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I'm going to get married tomorrow morning.
Everyone is happy in this house, except me
Yes, I don't want to get married.
But I've no other choice.
My parents, who would have understood my agony, are no more.
Dear God, you've always come to my rescue, every time I was in trouble
Lakshmi, call that priest…
Please listen to me…
Get up…everyone!
She wouldn't have run away, if it wasn't for your pampering!
Hey…let's go
Well done everyone, you've got her surrounded.
Where are you going, O damsel? You can't escape from me now.
My name is B M Buchi. Your uncle, Reddappa and me are very close…enemies.
This girl's life will be destroyed if she gets married to him. He is already married!
I hereby command everyone to beat him black and blue, and throw him out of the village
Yes, I was already married by then. But, what's the big deal? I was in love with that girl.
I'm sure you are also in love with someone. No wonder, you've run away from your own wedding.
Your uncle doesn't have the heart to understand the emotions of lovers like us
All these years, I've been waiting for one small chance, the size of a rice flake, to take revenge
But, thanks to you, I've now got the biggest opportunity of my life to do that
Moreover, it's not safe anymore for women like you. And even the weather is conducive enough!
I spoke to the Ticket Collector and got you a confirmed AC ticket.
If I kill you, then your family will mourn your death for a couple of days and then, they'll live happily after that
But if I send you away from here, then they'll die every single day.
Here are some fruits and water for your journey.
If you get down from the train mid-way, then everything we've done isn't worth the effort.
I wish you a safe journey and I hope I'll never see you ever again.
But if you come….ahh…I'm sure, you won't make that mistake. Be safe.
Happy Jumping...
Hey…look everywhere.
Look there!
We pampered her because she was an orphan, but now she has destroyed the family's honour
Attention all passengers. This is an important announcement for you.
Our Reddappa's brother's daughter has eloped from her wedding just now.
Attention all passengers. Our Reddappa's brother's daughter has flown away (like a bird) from her wedding.
Hey…how do you say this in English?
What is this that you're doing?
Help Sir!
Garikipati once said that you should always whisper a bad news in the other person's ears,
but if it's a good news then you've to say it aloud on a mic.
Since your niece eloped, my co-worker whispered it my ears because it was bad news
But it would be a good news if we could find her. That's why I announced it on the mic.
This is family issue. Stay away!
Oh yeah? I have to stay away from your family issues, but you can to interfere in mine?
Yes dad
Everyone, come home
If a little girl goes missing, then you've to search for her.
And if she's an adult who elopes, then you've to forget her.
And any girl who doesn't care about her family's honour will always remain a burden
Come back right away!
Just because we agreed to let you do whatever you wanted to, don't think that we'll let you marry whomever you want to
I've always been telling you to not let a girl study a lot. But you never listened to me!
Uncle, please meet him once. At least, see to him once. You'll definitely like him.
We are not in a mood to meet or see anyone right now.
If my parents were alive right now, I wouldn't have gone through all this drama right now
This is the same alliance which your parents had forged when you were young.
Despite being their daughter, you might have forgotten about it, but as a brother, I am not going to break that promise
Hello, Geetha!
Sister, did you board the train?
What's everyone saying about me at home?
Now, don't think about all that right now. I've kept some cash in your bag. Check it out.
Why did you do that?
Leave all that. Tell me, how is my brother-in-law? I'm so excited. You didn't even show me his photo
You're the first person in the house who asked me that question.
I don't even know how to begin this. I met him when I was in the hostel. He lives in the US.
His day doesn't begin until he wishes me good night
And my day doesn't end, until I wish him good morning
Hello America. Your Chicago girl is back again with your favourite songs.
On one hand, I've to do his duty and then, he tricks me into giving away even my salary. Where is Subramanyam, sir?
He said, he's on the way.
On the occasion of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's birthday, we'll be playing some of his best songs.
Here's your favourite song from his film, Thammudu. Stay tuned to Radio Mirchi, now in USA.
Hello, master
Yeah, you.
I gave you only a lift, but not a gift
Thanks and sorry
You are a bit too sharp
I can't help it. It's in my genes.
Good morning everybody. Your Telugu boy is here with you favourite Telugu songs.
Call me and talk to your Telugu boy. Stay tuned to Radio Mirchi, now in USA
He might be late, but he's a ball of energy. I can never understand him.
Hello…it's your Telugu boy. So, tell me?
How have you been? How are you?
I'm fine with all your blessings and I'll always be so. What's your name?
My name is Anasuya
Based on your name, I'm guessing that you are from the 1950s generation.
You must have come here to look after your newborn grand child, who's probably now asleep.
And you called me because you didn't know what else to do.
You are bang on with the information.
Based on your slang, I'm guessing that you're either from East or West Godavari.
You are a rockstar!
When? Where? Who?
I'm coming right now
Where are you going? You're doing a part-time job here, how can you walk out like this?
Sir, this is just a part time job. But my friend's life is in risk there.
I've kept Kushi and Gabbar Singh's songs in the loop. I'll be back, the moment they hear Jalsa's songs.
Now, tell me. What's the problem?
He's working in a software company and his 2-year contract has just ended.
Now, his mother has fallen sick and he wants to go to India; however, his company isn't letting him go.
What do these Americans think of themselves? They are getting richer using our talent. But if they treat us like slaves, then we won't tolerate it.
The company is owned by Indians.
Oh..is it? What do these Indians think of themselves? Instead of living their lives quietly, if they end up showing their ugly side, and we won't tolerate it.
You've to drop them at the airport. But they've employed goons to search for him!
I can drop him, but there's a risk involved in this.
I've got money.
And I've got a car.
Oh…no! I don't take money from my friends. Just keep all that in my pocket.
All the best
Hey…I'll see how you'll reach the airport!
We're going to beat you man!
Boss…these are the guys who are searching for me. Drive fast.
By the way, we've to fight if someone is chasing us. But we don't have to chase anyone, if we fight with them Okay!
My dear fellow NRIs and friends from software industry. We don't have any enmity between us.
However, I've promised to drop this guy at the airport for $500. Please don't come in my way.
I'll give you $1000.
Boss…what are you doing?
Didn't you hear them? They're offering me $1000
I'll give you $1500
I'll give you $3000
I can't pay you so much.
I can understand. But, they can afford to pay me that.
Wait a minute! Let me make sure that I've got all the money.
So, mister…shall we make a move?
What is this?
What's your name?
Vishal, some people keep a record of their account, but I believe in settling them.
I've taken your money and handed him over to you.
But, if someone kidnaps him again, who's responsible for that? You've bought him for $3000.
Won't you safeguard him? That's all I'm saying.
What do you say guys?
Come on guys…what are you thinking? Go. Go
America won't go anywhere, you can always come back. But that's not the same case with your parents.
Be safe and we'll see you soon.
Thanks a lot. You're really great. I couldn't have gone back to India, without your help.
Hello…hello. I'm just climbing up the ladder. Please don't glorify and embarrass me like this.
Thank you. Happy Journey. Bye.
Thank you so much boss. Bye boss.
Where is my idli?
Where is my Masala Dosa?
I want my breakfast right now.
I want masala dosa.
This Subramanyam has got them used to tiffins.
He's coming. Food is fresh.
And these people have become worse than drug addicts.
He hasn't come yet and these guys won't leave anytime soon.
Where are you?
I'm here! Your Subramanyam is here and he's got all the tiffins that you've been waiting for.
Today's special - Tickle Rice.
I've heard about pickle rice. But what's this tickle rice?
There was plenty of leftover food and I just mixed Priya pickle in that.
Cut onions. And you get the garlic.
Hmmmm…awesome! I want one more plate of this immediately.
This is so good!
We want tickle rice! We want tickle rice.
Here's your collection for the day, sir.
I see that you've earned quite a lot from just the tips alone.
Sorry. This is what I've earned from tips and that's the collection.
How can tip be more than the collection? This is as if a dog's tail is longer than the dog's body itself!
You seem to be doing anything for money.
There's a difference between making money by doing anything and doing anything to earn money.
I haven't come to America to pose for pictures and upload them on Facebook.
I'm here to convert every single second into dollars and raise my collar with pride back in India
These days, everyone is putting everything up for sale.
Like Ashadam sale, Shravanam sale, Akshaya Tritiya Sale, Health for sale and happiness for sale.
They'll even put tears for sale, if there are people willing to buy that.
And I don't have anything to give, except myself, uncle.
That's why I've kept myself in the market. Subramanyam for sale. Come and buy me.
Don't ask for discounts. And use me with some dignity.
Hello. What? Flight has already landed? I need to rush right now!
Who's coming here?
It's okay, It's okay!
It's not okay!
These guys never change, even if you are in a different country.
Something happens to them the moment they see a girl.
Oh…you speak Telugu?
Sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you. I was in a rush and it wasn't deliberate.
What do you mean 'rush'? There are so many girls around from various countries.
Why did you bump into me? You thought I will keep quiet just because I'm from your country?
I'm Seetha. It isn't so easy to flirt with me. And no one can cheat me.
Oh yeah? You thought I've been at this airport, for two years, to jump bump into you?
Get lost from here. Why do girls like you come to US at all?
What? Why are you pointing your finger at me?
Seetha! Hey…
Who's that idiot in between?
It's none of your business. I'm Seetha. And you can't mess with me.
Yeah…yeah…leave now. I'm sure you're meant for guys like him only.
Yes…I'm the same.
Come…let's go.
Do you know who you're messing with? You're crossing your limits.
I'm like a bomb. I'm a human bomb.
He's saying bomb. He looks dangerous.
Officer. Please explain me the problem. He's our guest.
You say I'm your guest. So, what's all this all about? Where have you been all this time?
Sorry Chintakaya sir. I'm a little late.
What is this?
Weapons. My own weapons.
Uncle. You're not supposed to say stuff like that. Sir…actually, these are…
You keep quiet and don't be afraid of them. Isn't a bat a weapon for Sachin, and a tabla a weapon for Zakir Hussain?
