh, I like the silver."

    ほんとうに嬉しいけど、申し訳ない。 何にも買ってこなくてよかったのに。

  • Oh!! That's why you asked. Yeah, that's why I asked you.

    いいのよ。 ここに泊まらせてくれるし、そのお礼だよ

  • Oh my god, thank you! Holy crap. Now you can record your sexy voice. Yes, my sexy voice.

    でも日本に来るって決める前に それ買ってて、国際便で送ろうと思ってたの。

  • Oh my god, I feel so happy. I feel so bad! You didn't have to bring anything for me.

    -ほんとうにありがとう。すごく嬉しい -何か実用的なものをあげたかったの。

  • No it's okay, you're letting me stay here for free I might as well get you something.

    絶対使うわ。 マイク持ってないもの

  • Well I got it for you before we planned this trip, 'cause I was gonna ship it to you.

    -これ彼氏に見せよ!彼も絶対気にいるわ。 -気に入ってくれてすごく嬉しいわ。

  • Aww, thank you so, so, so much! Oh my god, I'm so happy. 'Cause I wanted to at least get you something that you would use.

    本当にありがとう すっごく嬉しい

  • Aw, I will definitely use it, I don't have a microphone here.

    部屋を片付けたから 今からイチゴを食べます。

  • I wanna show this to my boyfriend, he's gonna love this. Thank you!! Yay!! I'm glad you like it.

    今日は早く寝たいの 生活リズムをなおしたい。

  • Thank you, I'm so happy.

    できないかもだけど 頑張ってみます!

  • Yay so, we got my room all organised and cleaned up and then we're gonna eat some strawberries now.

  • I wanna try sleep early tonight, need to fix my sleeping pattern.

  • Probably not gonna work, but I'll try my best.

Hey guys it's Kim Dao here, welcome back to my channel. So today I have to go Haneda Airport soon

みんなこんにちは〜 キムダオです!今日は羽田空港に行くの

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