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I think that among the things that prevent us..
from acting is the fear
of failure...
and if you've already failed, you don't wanna fail again.. the pain of that..
The disappointment..
Many of us don't act because we want others' people approval
We want everybody to like us and to accept us...
We are settling for less than what we actually deserve...
We don't feel good about it, but we make it work in our minds
We will come up with some kind of an excuse to make it alright.
Most people like to feel like they are king in the area of their comfort zone.
They only wanna do those things that they know how to do well..
So there are many reasons why we don't act.
The other thing though that affect us
is that - Not wanting to take personal responsibility..
We want somebody else to do it and that's not possible..
And when you go through life like that... something in you dies..
You need to start asking yourself some questions - What do I really really truly want?
Don't wait around for things to be just right..
Don't wait for things to be perfect
Don't wait for the ideal situation, it will never be ideal...
Today this opportunity that you have - it might not be here next year,
it might not be here the year after next.. it might not be hear the year after that..
This is the only moment you got..
And what you will find then when you decide to act
when you decide to take life on
and let me warn you.. it can be painful...
it will be uncomfortable and that's where the growth is
Never be satisfied with yourself, always know that as you invest the effort and time on you..
that is the greatest ability that human beings have above animals.
See a dog can be anything but a dog..
Tree can be anything but a tree..
Human being you've got unlimited potential..
You can put effort on you and by concentrating on you and developing you...
You can transform your life wherever you are right now...
Many people will leave the universe without a trace...
No one will know they were here..
What will you leave, what will be different because you came this way?
Listen to that still small voice within you
Don't try and make everything logical
There are some things about life that defies logic.
See there is some good out there for you in the universe.. that has your name on it
and nobody can get your good
it has your name on it... they can't take your stuff, it's your stuff..
So when you know that..
When you know that whatever you are seeking is also seeking you..
You don't worry, you don't run scared
You don't think somebody is going to take it from you..
You've got to say - Yes.
- Yes to my dreams..
- Yes to me!
I can make it..
Yes, I can.
You don't need anybody to approve your dream..
it was given to you, if they can't see it it's because it wasn't given to them...
It was given to you!
You gonna get thrown to the ground again and again and again....
but when you have determination..
and you know that what you are doing is right..
it gives you YOUR LIFE.
It gives a special meaning and power to you..
I refuse to be denied..
and I am gonna go all out..
I am going to be relentless.. I don't care how many No's I encounter..
Doesn't matter how many failures I've made..
Doesn't matter how many mistakes I've endured..
Doesn't matter about my defeats..
Doesn't matter about what I've done..


私は勝つだろう - モチベーションビデオ

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Adam Huang 2016 年 2 月 2 日 に公開
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