Similarly, these are the weapons of a cook. Look officer, these are all my weapons.ISI.
Excuse me sir. Please remove your belt.
You want me to remove my belt? I won't do that.
Uncle, they didn't even spare Shah Rukh Khan here.
Shah Rukh Khan needs America, but America needs me. Please explain this to them.
Sir, he's the best cook in India. ISI means Indian Standard Institute.
Please let us go sir. This is our restaurant's address. Please have a look…
Keep quiet! Why are you pleading with them? If I get angry, I'll crash into White House in a flight.
What is he saying?
Nothing, sir. He wants to see the White House by flight. That's all sir.
That's okay. But ask him to shut his bloody mouth.
Definitely sir, definitely.
Thank you sir. Have a nice day.
Take care.
You came just in the nick of time to rescue…them!
By the way, I heard you get Green cards here. Can we pick them up on our way home?
I heard you get a lot of benefits, if you've them.
Eh? A Green Card?
Did you think it's like a ration card or a SIM card to just hand it over to you, the moment you land in US?
Come…let's go!
Wait…let's click a selfie. Just landed in America.
Show me your passport.
She has it officer. How could you miss the passport?
Of course, I had my passport. I wouldn't have come here without that, Abhi.
No..no. We cannot allow you without your passport.
Uncle…let me go and have a look at what's happening.
Let me go through my bag. Give us a minute, officer.
Hey girl. Here's your passport. Without this, you can't roam in America so easily.
You should cross-check everything, in case you bump into someone.
Show us.
Uncle, America is so beautiful that you need more than two eyes. You'll feel like watching it forever.
Yes, it's true.
This is our restaurant.
What's this restaurant's name?
This place doesn't even have 50 seats and for this, you got me all the way from India?
You face will turn into a chicken roast, if I slap you. What's so interesting about this…
Yes, there's something interesting here.
Welcome. Welcome to Avakai
Why don't you stay back here?
Will you keep me with you?
Just kidding, I say
What's your name?
Jam. Pankajam. Mithai Pankajam. That's my full name.
Is that why you are speaking so sweetly?
Please stop it Chintakai sir.
Wait…I didn't know that you had such a grown-up daughter. I still can't believe it.
You don't have to believe that. She's not my daughter. She's my wife. Shall we go to the kitchen now?
You…wait for a minute. I don't cook in the kitchen.
I do romance.
First, I bathe a brinjal with hot water and then add a lot of masala
Eh? Why would you bathe a brinjal? What are you talking about?
Does your husband know how to cook?
If he could cook, why would you call you here?
You are so thrilling! Can I take a selfie with you?
Hey…come join us.
Just landed in Avakai
Welcome Chintakai sir.
All of you get out.
Get lost I say, get out.
Come on. Let's make a move.
Is this a kitchen or a cricket stadium? I'll be in soup if they come to know that I can't cook.
Now, I don't know how to manage the situation.
What dude? You forgot your inner soul after you landed in America.
By the way, how did you come here?
Visa, passport and other councils are for humans like you.
I just flew here, right behind you when you were on that flight.
Now, how are you going to manage everything?
I've got it all sorted, thanks to all the vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes by Sakkubai. It's all in this iPad.
Damn! You are too smart. Why were you dominating everyone back there?
I thought they wouldn't have doubts about me, if I dominate them
You've been clicking selflies everywhere. Where are you going to post them?
And why were you talking to the lady like that? It was filled with double meaning.
You think you can bathe a brinjal?
That's all related to the body. Souls, like you, shouldn't interfere in that.
Do you think this is Anakapalli? You're in America. If you goof up, then you'll be in big trouble.
Okay. I got it and you don't have to repeat it again. Come back now.
Welcome. Welcome home. Welcome home Chintakai uncle.
This is our home. Look at that view, it's mind-blowing.
What do you mean? After slogging the whole day,
you expect me to just lie down here and look at the view? Tell me.
Chintakai. Please don't answer the phone.
Subbudu…hello…hello..subbudu. Dad, please hang up the phone. I'll call you back.
Hello. You made it look like I've stepped on a landmine. Why did you have to scream so loudly?
It's expensive when you call from India, but if I call up from here, it's very cheap.
And I'll go mad if I follow your instructions.
Yes dad. Tell me?
Subbudu…I've to share a good news with you, urgently. Hear it from your mom.
Your son is on the call.
Step-mom. Not mom.
How are you step-mom?
Sandhya is going to get married soon.
Wow…congrats. We've to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner. Don't worry about the money.
Ahhh…you barely make enough money and you're dreaming about a grand wedding?
Why do you say that aunt? I've been sending money every month.
Yeah, right! You are sending us so much money that we have to employ servants to count the noted!
By the way, you'll have to send more money from this month onwards because of the wedding.
Okay aunt. By the way, I had sent an iPad to Sandhya last month.
Did she like it? Where is she? I want to talk to her and congratulate her.
I'll convey your message to her.
Hmhpf…you had to spoil my mood early in the morning!
How are you dad?
You're working hard for us, so we're all happy here without having to work hard.
Don't say that dad. Even I'm quite happy here.
Son, after your mom died, I thought if another woman enters this house, then she would become your mom.
However, she ended up being just your step-mom, even before she became part of the family. I'm really sorry about that.
Congrats sister.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
What's with this surprise all of a sudden? You could have informed me much earlier.
This is a big surprise for me too. We'll be getting engaged in sometime and this weekend,
we'll get married in an island. I didn't know if I could you reach you later on, so I called you now.
By the way, do you know something? He's taking me in a chopper to the island.
Wow…wow…wow…how romantic! You have found a romantic guy.
Nope. I've found a really good guy, who'll take care of me.
He's doing all this for me because he felt that I'd get restless if the paperwork after the wedding gets delayed.
That's why we are getting engaged right now.
Come..come…let's hurry up.
Sister? Hello. Hmmph…love you sister.
Hello..hello…ladies and gentleman. Let me introduce to you, the love of my life - See
Hey…your dress is really nice. Pretty Indian lady. She's so hot.
Thank you.
What's with See? You could have introduced me as Seetha.
Seetha is such an old-fashioned name. That's why I called you See, you see.
Before you make paneer butter masala, you've to dice the cheese.
Please dice the cheese into square shaped pieces
We've already bought all of that. We don't have to dice it again.
Oh…all of you, hang on. Don't be in a rush. This is our first time.
First time?
I meant, you guys are working with me for the first time.
Uncle, are the dishes ready? How are you able to listen to the songs, even in such a tense situation?
I'm not listening to them because I'm in a tense situation. But I'll get tensed if I don't listen to the songs.
I can't cook if I don't listen to music.
To light the stove, I listen to ragulutondi mogali poda, too cook vegetarian dishes, I listen to Veturi's songs and
for spicy food, it's Devi Sri Prasad. And if I want to try something new, then I listen to Ilaiyaraaja.
You are awesome, uncle.
What I'm saying is, every recipe has its own song and a beat. There are 500 recipes in here, I meant 500 songs.
You silly!
It's okay. Hey…tell that guy to send the main course after serving the starters.
You? Hello…remove the plate.
You? (smiles) We got this catering order. Past is past. If you want, please drink this but don't screw us over that.
Chi. Okay!
Make it fast. I'm running out of charge.
Uncle…uncle, we have a problem.
What happened? Are they saying that the dishes aren't good?
No…no. Everyone loved the items we prepared, but now they want an item song.
So, do you want me to dance to an item song?
There's no need to do that. Just give me your iPad.
Don't take that away. If I don't listen to the music….
You've been listening to the music through your earphones.
Now, you can listen to it through the speaker.
What next?
Go and ask him!
Move aside. Move aside. Hey…please stop.
Guys, since a Telugu boy got engaged to a Telugu girl, let's listen to only Telugu songs. So, here we go. 1…2…3
Let's learn how to make Tandoori kebabs. First, you've to marinate the chicken in tamarind soaked water, the previous night.
So, you've already learnt how to make Kheema Biryani? Now, let's move on to next item.
Now, let's learn how to make bottle guard pudding. These are all the items that you need for it.
(laughs) I'm sure everyone is shocked. Even I'm shocked.
I meant, these days, since a lot of girls don't know how to cook, we are giving away this collection to the bride.
Hello, I can cook really well. I used to cook for 500 people in our hostel's mess. Hello…this is Seetha.
Don't cover up in the name of this collection. Where's the music? Abhi, I want music.
Bro…please…we want music.
We want music. We want music.
Okay. Let's sing a Telugu song.
Have you ever been honest in your life?
If he had been honest, I won't be out of his body like this.
You please keep quiet. If you say one more word, I'll lock you inside a glass jar.
What did you just say? You're going to lock this personality inside a jar?
I didn't mean you. You know that I can't do that.
Rey…I'm asking you again, have you ever been honest in your life?

I'm honest on some occasions.
Do you think this is some sort of fasting or staying awake all night, to do it occasionally?
Without reading books or listening to your iPad, tell me what can you cook?
Challa Punugulu
Challa Punugula?
Yes, I learnt to make them 5 years ago at Babai Hotel. I can make them really well.
That's the matter. This is what happens when I get an idiot like you all the way to America.
Abhi? Abhi?
Did you see Abhi?
You mean, you can't him? Did he run away after the party. Oh no! He owes us a lot of money.
Don't talk rubbish. Not everyone is like you. My Abhi is a gentleman and it's my guarantee.
Abhi? Then let's go, we'll search for him together.
Abhi. Gentleman. O Gentleman.
My dear Abhi.
Gold Gentleman. O Gold Gentleman.
Where are you Abhi?
Where are you gold gentleman?
Why is the gentleman without his clothes?
Oh..there's a gentlewoman too.
Seetha…Seetha. Listen to me. I'll convince you. Please don't worry about this.
