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  • What up! It's day 2 and I am accompanied by these 2 youngins!

    どうも2日目です! この若い2人と一緒です。

  • actually they are older than me....these 2 oldies!

    でも実は僕より年上なんだ。 だから年配の2人だね。笑

  • and today we are heading to the yuki matsuri


  • in Sapporo


  • and in Otaru


  • so you guys are going to be able to see both of those


  • and its going to be awesome!


  • This is Day 2 of Odigo47...#Odigo47!

    Odigo47の2日目だ。 #Odigo47だ!

  • So right now we are heading to Susukino where the ice sculptures are


  • which is a part of the snow festival


  • and I forgot to mention, Odigo47 stands for...

    それからOdigo47の意味を 説明するの忘れてたけど

  • because I am going to all 47 prefectures in Japan so...


  • and this is only day 2 of the first

    まだ今日は2日目で 1つ目の県なんだよ。

  • So I have 46 more! Ganbaru

    あと46あるんだ。 がんばる!

  • So before we start the day...of course we need conbini food...

    ではまず腹ごしらえに コンビニで食料を調達しよう

  • So the snow festival starts right over there


  • Can you guys see? It is a little bit far but I will take you guys over there...

    見える? ちょっと遠いけど、あとで向こうまで行くね。

  • to show you guys all of the cool ice sculptures...

    素晴らしい雪の彫刻をみんなに お見せするよ。

  • There were so many cool ice sculptures...there were ones made by companies...

    素晴らしい彫刻がいっぱいあるんだ。 これは企業が作ったものだね。

  • ones that were really intricate...ones that were really scary...

    複雑なものや、 ちょっと怖いもの

  • ones that were cute...ones that were funny

    かわいいもの 面白いもの

  • which one was scary...?


  • there was like a dragon that was


  • Chris was scared of the


  • I liked the dragon...I thought the dragon was cool


  • that was the coolest one


  • So I guess from their perspective it was cool and from mine it was scary haha

    レイチェルとジュンはかっこいいと思ったけど 僕は怖いと思った。

  • Chris scared of dragons....


  • But yeah it was really cool...many tours come here during Feb. to see this Yuki Festival

    とにかく素晴らしかったよ。 2月の間たくさんのツアーゆきまつりを訪れるんだ。

  • So I strongly suggest coming here around mid-Feb. is when it usually takes place so...

    2月の中旬あたりにここに来ることを おすすめするよ、大体いつもそのくらいだから。

  • So a strong suggestion from Rachel is to get Kairo (heat pads)

    レイチェルからのアドバイスは カイロを持ってくること。

  • We bought a box of

    私たちは1箱60個入りのを 持ってきたわよ。

  • So basically they are like heat packs that you can just paste on your


  • You don't paste them...they are just sticky...

    ペーストしなくても シール状になってるのよ。

  • you just stick them to your don't stick them to your body

    服に貼り付けるの。 身体に直接貼っちゃだめよ。

  • yeah she literally filled her body with


  • Actually Susukino is actually like the red light district...where the ice sculptures are...

    氷の彫刻がある すすきのは「夜の街」で有名なんだ。

  • But Susukino is where all of the clubs, bars and izakayas are so...

    クラブ、バー、居酒屋が集まっているのが ここすすきのなんだ。

  • So if you are here for nightlife, you should definitely come to Susukino

    もし夜遊びたかったら 是非ここに来るべきだよ。

  • So now we are on our way to Odori which is where the other snow festival things are

    今から他のゆきまつりを見に 大通りへ行きます。

  • And actually they are all powdered snow and not ice...

    今から見にいくのは 氷じゃなくて、パウダースノー...

  • they are big big snow


  • different style but just as cool

    違うスタイルだけど、 同じくらいかっこいいんだよ

  • so we finally made it to the snow festival in Odori


  • there is Rachel and Jun


  • and there is food and everything


  • there is the big titan guy up there


  • So we just saw Dragon, Dragon Dragon Ball Z!(Song)

    ドラゴン、ドラゴン、ドラゴンボールZを 見てきました!

