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Now, hold on a second, little miss, who's walking over there
Showing off your body, acting like you just couldn't care
You seem pretty full of it, without a shred of decency
Playing naive?
Don't pull that shit with me
Now, hold on a second, mister, what the hell you getting at?
Talking up chicks like you got a chance of hitting that
Pinky promise that you'll do anything to make them happy
And you've already broken it?
What a little fuckin' prick
"We should leave separately. Don't wanna give the wrong idea."
Lying all the time, and speaking so sarcastically
Like a black wolf, god, it makes me really wanna puke
Oh well, everyone eventually winds up down in hell
(Drag 'em down there)
Ah, The happiness I worked hard to try and obtain has been stolen away
The hero of justice is weeping for my loss
How we loved came push to shove It ended with us splitting up
I wonder how much easier life would be if I could forget
You see, my skin is wearing out, and it's really looking pale and thin
Do you feel the pain I feel, my sweet darlin'?
You inconsiderate, miscreant, fucking idiot
No one wants to hear your opinion, you absolute twit
Pretty soon we? "Need to pick up the pace a bit"
"Go with the flow" and start talking about stupid shit
Do you feel bad? "We better just get on with it"
After all, everyone's starting to get pretty serious
(They're gettin' busy)
Ah, Getting dressed up for a quick hookup
Wasn't at all what I wanted
The heroine of tragedy is weeping for my loss
The memories I worked hard to try and push down all come back up
I wonder how much easier life would be if I could forget
If I try to act strong, my lie will be exposed
If I act scared, the blood will continue to flow
These hidden wounds will open so everyone knows
I hate this so goddamn much, this fucking hurts!
We joked around we thought we found The person we were meant to be with
And as I recall it all, I feel the pessimism start to take over
You held me close, and like a rose
You opened up and looked so happy
That just makes me
So goddamn angry


Mind Brand [English Cover] (歌詞/lyrics)

1207 タグ追加 保存
IhateengbutItrytolearn 2016 年 2 月 6 日 に公開
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