You'll convince me? You want me to be convinced with all this? Or is it compromise?
I left my entire beloved family behind for you. In fact, I broke their trust, by running away from home
just a day before the wedding, for you. And this is what you do to me?
This is the problem with Indians like you. You don't have a broad mentality. You could think that I was having a little bit of fun.
Even if you had seen me doing it directly, you could have just said, "Abhi, you naughty boy" and let it go.
Instead of all that, you're creating a big scene here.
Baby…are you okay?
She's my ex-girlfriend. She got emotional after she saw us getting engaged. So, I was just trying to pacify her.
You're saying that you had to go naked to pacify her?
Why are you raising your voice? And why have you come here with her?
I don't come here for her or with her.
Take it.
Come. I've a lot of unfinished business with you.
I thought about whether I should meet you at the airport or not. For someone who eats at KFC all the time,
it's tempting when he finds a country chicken like you. And you're our prey for the night.

What are you doing here?
I'm here to settle some unfinished work.
You want to fight with me?
Hey…I didn't think about this. They say that an idea can change your life.
And your life is going to change from your own idea.
Seetha? Shall we leave now.
Hey..I'll give you a lot of money. Please leave her here.
Oh..is it? I think he got hold of my weakness for money.
I'll do anything for money, but I won't lower myself and let go of my morals.
Where do you want to go?
Voiceover : First you come to the US, Seetha
Do you have any friends or acquaintances here?
Voiceover: No one will question you here, unlike in India where you've your family interfering in everything you do. First you come baby.
I live nearby. If you tell me where you want to go, I'll drop you there.
Ma'am. I'm talking to you.
Phone? Phone? I need to make a call urgently.
Hello Geetha?
Congratulations! I was so tensed that you didn't call me till now.
I've my final exam in sometime, but I was adamant to talk to you first before the exam begins.
By the way, how did the engagement go? Did my brother-in-law gift you a diamond ring?
Pass on the phone to brother-in-law. I want to wish him.
Hello…sister…are you there?
Say something sister. I've to write the exam soon.
It went on really well. I hope you do well in your exam. All the best.
Are you crying? What happened?
Nothing happened. I just remembered all of you. Now I understand, what I'm missing. That's why I was crying.
Don't worry my dear sister. They'll welcome you back with open arms one fine day. By the way, where's my brother-in-law?
He isn't here. He's gone.
What did you say?
I meant, he's gone to drop the guests.
I'm happy. I'll be more happy if you crack the exam.
I'll do just that. Congratulations once again, bye bye bye.
Tell me if you have any relatives or friends here. I'll get in touch with them.
Hello…I'm asking you.
I don't know anyone here
What? You just trusted that bugger and came all the way to America? By the way, how do you meet him?
On FB.
I met him through Facebook and we got close after chatting with each other.
(Laughs) What? You met him through Facebook. Uncle, listen to this.
She met him on Facebook and they bonded while chatting.
I know all about cheating, but I'm clueless about chatting. What is it?
Interesting question. Chatting is all about meeting strangers on the internet. It's become fashionable to fall in love through Facebook,
get married through Whatsapp, and people are even ready to spend a night with each other, if that's possible.
These girls don't like marriage alliances which their parents look for, after careful considerations.
This is what happens when you keep your books aside and focus on Facebook. Uncle…
Shut up. Just shut up, okay. I want to do my Master's degree here and do more research.
And I even want to do my PhD here, but my family didn't agree to that.
Abhi understood my agony and he promised to help me out. We were talking to each other for three years and got close. But today…
I didn't come here by looking at photos of celebrities on Facebook. No matter what happens
, even if I've to beg or wash dishes, I'm going to stay here. I don't want to go back to India.
My name is Seetha. I won't give up so easily.
It's okay. Don't cry now. He was blabbering without knowing anything.
You mentioned that you can cook well. Is that true?
I cook really well.
Then, you've got a job.
Right now, there's no guarantee that you'll continue in the job.
That's why I'm saying, her job is guaranteed.
They say, when God closes a window in one place, he opens other doors in another place. Come, let's go.
Welcome Seetha. This is our home, sweet home. Your heart should be large-hearted, like mine. You can stay for free here.
Abaa…why are you copying my dialogues? She's not going to stay for free here. She's going to share the rent.
Hello, if you sleep on the bed it's $100, if you want to crash on the sofa then it's $50, and on the floor, you can
sleep for free. If you use the computer, it's $25. And then…
Yeah. Why don't you quote a price even for water and air here?
Interesting. Not a bad idea.
Hello, this is America. There's a lot of freedom here, but nothing comes for free.
Abba…knowlegde! Don't worry about all these things. Go, make yourself comfortable. Go.
By the way, is she your assistant or are you her assistant?
We'll sort that out soon. By the way, why did she dump that guy?
He was caught red-handed doing yoga in the car.
What? You can dump someone for doing Yoga? I used to do yoga everyday when I was young.
I meant, in the car…
So what? You can do it in the car or on the bed. And it's a lot more comfortable,
if you do it on the floor. I can't understand girls these days.
(Laughs) That guy is worst! How did he do it in the car?
Uncle. She's the one I told you about, yesterday. Seetha.
Namasthe. I apologise for the inconvenience caused by me.
Don't say that. We are lucky to have found a Telugu person here.
Well said. Take her inside and show her the kitchen.
Hello America. Your Telugu boy is here and I'm going to give you some precautions.
This is a warning to everyone, especially girls, who are addicted to social networking sites.
Don't strike conversations with strangers randomly. You never know if it's a pervert you are talking to.
Recently, I saw a girl get cheated on in a brutal way. So girls, please be careful.
I'm going to play a song which is relevant to this situation.
Ahh…just miss!
I'm sure you've heard about NRI Rajasekhar.
Oh yes. Every Telugu person in America knows about him.
Exactly. He's throwing a huge party to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary.
And I came here to gave you that party's catering order.
Thanks a lot, sir. We'll do our best.
I'm sure. I'm sure. Funny thing is, we are organising a made-for-each-other contest at the ceremony.
Oh..wow. I'm sure a lot of couples will get into trouble.
If we announce it before hand, then a lot of couple will act nice to win the prize money.
So, we decided to have secret judges, who'll be observing everyone. The prize money is $25,000.
Very interesting. Let's finalise the menu.
If, all of a sudden, you get $25,000 then what would you do?
I'll think about how I can make $50,000 from that money.
I like you! NRI Rajasekhar is organising a made-for-each-other contest secretly. You'll make $25,000, if you win the contest. $25,000!
Seetha….Seetha…Seetha. No. No. No. Can't you manage just for a day? It's $25,000.
God knows how long you'll have to cook to make that amount of money.
You're looking so pretty. Let's wrap up everything soon. The groom's family will be here any moment.
Dad..can you hear me? Why aren't you taking calls on your mobile phone?
Sorry ra. I had kept it in another room to charge it.
By the way, how's the engagement going on?
Everything is going great, except that we are missing you here.
I'll be there 10 days before the wedding. Please pass on the phone to my sister. I want to wish her.
One minute.
What are you still doing here? The groom's family will be here any moment. Please be at the front door to receive them.
Your son is on the call. Talk to him for a minute, at least.
Anasuya aunt…Anasuya aunt.
Hello Sandhya. Hello. Hello dad. Hello aunt. Is anyone there? It's me, Subramanyam. Hello, sister. Hello.
Can someone call my sister? Can you hear me?
This is such a nuisance.
I can hear you. I can hear you till there.
Hello…hello…they've cut off the line long back.
Yes. I've been cut off long back.
Are you thinking about how many dollars you've saved up till now?
No. I'm thinking about how many rupees I've to spend for my sister's wedding
By the way, what will be my share if we win this contest?
If I take away my share of $20,000, you'll get to keep all of $5000.
Hello. Don't even think of taking me for a ride. Tell me if you are okay for a 50-50 deal. Then I'll think about it.
Oho. You've gotten used to the American way quite soon. You've become very commercial.
It's all your inspiration, sir.
Okay, fine!
Thank you, sir
Then what about me?
Why do you want a share in this?
For leaking the question paper to you yesterday and for not leaking this issue anywhere in future!
5-10-10. Done?
Done? Nope.
Okay, we can't deal with him. Let's go together as a couple to the contest. We will go under the pretext that
age has got nothing to do with marriage. It's all about heart and soul.
You can keep $15,000 and I'll take the remaining amount.
If you lie, it has to look convincing. Not to get yourself in trouble. Okay fine, I'm in.
Intelligent guy. Done!
Dude…how long will you keep holding on hands and rubbing each other's shoulders like this. If they ask you
any questions, you'll get caught. You should get to know each other well.
What would happen if they find out that we aren't a couple? Will they ask us to return the prize money?
If you think negatively, then only negative things will happen. If you think positively, then everything will be positive.
What we are about to do is itself a negative thing. How can I think about it in a positive way?
What are you doing here?
You're free to walk anywhere in America.
And you're also free to use any weapon, like knives and guns, here.
Don't forget that I'm a partner-in-crime in what you are about to. You've the license to use my services.
It's America, so everyone would come in their suits. If we go there in a traditional style, we'll set a new trend. Are you ready?
Subbu. Please look at me once.
Oh shit! You should wear a sari, not cover yourself with it.
I mean, I don't know how to wear a sari.
But you know how to chat, right? Chatting…chatting.
Okay, fine. Wearing a sari is quite similar to wearing a dhoti.
Look at how you have covered yourself with the sari!
No..no. Turn the other side and teach me how to wear a dhoti, and I'll learn from you.
What did you say? Oho…you use your mind in stuff like these. Okay, fine.
Take your pallu like this and drape it in this manner…are you done?
Seetha…do you know what's your beauty spot. It's the mole beside your naval spot.
How did you see that? You weren't even looking at me.
But you were facing the mirror. Let's go.
Hi. Welcome. Please come. Please come.
You are dressed so differently. I'm surprised.