  • Thats not how it goes...


  • Okay you go then


  • I don't remember it at all


  • Are you


  • I was here at nighttime and everyday there is a slide show

    夜にここに来たんだけど 毎晩プロジェクションマッピングをやってるんだ。

  • so I am going to show you guys the slide was really cool

    こんな感じだよ。 とってもかっこよかったよ。

  • all of the holograms on the snow were really cool

    ゆきに映るホログラムが 素晴らしく美しかった

  • and after that there was also a show...a rock concert...

    それからロックコンサートの ショーもあって。

  • and there was also another show at the castle called...winter...

    ウィンターとかっていうお城で 別のショーもあったよ。

  • Yeah so at nighttime there is a whole different show, so I would definitely recommend coming in the morning to see the snow when its light

    夜はまったく違うショーをやってるんだ。 朝の明るいときに雪の彫刻を見るのをお勧めするよ。

  • so it is really cool to see them at morning and at night so definitely come at both times

    朝と夜の両方みると最高だから どっちの時間帯にも是非来て欲しい

  • So we got some crab and seafood ramen because Hokkaido is famous for its crab so we had to get some...

    蟹と海鮮ラーメンを頼みました。 北海道は蟹で有名だから食べないとね。

  • So that is up for the first half of the day


  • And the second half of the day we are heading to another snow festival in Otaru


  • We finally made it to the JR Sapporo Station


  • So if you guys didn't know the JR Sapporo Station is in Kanji and the subway is in hiragana

    JRは漢字で(札幌)地下鉄はひらがなで(さっぽろ)で 駅名が書かれているんだ。

  • interesting fact


  • So this station is actually really big...I was actually kind of surprised...

    この駅は本当に巨大なんだ。 僕はびっくりしたよ。

  • Look at all of those people over here


  • Otaru! Thug Life!


  • Rachel do that again!


  • So we are on the boat right now...they have heated seats for your butt...

    今ボートに乗っています。 お尻が冷えないようにシートが暖かくなっています。

  • I have this nice parka...I'm really warm...


  • You guys warm? I'm

    みんな寒くない? 僕は全然。笑

  • Yeah these guys are from Hong Kong


  • you going to be on YouTube


  • So as you guys saw, that was the Otaru snow light festival...

    小樽のゆきまつり 「雪あかりの路」でした。

  • and its snowing so hard


  • I have snow everywhere


  • Look at my camera...its like snow! lol

    僕のカメラ見てよ。 雪まみれだ。笑

  • My hair! IS SNOW!


  • So yeah we are on our way back to Sapporo...thank god because it is hands are dead

    札幌に戻ります。 寒すぎて手が死んでる。

  • So we are chilling off in a garage getting all of the snow off


  • heading back out there with all of the snow


  • yeah so today has come to a wrap...its been a long day

    そろそろ今日も終りです。 長かったね。

  • 3 is going to be in Noboribestu


  • and we are going to hit up the onsen....thank god...because we are freezing!

    温泉に行くんだ。 寒いから最高だね。

  • Hey we finally made it back to Sapporo Station so that will be the end of Day 2

    札幌駅に戻ってきました。 2日目は終りです。

  • of Odigo47....going to all 47 prefectures

    Odigo47の2日目! 47都道府県全部廻ります。

  • so follow each day because I will be taking to you to all 47 prefectures...

    毎日見てね! 47都道府県全部見せるから。

  • So please comment, share and subscribe and I will see you guys in the next video!

    コメント、シェア、チャンネル登録も よろしくね!じゃあまた次のビデオで!

What up! It's day 2 and I am accompanied by these 2 youngins!

どうも2日目です! この若い2人と一緒です。


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北海道Vlog:さっぽろ雪まつり、小樽雪あかりの路まつり (Hokkaido Vlog: Sapporo Snow Festival, Otaru Snow Light Path Festival)

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