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  • Did you know that every month there

  • are more than 100 billion searches on

  • These searches are great opportunities

  • to promote your app.

  • For example, you could show an ad for your travel app

  • to people who search for New York hotels

  • to encourage them to download it.

  • Today, we'll share how to set up a new ad campaign

  • to promote mobile app installs.

  • Get started by clicking on the +campaign button.

  • In the drop down menu, select Search Network Only.

  • It's best to set up a new campaign for each app you'd

  • like to promote.

  • Now let's add a name for your new campaign.

  • Next, choose the campaign type.

  • Here you'll notice a new type available,

  • called mobile app installs.

  • This type of campaign will only show ads

  • to people who haven't already installed your app, saving you

  • time and budget.

  • Next, use the mobile app drop down menu

  • to select the app that you want users to download and install.

  • If your app isn't listed, find it with Select An App.

  • Now it's time to choose how you'd

  • like to bid for the campaign.

  • For Android apps in the Google Play Store,

  • you can automatically track installs as conversions,

  • so you can use target CPA bidding.

  • We recommend target CPA bidding to automatically find

  • the optimal bid for your ad each time

  • it's eligible for an auction without waiting for conversion

  • history to accumulate.

  • Next, let's set a daily budget for this campaign.

  • Save and continue.

  • Now that setup is done, it's time to create your ad.

  • As you write the copy, be sure to highlight the key benefits

  • of the app to potential users.

  • In this example, we'll share that Google Express delivers

  • from your favorite stores.

  • Next, select your device preferences.

  • Most apps run on both tablet and smartphone,

  • so we recommend leaving the Exclude Tablets box unchecked

  • so your ads can run on as many devices as possible.

  • Now it's time to find the best keywords to bid on.

  • The enhanced keyword suggestion tool

  • recommends keywords based on past queries people

  • have already used to find and download your app on the Google

  • Play Store and Google Search.

  • Once you've generated a strong list of keywords,

  • save your ad group, and you're done.

  • Potential new users may be searching for your app

  • right now.

  • In just a few moments, we've created a new mobile app

  • installs campaign to help them find your app whenever

  • they're searching.

  • Visit the AdWords Help Center to learn more about ways

  • to promote your app.

Did you know that every month there


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AdWordsでモバイルアプリのインストールを促進 (Promoting Mobile App Installs with AdWords)

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