We thought we would win the first prize if we stand out…aahh…I mean, our culture is our first priority.
We have crossed seven seas, but we haven't let go off our traditions.
Yeah…yeah. Good to know.
We'll throw dollars at them. I told the same thing to my brother-in-law as well. Let's throw dollars.
Can you play with the kid for sometime, dear?
According to the rules we've agreed upon, we're supposed to play with the kid on alternate days.
If you want, go and join the kid in a day care centre. We'll pay them.
It's my mistake that I asked you!
I can never understand women. They don't let us be at peace even at an event like this.
I suppose, we've to throw dollars at them as well.
My dear Seetha. If we have a son in future, I'll take care of him everyday.
You don't have bother about that all and I won't force you to do it.
I don't know about him, but I'm unable to bear the weight of your arms. Are you taking advantage of me?
Please understand, darling. I love you, my dear.
Romantic couple!
See you Arun. Take care.
Take care, bye.
Who was she? Why were you laughing and moving so closely with her?
She's my colleague Anu. That's why I laughed along with her, casually. Sorry Anu.
There was nothing casual about it. I could see lust in your laughter. We've a lot to talk about when you come home.
Anu..Anu…I'm not going to listen to you. Just shut up. Anu..Anu
Rasmalai! I got you some Rasmalai because you like it.
Sorry darling. But, have I ever eaten Rasmalai if you don't feed me with your hands?
Isn't it so? I totally forgot about it.
Did it hurt, my dear? If you want, you can slap me as well.
Do you want another one?
Funny couple.
Attention Ladies and Gentlemen. NRI Rajasekhar will be here in couple of minutes with his family.
I welcome all you couples who have come here. She's my wife, Vasantha. This isn't just our wedding anniversary but also her death anniversary.
I was the first engineer from my district to come to the US and she was the first lady doctor. We shared a lot in common and pretty soon, we fell in love with each other.
But my families didn't let us get married to each other. However, I lied to her that my parents had agreed and got married to her.
When she was pregnant with my son, my wife always used to ask me when would my parents come to the US to see her.
After sometime, she stopped asking. And one fine day, she passed away after giving birth to my son.
There's no greater truth than a wife in a man's life and at the same time, there's no bigger trust than the one which
a man gives his wife. What I'm trying to tell you is that there shouldn't be any lies between a man and his wife.
By the way, I've a surprise for all of you. We just conducted a made-for-each-other contest without your
knowledge. Our secret judges have observed all of you carefully.
No. No. No. No.
It's okay, it's okay. There's another round. These are the lucky couples whom our judges have chosen.
Whoever gives the right answer for the question that I'm about to ask, they're really made-for-each-other.
What's the meaning of trust between a couple and how should it be?
I'll answer that! I give all my salary to my wife. She doesn't keep a count and I don't ask her anything about that. That's the trust we share.
Can I? If my husband comes home before 12 PM then I know that he isn't drunk. If he comes after that, then he is usually drunk.
That's the trust between us. Am I right honey? Yes!
Anyone else?
I know an elderly couple, who used to go out for dinner every Saturday night.
One day, after dinner, the lady insisted that she would drive the car.
The uncle was hesitant to let her drive because it was risky to drive late in the night, but she didn't give up.
So, the man gave her instructions about the route and the lady drove the car till their house. After reaching their home, the lady said,
"My dear husband. What difference does day or night make to a blind person like me?
And where's the risk?" The man had complete trust in her despite the fact that she was blind,
and she trusted him as he kept giving her directions, when she was behind the wheel. That's the kind of trust which every couple should have in each other.
So, the made-for-each-other title goes to Mr and Mrs Subramayam.
Yes. Thank you. Thank you.
Subbu…Why do we have to go home so soon?
Now I understand. Girls don't ever drink, but if they are drunk, then it's tough to control them.
Subbu…you are a very very good boy. Thank you.
Subbu…cute boy.
Subbu…Subbu…Subbu. Tell me.
I got an admit in the best college. Congrats.
No..no. I got the best husband. Thank you. Thank you.
The other day, I slapped you because you touched my waist. Sorry Subbu.
It's okay. It's okay.
Now that you are my husband. Come, place your hand on my waist.
Sister. How are you? And how have you been? It's been 20 days since I've heard from you.
Just because you got married in an island, will you forget your own sister?
Please call me back. I'm missing you so much.
Hello sister, how are you doing?
I'm good. How have you been?
Give the phone to my brother-in-law. I want to talk to him.
He isn't here. I meant, he is in his office right now.
Okay. I've a good news for you. My marriage has been fixed.
Congratulations. I'm so thrilled to hear that.
Please come back home immediately.
I don't know if I can make it.
I don't want to hear anything. Since our parents are no more, the priest said that it's yours and brother-in-law's duty to be in their place at the wedding ceremony.
And no one in the family could object to that including our uncle. Everyone will be so happy if you come back. Please come back soon.
Geetha…please listen to me. Let me complete what I have to say.
Sister. So far, I thought I didn't have my mother. If you don't come, I'll think that I don't have a sister either. You are coming. That's it.
Don't fool around when I'm irritated.
I have to do this only when you're irritated. If I did this when you are happy, then I would get irritated.
My sister's wedding has been fixed.
You should be happy. Why are you so dull?
I really want to go to my sister's wedding, but at the same time I am quite afraid.
Had I not lied on that day, I wouldn't have faced this situation.
Try telling the truth this time.
What are you saying?
It's wrong to cheat, but not when you get cheated. You have to keep telling lies to cover one lie.
If you keep on lying, you'll get caught one fine day. And then, even you tell the truth, no one will believe you.
But I don't know how my family would react if I say the truth. I'm scared.
If someone cares about us, then they won't look for mistakes. And if someone hates us, then they'll only look for mistakes in us.
Just tell your family what really happened. I'm sure they'll take care of you.
How come you have transformed so much? For once, you have made me think.
Even my sister's wedding is just around the corner. The travel agent said that I would get a discount if I can get bulk bookings for him.
Aren't you ashamed?
Nope. I've got the discount. Come let's go.
What else?
All the best.
Bye. Bye.
I don't know how to ask you this. Can you come to Kurnool along with me?
And do what? You want me to take part in the wedding ceremony?
I'm scared Subbu. If accompany me…
You need company to lie, but when you say the truth, you don't even need your shadow. Just go and tell them what really happened.
I'll be courageous if you are by my side. You can trick anyone when you lie. And I'm sure that my family would get convinced if you tell them the truth. Please Subbu…
Are you praising me or mocking me?
I'm just pleading you. Please come and talk to my family. Please Subbu…
Hey..foolish girl! What are you doing? Okay, fine. I'll come along with you. But I've to return by tonight.
Thank you so much Subbu.
Brother. Can you stop the car at the dhaba?
I need to take a new SIM card. India number.
You didn't give away the dhaba when our boss asked you to. Now, get ready to die.
Brother…do you have a fancy number?
Do you have an address proof?
Now, he'll sign. Make him sign!
What are you staring at? Leave right now.
Subramanyam is back in town. Subramanyam!
Anna, Subramanyam is back in town.
I don't care even if you have to break his bones for that. Bring him to me, at any cost.
The time has come when I deliver the promise I made to my father. Bring him.
Catch him!
Bro, you have to go fast. I've to return to Hyderabad later tonight.
If I go any fast, then instead of going to Kurnool, we'll go to Kashi.
Bro, I think his vehicle broke down.
Go slowly now.
Sir, it's okay now.
Bro, looks like his vehicle has been repaired now. Go fast now!
Brother, fill up the tank and park your car somewhere closeby. I'll be right back.
If you want to move ahead in life, it doesn't mean that you've to be behind someone's life. How have all been? What's brewing in Hyderabad?
Oye. Anna has called you. Keep calm and get into the vehicle.
It doesn't matter who asked you to do so. Rather, it's more important to know who you are messing with.
Oh..so, you are looking for a fight?
Oye! You should never ask a Pawan Kalyan's fan if he has seen Gabbar Singh. Instead, you should ask him how many times he has seen that film.
On a similar note, you shouldn't ask people like me if I'm going to trash you. Instead, the question you should be asking now is how long and how much will I trash you?
Drag him now
What happened to you? Why are you laughing?
A Gun. He's pointing a gun to me.
Oyeeee…there's a commitment between me and your boss, but there's time for that. In between, I've plenty of work to do.
This is what happens when you mess with someone going on a highway.
Leave all this aside. If you still like fighting or messing with me, then take down my number - 9703322555.
I just got the number and it'll take 24 hours for it to get activated. Till then, all you have to do is just wait.
Keep waiting.
Parvathamma. Parvathamma. Parvathamma.
Where's your son? Call him immediately.
Why will he be here?
You have sold him to me. Subramanyam for sale. I've bought him for a fancy amount. He's my property.
I thought he would come to my home the moment he landed in India.
But, he beat up my own men and went away. I can't wait any longer. Call him immediately.
He isn't even my son. Keep my thing aside for a minute, have you forgotten what had happened to you?
And have you forgotten the oath you had taken?
Namasakaram. Namasakaram.
You sent an Innova car to pick us up? I was expecting a Benz car. Look at the groom, he has lost all his charm.
How are you brother? I'm fine. I heard you murdered someone recently. How did it go?
It went off really well. By the way, how was your encroachment of the land?
It was awesome. I got hold of 40 acres of land. Everything was smooth.
Welcome to you brother.
What is this brother? I told you that I don't need a single penny as dowry.
And on top of that, I even offered to give you the entire Dhoolpet area.
Yet, you chose some random guy over my own brother. Is it fair?
Narsingh bro, I'm simply obliging to my father's request.
His last wish was that Durga should get married to someone who's well-educated and is about to go a foreign country.
So you think my brother doesn't go abroad? He goes to Bangkok once every month.
You have come to my sister's wedding. So, just keep quiet, eat well and bless the couple.
Why do you want to get into arguments like these? Go, sit there and watch the wedding.
Brother! Brother! The groom has ran away. I found a letter written by him.
Aagghh…Ask the priest to read the letter!
That's how this letter begins, sir.
Govind! It doesn't make sense that a well-educated guy like me would get married to your sister, considering that you're always killing people.
And what? This was your father's last wish.
Well, he was in the last stage of his life. So, it was natural that he asked you to do something unusual.
But, what happened to you? Shouldn't we know what we can or cannot do?
I've already lost my software job because of you and on top of that, you threatened my family into agreeing to get me married off to your sister.
I'm going to the US quite late.
I'll do whatever it takes to return your money, but I'll not get married to your sister at any cost.
However, I don't specialise in killing people or taking away their property, like you do.
So, it'll take some time for me to repay you the entire amount of money.
Till then, just keep waiting. Keep waiting!
Govindu…don't worry at all. Just like the fire here, there's plenty of fire left in my brother's body.
If you agree, I'll get my brother married to your sister right now.
Hey…shut up!
Parvathamma. I won't back down after all this drama. In the name of Old City's Kothadasu,
Dhoolpet's Yadanna, I hereby declare that Subramanyam will be my sister's husband.
You've a glorious opportunity to reclaim your honour, Govindu and it's come in the form of my son.
Bring him to me, but be careful.
Will he listen to you?
He might not listen to his own mother, but he won't say no to his step-mom now.
It's your responsibility to bring him to me carefully and I'll do what I can to get him married to your sister.
Come on all of you.
I saw him heading towards Kurnool.
Then, all of you head to Kurnool. We shouldn't leave him at any cost.
Parvathy, Parvathy. Why did Govind come back here?
Why would a money-lender come here? He had come to take back what's rightfully his by hook or crook.
But our son has been sending money every month.
Yeah, right! We've cleared all our debts, run the family and even bought lands near Hi-Tech City
from the money which your son had been sending! You should be ashamed.
I heard he has landed in India from the US. If he calls you, ask him to come home immediately.
What? Subbu is here?
Isn't that what I just said? God knows what he's upto right now.
Will your sister and brother-in-law come to the wedding?
Sister and brother-in-law are already here. Start the music.
Sister! I'm here
Sister. Thank you so much!
Just keep quiet. Don't say a word.
Aunt…please stop this. I've a surprise for these two here.
Welcome my dear. Welcome. I've been waiting for both of you here.
You didn't see this coming. Did you? That's surprise.
I've lived all these years in the US without any connection with my family; however,
I wanted my son to get married to someone, who's from a traditional Telugu family.
I wanted him to have his relatives by his side, no matter what the situation is.
I had come to Kurnool on some contract work and a friend suggested that this alliance would be great for my son.
And the moment I got here, a lot of people in the village said lots of things about the bride.
Really? What did they say?
Just keep quiet.
Anyway, since I had come this far, I wanted to meet the family and when I came here,
I realised that she's your sister. I was thrilled and relieved.
And I told all of them Subramanyam is a really nice guy and they had nothing to worry.
The world is so small. Isn't it?
I knew it was small, but I didn't realise that it was so small that I would feel suffocated.
Haha..he's so funny.
Sir, a festival is not what you celebrate with 10 people around you.
To really celebrate a festival, all of them have to be together and enjoy each other's company.
And it's your responsibility to make this wedding just like a festival.
That's my condition and that's what I expect as dowry.
Alright Rajendra garu. We'll do it as you wish.
It's not about you or me anymore. From now onwards, it's all in the hands of Subramanyam.
After all, he's the elder son-in-law in the family. What do you say?
This is all because of you. If we hadn't been so greedy for $25,000 we wouldn't be in a fix right now.
Hello…it's not just you who's in trouble. It's both of us.
It's of no use to blame you now. I have to do something.
You don't have to do anything. I'll go to NRI Rajasekhar and tell him the truth. We can both fall at his feet.
No! It's my sister's luck that she got an alliance from a good family like that of NRI Rajasekhar.
I don't want to screw things up for her for a mistake that I had committed.
It would be terrible if anyone comes to know that after growing up in an rich and respected family like this,
I acted as your wife just for the sake of money.
This alliance has been okayed because of two of us. So, it's our job now to...
What do you mean?
Till the wedding is over…
I think we should continue acting as wife and husband till then.
Impossible! Even I have a sister, who's about to get married.
Please Subbu. If not for me, please do this for my sister.
After she gets married, we can go to NRI Rajasekhar and convince him somehow.
Seetha…truth is like fire. And one day, it'll bring us all down.
See, this is a sign!
My SIM card has been activated.
Dad..how are you?
Subbu…you could have told me that you were coming to India.
I wanted to surprise you.
Govind gave us a big surprise already. He came home to pick up a fight and ask for his money.
Just hang on for a minute.
It's better if you don't come home for sometime.
But dad, I've been sending money regularly to aunt
You know her quite well. This issue won't end until we hand over him the amount in his hands.
I'll arrange for some money. You can come home after things cool down after few days.
Okay dad.
Yes dad…I'm already on my way. I just have to take a cab here and get down at home. That's all. Okay, bye.
I'm sorry Seetha. I'm heading home now. Even if you pay me Rs 1 lakh per day, I can't stay here.
Wait…we never spoke about money, but he says he can't stay here even if I pay him Rs 1 lakh.
So, does this mean that he would stay back if I pay him that amount every day?
Exactly. You got my point.
Wait? Except movie stars, no one takes so much money.
Hello…even I have to act here. Can't you do this for your sister?
And Rs 1 lakh is not a big amount for someone, who's from such a rich family.
Sister and brother-in-law. Your lunch is ready.
We still haven't come to an understanding yet!
We are just coming. Your brother-in-law just got ready.
Hi aunties. Good morning. What's on the menu today for breakfast? May I help you?
Hey…do you know how much the whole family is suffering because of you?
And you are here in the kitchen as soon as you woke up. Don't you have any sense? Come…let's go.
What's this? All I said was hello aunties and they have turned anti towards me. What's happening?
Hello Subramanyam. Where are you?
A woman isn't a piece of trash which you can discard anytime you want.
A woman is like Goddess Aadishakthi.
On one hand, she'll offer you food and at the same time, she can even kill you. Kill you. Kill you.
Oh no! I wonder what happened in the previous episode.
If someone harasses you with random calls, I won't tolerate that.
Tell me. Who are you? And why are you calling me so many times? Tell me.
Whom did you call? Hey…what are you guys doing? Are you here to work or just to have fun?
Check it is. What will you do now?
I'm stunned with your moves in Chess, sir. Fantastic.
Brother-in-law, you've lost the game.
Awesome, my dear. Didn't I say this? He's a genius. Tremendous guy.
Son, send me your flight number and seat number.
What is this, my dear?
It's my heart which has broken like this. And if I could add more, it's shattered.
Do you realise what's happening here Rajasekhar sir?
Neither the men nor the women in the family have shown any respect, despite my sincere attempts.
Am I the son-in-law of this family or a villain? I've to know.
It's broken. Good. A lot of things will be broken and shattered to pieces today in this house.
It's your daughter who came all the way to America for me, but not the other way around. Didn't you?
Yes. Yes.
Although she had run away from her house, I got married to her because she's from a good family. Didn't I?
Yes. That's true.
And how did I take care of her? I looked after her so well that we won the best couple award
across all the states in the US. Isn't it true Rajasekhar sir?
Yes, you are right.
And you okayed this alliance after realising that I'm related to them. Isn't it?
Yes. That's 100% right.
I am here for the wedding ceremony and I've no interest in enjoying your services
and make this into a happy family. I'm your guest, not host.
I'm Seetha's husband and son-in-law of this house.
I don't have to impress anyone. For that matter, all of you must impress me.
From now onwards, I expect all of you to have a smile and a glow on your face.
It's not my request. It's my warning.
Yes, they'll all be just like as you say, dear. I'm here for you. Why did you get so emotional?
I'm not emotional sir. It's my frustration and anger. And whatever you can think of.
Although we got married, so far, we haven't had our first night. Did it happen or not?
Nope. It didn't happen.
See. That's my character.
I can trick anyone with my words and deliver plenty of punch dialogues; however, my target is to just work.
You are super, my dear. Reddappa garu, what's done is done.
I request you to let go off your ego and focus on what needs to be done.
My dear, you should learn to keep your cool.
There's no ego or anger, sir. He's still new to all of us, so it'll take sometime to warm up to him.
Son, I've understand what your frustration and pain is. You'll never face anything like that ever again here.
Come, let's all have lunch.
What about you?
I'm fasting today. But if you insist, then I'll join you for lunch.
There's no need to do that.
By the way, I've got some unfinished business in Hyderabad.
My son will be in India in couple of days and both of us will be back soon,
and we'll stay here till the wedding ceremony.
You should have told us that you two haven't had your first night yet.
I'm already on a high.
You should give birth to a son by this time, next year. Okay?
Shall I pour water in the peg?
Nope. I've phobia towards water.
He looks like a kid, but he's gulping down every drink on the rocks.
He'll faint, if he sees you like this.
If he faints, how will she give birth to a son?
You…keep quiet.
Uncles, please bless me. I'm going to rock the bed tonight. Hey Seetha…Seetha.
Ey Seetha. I'm losing my control after seeing you like this.
Have you gone mad?
Yes. I'm on a high.
Everyone has to get married to have their first night together,
but for me, it feels like I've for an Engineering seat without writing EAMCET exam.
I'm Seetha. It's never easy with me.
Yes. First night is never easy for anyone.
First I'll start kissing here and then I will go down to your lips and then to your…
I'll scream if you cross the line.
You will scream? No one will come to your rescue. Instead,
they'll happy that they have got a son-in-law who's quite virile.
Come…let's start slowly and finish quickly.
By the way, we haven't spoken about payment for first night.
Subramanyam won't do anything for free. I'll abide by my promise and stay true to my character.
Seetha. You are not allowed to talk to anyone until you come back from the temple and light a lamp here.
Interesting. But why?
It's a tradition in our family for the wife to pray for a child right after her first night
and in this process, she's not allowed to talk to anyone.
Brother-in-law, you can try to disturb your wife. If she talks, then your fellow brothers-in-law will give you money.
They'll give me money?
Then, I'll make your sister talk.
Seetha…are all these lands ours?
Not ours, they are my family's property.
How much would an acre of land sell for?
Why do you want to know when none of this is yours.
Hey brother-in-law, your sister has to keep quiet because of a ritual.
But you seem quite frustrated. Even your tone is different.
You've spoilt my life and my film's story. How do you expect me to be happy?
What? I spoilt your film's story?
Yes! I was thrilled when she ran away from home, just a day before she was supposed to get married.
I wanted to adapt it into a film. And then, you came here. Everyone is happy at home, except me.
There are no more twists or thrills in my life. You didn't leave anything to get inspired from.
Oh, that's your problem? You want a twist in the story…isn't it? Okay.
Suppose, per suppose, imagine that the guy your sister like was caught red-handed while doing yoga with another girl.
What do you mean by getting caught while doing yoga?
I mean, like Aamir Khan in PK.
And then?
Then, someone like me enters the scene to rescue her and lets the girl to stay at his place.
Out of blue, she gets a phone call about her's sister wedding, and that leads to a commotion.
There's a function here in India and she got tensed there.
This is exactly what I was looking for. If everyone is happy, then where's the conflict in the story?
Listen to the entire story. Now, imagine me coming here on the condition that I would charge Rs 1 lakh per day…
Seetha…yes, Seetha. Say something.
You keep quiet, sister. All the characters in this story are purely fiction and they don't resemble anyone in real life. And then?
I don't know. Let's see what happens.
You are awesome! We can name the film as 'Donga Mogudu'. How's it?
We'll even get Megastar Chiranjeevi's blessings.
Nope. It's wrong to compare us with a legend like him. Ours is a cute and short film.
Let's name it as 'Chelli Function, Akka Tension' and I'm sure even the family audiences will come to watch the film. How's it?
This sounds nice.
You keep quiet man. You seem to be ready to kill for just few lines, which rhyme.
Thanks to God, all the arrangements are in place this time.
Stop. Reddappa garu had thrown you out of the village.
Reddappa had thrown me out of the village, but not from the temple in the outskirts of the village.
It would be appropriate to not allow scoundrels like you inside you.
You have a point. By the way, who are you?
We are all members of the Panchayat board.
Now, just because you are a good man, won't fire burn you down, or won't I get drenched if it rains, even though I'm the bad guy.
Even the five elements of nature have no objection towards me. Who are you to tell me? Go now.
People's mentality hasn't changed at all. That's the issue here.
Dear God, bless me that I make a film with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.
What's with this noise?
He's my hero of my life. Won't fans whistle when they see their hero?
The concept sounds convincing.
Babu…what's your name and gothram?
Won't you ask the girl?
I don't have to ask her because I know all about her. I've been seeing her ever since she was a kid.
She couldn't never stay at one place. She would always run here and there.
She hasn't changed now either. She ran away all the way to America and I had to literally force her to come back here.
Abuse me Seetha. It's not good to hold back your love and anger. Let it out.
I'll make you talk.
Seetha…when Ravana, who was in a disguise, asked Seetha to cross the line, do you know what she said?
It isn't so easy with Seetha.
Brother…Charukesa..Aditalam,Simhadri ragam. Temper Yogam...
How come the music is coming from all the speakers?
Hey…come on. He's somewhere around here.
Do you know what Ravanasurudu said when he got frustrated with Seetha, who's held captive in Ashoka Vanam?
It's not so easy with Seetha.
A lot of miracles are happening in the world, except in my life.
What's this? What's this injustice? I sent you away but you got close to your family now, and spoilt all my plans to take revenge.
I told you very clearly and as politely as SP Balu says in Padutha Theeyaga, that I shouldn't see you around ever again. I made a mistake for the first time.
I've often heard that God gives everyone a second chance. I've got mine now. Dear God, yes, you exist!
Drag her!
There he is. Get the vehicles out.
Let's go. Let's go.
We came for you.
I'm here right next to you.
What if you escape again?
If I had that plan, why would I sit next to you?
Didn't you say he's from America?
I now see why our films are doing so well in the overseas market.
He must have gotten inspired from all those films. No wonder, he's got such a big along with him. Let him come.
Do you want to fight or talk?
Do you want to fight or talk?
Let's talk.
If you have any enmity with Reddappa, then settle it between yourself. Don't drag us, NRIs, into this.
Because, Seetha is no longer Reddappa's family member. She's mine now.
I don't know if I have the courage to die for her, but if anyone comes near her, I have got the guts to kill them!
I'm becoming too emotional. Cool down Subramanyam.
Bujji…do you know why God has made a man with tongue outside and nerves of steel inside?
Because first we've to use our tongue to settle issues amicably and if that doesn't work out then we can fight it out.
Leave all this aside. If you are still in the mood to fight, then take down my number
How bro?
It's okay bro.
Don't think this is my fan following. This is my phone following.
Why did you let him go?
In cricket, if you want to hit a six, you can just smash any ball; however, if you want to score a century,
you've to let some balls go. My revenge saga with Reddappa won't end with a sixer. I'll hit a century on him.
When so much was happening, why didn't she open her mouth?
Nothing would have happened, but there's a belief that if she broke the ritual then the couple would be separated.
Okay. Take your sister and go home safely. I'll talk to my men and come.
Your men?
When I said my men, it means it's none of your business.
By the way, can I use this fight in my film?
I too have a request. Please don't tell anyone about what happened here.
Done. Done.
Brother. Thank you so much. You saved our lives just in the nick of time.
If you take this route to the highway, you'll be in Hyderabad. Okay, I'll see you.
Wait. Are you acting even now?
I just started acting. The response has been phenomenal so far.
You ran away from that wedding and here, you are calling someone as your wife. What's happening with you?
Brother, that's a fake marriage and I'm just doing it for money.
I've to return the money which I took from Govind. That's why I'm acting.
Durga is still waiting for you.
What? She hasn't gotten married yet?
How will she get married if you ran away?
I ran away for the sake of her marriage.
What are you talking?
You know what happened that day?
Eh…stop doing this. I'm feeling dizzy.
You can't narrate a flashback without drawing zeroes or shedding tears. I'll try…
I don't like doing hanky-panky stuff before the wedding.
But, I'm not in favour of the wedding at all. I'm in love with someone else.
Sit down. Sit down.
Then, why don't you tell all this to your brother?
He'll kill my lover first, not me.
Then, what do you plan to do now?
He needs some time to settle down first.
Then, I can think about whether I want to elope with him or confess about our affair to my family.
I don't care what you do. My name shouldn't come out.
Although I wrote that letter, I wanted Durga to be happy.
And I hoped that she would get married, even if I had taken the entire blame on myself.
On top of that, when everyone in the US keeps taunting me as the 'runaway groom', I'm just continuing to live my life to pay off the debts.
Okay, then. You can explain all this to Govind anna. Let's go to Hyderabad.
I'll definitely come with you. There's a wedding soon in offing. I'll definitely come after the wedding is over.
Why are we still discussing all this with him? Let's break his bones and take him with us.
I can understand if he forgets about what I'm capable of doing because he has to think about a million other things. How did you forget about it?
One thing that I've understood is that, you're all like repeat audience. You need another round of bashing from me.
Another round? We aren't interested. What do you want us to do now?
Come to the wedding with me.
What do you mean?
Why? What happened? We'll all go to Hyderabad once the wedding is done.
Looks like, he's telling us another story about the cows and the lion.
Hey! In that story, the cow promises to come back, but here, the cow itself is inviting 10 lions to come along with it. Isn't there a difference?
What will you tell your family about us?
These are all my relatives. Cousins and brothers-in-law.
These guys? They look like Al-Qaeda's members in a disguise.
Yes. We are all Subramanyam's relatives.
We met him unexpectedly at the temple.
We're all here because he forced us to come to the wedding.
Then, what about the women in your family?
It's not happening. None of them is able to get married, which is why they've been praying at various temples.
An astrologer told them to attend at least 100 weddings and bless the couple. Only after that they can get married.
So, I made them change their costume…I meant…heart and invited them to the wedding.
You did a fine job. We don't have to anyone else now. If all of us get together, then the entire frame will be colourful like a Krishna Vamsi's film.
Now, tell the same thing in a positive way.
I meant, the entire house will be a pleasant place with all the relatives around us.
So, everyone has got introduced to each other, right? Come and freshen up.
Won't you introduce me?
I'm back and front.
Who's he?
My uncle.
Yes, it's me. Your Subramanyam used to work with me.
What's this? You said that you would be gone for just few days, but you seem to be settling down here. What'll happen to Avakai there?
What do you mean by Avakai (pickle)? Isn't he working in a software company.
Oh…that's what you told them?
Sir, if there's a company named Apple, then what's wrong with naming a company as Avakai? Even this is a software firm.
Avakai software.
Seetha, please try to convince him. If he doesn't come back, then Avakai will be on the verge of shutting down.
If they shut down the company, you should have stayed back there and beg on the streets. Why did you come here?
This girl had posted few photos on her Facebook page that her sister and brother-in-law are back.
So, I got a hang of what's happening here and I'm here to know the remaining part of the story.
But, uncle.
Jet lag. Long journey. I want to relax. Where's the kitchen?
Oh God!
Ahh..it's the jet lag. Where's the bedroom?
We had to come to India, all of a sudden, for her sister's wedding. And I stayed back to help her on humanitarian grounds.
Oh….Oh….you are the kind of guy who'd sell stale rice as pudding. Don't tell me about humanity and Mother Teresa. I'll get super pissed.
By the way, what's his remuneration?
Remuneration for me?
It's Rs 1 lakh per day!
Oh, you are such deep trouble these days. Please pay me the same amount as well.
Chintakai, this is not fair at all.
Those days are long where we would debate about what's fair or not fair. Now, think about the money you've to pay me.
You're shocked right? I expected that. So, here's a special AV for you.
Will the Kaliyugam reach its climax soon? Will the universe explode? Who knows? Maybe, it's possible.
Here's a story about a girl who has been plotting against her family, instead of taking care of them.
Who's responsible for the dwindling values in joint families? Who's responsible?
Here's the story of one such couple, who are cheating their own family. For all of you.
What if they find out that we aren't married after winning the contest and ask us to return the prize money after that?
If you think negatively, then only negative things will happen. But if you think positively, life will be happy and peaceful.
What we are about to do is itself a wrong thing. How can I think about it in a positive sense?
That's the matter.
This is so unfair, Chintakai. I'm struggling a lot to carry the burden of a lie.
And even I'm controlling myself to keep a secret under the wraps. Did you get it?
Subbu…wake up. Rajasekhar uncle and his family will be here soon. Wake up.
It's considered unlucky if you wake up at 6 AM. I'll sleep for another hour.
I know how to wake you up.
Get up!
Hey…stop there.
I won't Subbu.
Stop there or I'll kill you.
Come here. Apologise to me.
Subbu…leave me.
Say this. Subramanyam
On your grave.
Say, Subramanyam Sorry.
I won't say.
Don't leave her Subbu. She's very arrogant.
Don't leave her. You are the right guy to teach her a lesson
Brother, what business do we have with the Home Minister? Why are we meeting him all of a sudden?
We don't have a proper grip over things in Kurnool. So, we have to talk to the Home Minister, once, about it.
You want Subramanyam.
You say that he's a middle-class guy.
If you want, I'll find out some prospective grooms who have the same status and property as we have.
I had taken a vow that I'll get my sister married to Subramanyam. Besides, that was my dad's last wish.
What's with all these settlement issues, so early in the morning? Tell me, now!
Dasu, what are you doing?
Hey…I compete with only myself and no one else.
Dad, just say yes and I'll kill him right now.
Don't be in a rush, son. Dasu, I don't want any rivalry between us.
Are you threatening me? If two people beat the pulp out of each other, then it's a fight.
But if only one guy is all over you, then it's an invasion. This is Dasu's invasion.
I'll kill him!
Don't be in a rush. Dasu, now, let's just decide who's going to control which of the areas.
Hey…what is that you are going to decide?
From now onwards, I get the share from the bars and you can keep the peanut stalls at the entrance of those bars.
I'll keep the cinema halls and you can take the cut from the cycle stands.
Multiplexes are mine and so is your daughter, Durga.

Oh shit. Shit. Shit.
He killed his own father for money. This world will end soon.
I told you to hold on.
I'm so sorry father. I missed the target.
When were you ever on target?
Son, whoever makes money from this line of worry will have to face the bullet, one fine day.
Son, don't get your sister, Durga, married to anyone like us.
Tell me, what do you want us to do. I'll fulfil your last wish at any cost.
Java. Oracle. Dot. Dot Net. Get her married to a software engineer.
Your dad is the reason why I've this power and influence. Now, forget about that guy. I'll take care of him.
You want us to forget him?
I meant that I'll take up the responsibility of finding him.
Hey, call up Bujji.
My guys would have taken care of it, if it was in Hyderabad.
We have no other choice but to ask your help, because the issue is in Kurnool.
You don't have to explain anything, sir. Just give me an order.
Then, talk to my friend once.
Hello, Bujji garu. I'm Govind Goud.
No formalities between us, please. You just send him his photograph,
and I'll send that photograph back with a garland.
No. I need him alive
Okay. As you wish.
Thank you so much.
I said no formalities. If I want you to murder someone in Hyderabad won't you do it?
Of course, I would. We can take care of it. My men are in Kurnool.
They'll come and give you Subramanyam's photo.
What? He asked you to show someone my photograph?
Exactly, bro. Situation is critical.
Does Bujji know your boss?
No, he doesn't. He spoke to him over the phone, along with the minister.
Then send Bujji your own boss' photo.
Ya, bro. Bujji doesn't know how your boss looks like.
But Bujji knows how you look and you even fought with him.
I told him that I'm Seetha's husband,
but he doesn't know that I'm the Subramanyam whom your boss is trying to find.
You are genius bro.
I know, I know.
Everyone, he's the guy we have to catch soon. Minister's recommendation.
Catch him soon. He's roaming in our village.
Uncle, you are drinking?
In my view, a bottle is a weight which I want to carry and alcohol is a responsibility that I must gulp.
Why are you still bowling? You have bowled over everyone here.
Okay, just give me my first payment. I'm excited and I've a lot of plans, you know.
Oh..is it? What payment?
Did you just say that? I'll tell you, with a laptop.
Laptop? Payment? What are you talking about uncle?
Yeah. You need to, at least, know to act this well.
Thank you.
I know where to mix a drink and how to plot against someone.
Rajasekharaaa…I can't stop now.
Rajasekhar sir, Rajasekhar Sir.
NRI Rajasekhar sir, Reddappa sir. And the rest of the family.
All of you come here. I'm going to show you a movie.
Will the Kaliyugam reach its climax soon? Will the universe explode? Who knows? Maybe, it's possible.
Here's a story about a girl who has been plotting against her family, instead of taking care of them.
Here's the story of one such couple, who are cheating their own family. For all of you.
It's so sad that we have to get married here in the US, without any of our family members and relatives around us.
I'm scared whether my family will accept you.
Oh! Don't worry about that Seetha. We'll ask them to forgive us and touch their feet.
Gosh! My family would be suffering so much because of my mistake.
I can't wait to see all my relatives. I miss home, Subbu. I can't help but remember everyone.
Don't worry Seetha. We'll go to India soon for your sister's wedding.
Then, you'll meet all your uncles and aunts…
Let's not continue any further. I'll stop it here.
My dear, even though you were far away from the elders in the family,
you've never forgotten your responsibilities and value of relationship.
What do you say, sir?
You are absolutely right, sir!
Son, although we didn't accept your relationship when you fell in love, you never forgot to respect and love us.
Chitti sir, all these days, our son-in-law was living only in this house.
From now onwards, he'll continue to live in our hearts. All this credit goes to you.
Did you hear what he said? I get all the credit.
By the way, even she has learnt to act quite well.
Look at her making a face!
By the way, whom are you giving the credit for changing the audio in that video?
Telugu film industry has improved a lot technically, uncle.
People like Cinema Sundaram will do wonders in future.
Wonders…and this guy!
You changed the voice to show them the final output and that's okay.
Didn't feel anything when you heard the original audio clip?
I was thrilled and found it very interesting. They gave me a silent video and asked me to write dialogues for that. I took it as a challenge.
Oho. Did you keep the audio in mute mode and gave a silent clip to him, my dear!
What did you say to me? That you know when to mix a drink and when to plot against someone?
Yeah, I said that. So what about it now?
Even I know where to cut something short and where to evade any issue.
Let's go!
Durga! My dear Durga. Please bring me the cash that I gave you the other day.
Brother, I spent all that money.
You spent Rs 25 lakhs? That's so awesome. What did you buy? A necklace?
Before I tell you about the money, I have to tell you something.
What is it, my dear? Tell me.
I used to go mad in this house where I didn't have anyone to talk to, except for these four walls.
You've brought me up with great care and attention. My days would be filled with books and TV, but I was so lost.
You knew what I wanted, but you couldn't figured out what I longed and desired for.
You just didn't have the time for that.
That's when Azhgar came into my life.
A/C repair, madam.
She looks so beautiful. Almost like a piece of sweet.
Madam, the A/C is working fine now. Do give it a try once.
How's it?
It feels new. I meant, it's cold.
And from day that onwards, the A/C had to be repaired almost every week.
He's my father.
You look just like him. Thank you.
You fell in love with someone who repairs A/Cs?
That's what I told Azhgar as well.
What are you talking about? I've another business as well.
Kites. Kites.
It'll take ages for you to earn crores by just selling kites. Are you doing anything else?
I do want to go to Dubai, but it'll cost me a bomb to go there.
How much?
It's been 3 months since he called me. He cheated me. He fell in love with the money I was giving him, not me.
Don't cry now, sister. Have you told about this to anyone else?
Nope, brother. More than me, you know what's good and bad for me.
Azhgar, whom I liked so much, cheated me and went away, but Subramanyam took the whole blame on himself,
when I asked him to do so. He's really a great guy. He should be my husband.
Forget about what has happened. Even if Hyderabad becomes Secunderabad, or
Secunderabad becomes Hyderabad, you'll get married to Subramanyam, no matter what happens.
Hey Venkat. Are you in Kurnool?
Yes, boss.
I'll be there in 3 hours.
Okay, boss.
Shatru, take charge of everything here. I'm going to Kurnool alone.
I've arranged everything here. Just cross-check all of them once.
Okay, sir.
Danger, bro. Govind is coming here.
Switch off your cell-phone immediately.
We can switch off 1-2 phones, but how can all of us switch off our phones?
In that case, call him after sometime and tell him that you've found Subramanyam.
And also tell him that you'll bring Subramanyam to him in a bit.
Why bro?
I'll tell you later, but make that call as I say.
Damn! This is what happens when you believe in laptops and videos.
Give me a coconut. It should be filled with a lot of water.
Hey Shatru.
Go to Parvatamma's house once and enquire about Subramanyam.
Subramanyam? There are a lot of people with that name in this world.
Ask her why didn't he come home after returning from the US.
America? Ahh..there's at least one guy per family these days in the US.
And tell him that we'll pay him more money, if he wants. He'll do anything for money.
He'll do anything for money? Then it's definitely the Subramanyam I know.
Sir, I know that Subramanyam. He's got a sister, an aunt and a father, who acts as if he's not part of the family.
Yes, I'm looking for that Subramanyam.
You are a lucky fellow. Come. Let's catch him
He's got minister's recommendation. Apparently, he's roaming around in our area. Go and bring him to me.
Don't struggle so much. It's Govind who has to hear your feelings, not me.
Hey, call him and tell him that along with Subramanyam, we've also found a short guy. Almost like a buy 1 get 1 free offer.
He's not picking up the call.
If he comes to know that we've caught him, then he'll jump with joy.
Call him again.
You want me to take your call? Let's see who's calling you now.
Brother, he answered the phone.
Then, I'll take to this Govind. And you talk to this Gopalam. Go, talk to him.
Hey…I'm Govind Goud. Minister's recommendation candidate.
Don't you get it that I'm the one who's looking for Subramanyam?
You? So..the other day you were with the minister?
Yes, I was the one he introduced you to and I was the who called you.
No..no..there's been a mistake. Hey, give him the phone.
Talk on the phone, once.
I'm Govind Goud.
Not like this. I want you talk in the same tone like you spoke, the first time we spoke.
Hello, Namasthe sir.
Yeah, tell me.
My name is Govind Goud. I need a man. Alive. You don't have to…
Damn! It's the same voice and same dialogues. You are the one.
That's what I've been saying tell you. He knows where exactly Subramanyam is. Untie him first.
You are a Kurnool King and he's a big don in Hyderabad. You have H Bell and this guy comes with plenty of Sumos.
You shut up.
Yes, Venkat.
Brother, we have found Subramanyam. Tell us, where should we bring him?
What's the name of this area?
Kurnool quarry
Bring him to Kurnool quarry urgently.
My men have found Subramanyam and they'll bring him here in sometime.
Are you referring to Venkat and the rest of the gang?
You fool. They haven't found Subramanyam, instead they were all trapped by Subramanyam.
He isn't believing me. And now he wants us to tell him our exact location. Now what?
Then, do one thing. Tie me up and send him the photo.
You are crazy bro.
Sir, I have sent you his picture on Whatsapp.
You don't know what Whatsapp is? What the Ffff….
What did you do?
You don't know what Whatsapp is. Oh no!
Okay. Okay.
Tell me brother.
Is there something called as Whatsapp on my phone?
Yes, it's there.
Can you transfer photos from there?
Yes brother. You'll find it in the bottom corner of the phone in green colour.
Oh, great. Thanks.
You ignorant fool. If they are bringing him here, shouldn't he be in a car? Why is he in a wedding hall? Ask them that.
Why is he in a wedding hall instead of a car?
You are kidding me. So, now you want his photo in a car?
Don't you get it. He's still sending you everything on Whatsapp.
On the other hand, the wedding will happen soon. You won't be able to find him once that's done.
After all these years, I have a chance to take revenge on Redappa and his family.
It's either me or him, who'll live to tell the tale.
The couple look so nice together. Don't they?
Yes, they look great.
Thank you, Subbu. I'm so happy now.
But I've very tensed. I don't know what NRI Rajasekhar sir would say.
He won't say anything. Anyway, after the wedding, both of us…
Both of us? What?
What is it? What will we do after the wedding?
Don't you know it already?
I want to hear it from you.
Yes, aunt. I'm coming
Phew. Finally, I've this family's honour in my fist.
How much courage do you have to come here like this?
It's not courage. I've come here to shake you all up with evidence.
Without any further dilly-dallying, did you know that your elder daughter and that guy never got married to each other?
Where this guy from Hyderabad? Yeah, please come forward sir. You've to be here.
He promised to marry this guy's sister and even took a dowry of Rs 50 lakhs.
And then, your son-in-law, alias your daughter's fake husband, ran away to the US.
Govind sir, I'll explain everything clearly later on. Please don't stop this wedding.
I know everything Subramanyam. My sister has committed a mistake, and now, she has realised it and wants to marry you.
Subbu, your sister will get married only when my sister gets married to you.
I made sure that you don't make any more excuses to escape once again.
Don't make me say anything else apart from this.
See? A man, who used to raise his collar like a hero, is now ready to touch someone's feet.
Now, tell me Reddappa sir. You banished me from this village because I was getting married the second time,
without informing anyone. So, now, will you banish this fake couple or will you commit suicide because all this happened right under your nose?
What's this Subramanyam? He's making so many allegations and you aren't saying a word?
Just tell me that everything he said is a lie. I'll cut him to pieces.
Stop it.
Subramanyam, I don't know whether you cheated all of us or not, but I can't send my daughter to her in-laws house with so many allegations. Please speak up.
Uncle, I'll talk.
This problem began because of me. So, I've to speak up first.
Subramanyam isn't the guy with whom I had fallen in love or went to the US for.
That moment, I remembered all of you and I couldn't help but cry. I wanted to hug my aunt and cry
Even though I had the courage to tell you that I was in love with someone, I couldn't do the same when I got cheated.
That's when Subramanyam told me to be strong and he taught me to be courageous.
The moment we came to know about Geetha's wedding, he told me to tell all of you the truth.
We came here to tell the truth, but after I saw you here, I was convinced that my sister won't find a better alliance again. And that scared me.
Please don't punish my sister for a mistake that I have done.
Please don't stop this wedding.
Yes, uncle. Please punish us, if you have to.
Govind sir, I'll do anything which you want me to, after this wedding. This wedding shouldn't stop because of me. Please sir.
What's your name?
Have you ever seen a family like this?
That's what I've been saying.
Today, when siblings only want to share the property, this family has men who treat their brother's daughters like their own.
When women fight over jewellery, saris and even husbands, they have two siblings who're really concerned about each other.
And then, I have my dear Subbu. He's really a man with a golden heart.
I wish whatever lie you had been living all these days comes true, because I don't want to miss you.
That's when even we don't want to let him go.
He's got all the qualities which my father wanted and matters which my sister expects. You should all come to the wedding.
Your friend worked so hard to help you, you should return his favour and make sure that you prep him up for the wedding.
I don't have that luck, sir. My college has begun. I have to go back soon.
What? Finally, all of you are united again. What about me?
You've nothing else to do. Bless the couple and save your honour.
Yes Bujji. Although you wanted to harm us, it turned out to be a good thing for us.
From this day onwards, you are allowed to come back to the village and our doors are always open for you.
I don't like this. At least, please keep this with you in my memory.
No, sir. It's better to stay as far as possible from some memories. Please, take it back sir.
Okay, I'll be back. I meant, I'm leaving now.
Hey. We'll be at the mandap. Come back soon, it's about time for the wedding.
Some NRI Rajasekhar has sent you this as a wedding gift.
He told me everything on the phone.
Why do you want to get married to this girl when you have someone else in your heart?
I'm doing this for my mother and sister.
I grew up without having a mother to pamper me and stand by me when you scold me.
I don't want anything else if aunt treats me like her own son. That's all I hope for.
Yes, my dear son. For a father, from a middle-class family, his daughter's wedding is more important than his son's love.
I'm so sorry that I can't do anything else for you.
I've always seen you as an ATM machine and I didn't even treat you like a human being. But, you are doing this for my daughter?
She isn't your daughter, my dear aunt. She's my sister.
She's there to call you as her mother. Whom do I have?
All these days, I didn't realise your true worth and sold you off. Please forgive me.
A son who has the power to forgive his mother hasn't born yet in this world, dear aunt.
Shall I talk to Govind and stop this wedding?
I could have stopped this wedding back in Kurnool itself, but I realised that my sister likes her fiancé a lot.
I am not afraid of Govind. All I've been thinking is that my sister's life would become a big mess, if we stop the wedding at this stage.
What are you doing here?
I went to the flat, but you weren't there. So...
Oh, right. I've to vacate the flat soon. No problem, I've already found a place in a hostel. Where's your wife?
What did you just say? Even she found out.
That nothing is so easy with Seetha
Did some problem arise because of me?
Not because of you. Your name alone did the trick.
I forgot to introduce my friends to you. She's Sirisha
And this is Poornima.
Upendra, Anand, Uday.
That's Seetha.
Durga. My name is Durga.
We are going to get married in 30 minutes and instead of my name, you remember someone else's name. You haven't forgotten her yet.
And I'm sure you won't forget her.
I expect to get married to someone who loves me, not who treats me like a burden.
I mean, Durga…
You are a nice guy. As long as you have that girl in your heart, I'll be like a punishment for you or a servant. But I can never be your wife.
After failing in love, I've become a lot of courageous. I'll talk to my brother. You go ahead and talk to Seetha.
Durga, please listen to me once.
Don't say a word Subbu. Good luck and good bye.
So, what do you want to do now?
I don't have the patience to go back to India to get married.
Then, we'll get married.
Nope. We'll invite everyone from India.
What? Anyway, we'll send them our photos on Facebook.
Even then, they have to be here.
If they come, they'll ask for brinjals, biryani, idli, sambar and eat my brains off.
Nothing doing.
You are talking about marriage today, and then you'll start thinking about family and kids.
You need to save a lot of money. This is America. There's a lot of freedom here, but nothing is free here.
Ahan…you don't have to worry so much. Even I'll start working.
Okay, my dear son. Where are you? Our son just called. He's getting married in the US. I'm going.
Mom, I want to talk to him.
If you leave, then who'll look after the house.
You look after the house and I'll go to attend the wedding.
I'm coming, but I don't know about your father.
Mom…It's so tough to control her. At least, you go and say something to your mom.
Okay dad. Mom…even I want to talk to brother.
You want to go to America? Do you have Visa?
We all have our passports.
Hey…you need to know a little bit of English if you want to get the Visa.
No issues, I can handle.


Subramanyam For Sale | Telugu Full Movie 2015 | English Subtitles | Harish Shankar, Sai Dharam Tej

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